Travels of A Young Sorcerer



Chapter 12: Sorcerers at Kuldro, Part One


Back at the present, Morgana wandered around the castle.

Musa really does love Saya. It is just sad that the end is…

Still deep in her thoughts, Morgana went outside the chambers of Musa. Knocking on the door, she saw Musa deep in his sleep, unaware that a stranger has entered his room. Although he is in deep sleep, he keeps on muttering statements such as,

“I am sorry”

“I should have been stronger.”

“I still miss you, Saya.”

Wanting to clear her head, Morgana decided to go back to Kuldro. She wants to know the townspeople and at the same time, she really wants to go to the pub. Before she left the castle, she bumped into Yuuno. Reaching into her pouch, she gave the diary back to Yuuno.

“Now, I understand.”, said Morgana.

Yuuno simply nodded and walked away. As Morgana reached the door of the castle, she saw Lance, waiting for her outside.

“I know where you want to go.”, said Lance

“Where?”, asked Morgana

“The pub of course.”

“How did you know?”

“Well, I want to go there as well.”

The two of them went back to Kuldro, and looked for the pub. When they saw the sign of a large beer glass, the two of them went inside. There, they saw brawlers, sorcerers, and some other travelers.

“This really is a huge town.”, said Morgana

Morgana and Lance went to the bartender and ordered some beers. Once they were able to find an empty table, the two of them started to drink

“You know, this place ain’t that bad.”, said Lance

“Hahahahaha. I know what you mean. Plenty of sorcerers, but it feels as if this town is safe from danger or attacks.”, added Morgana

“Hahahahaha. I like this place.”

“Me too. Hahahahaha.”

The two of them kept on drinking the glasses of beer. They sang old songs and they played some card games. Eventually, the town passed out in the bar. Their blissful (and somewhat drunken) sleep was then interrupted by an explosion just outside the bar.


Clearly hungover, Morgana and Lance, slowly stepped outside the bar, holding their heads.

“Uhhhhh. What is happening here?”

There, they saw Fil’Gharn squaring off against someone.

“Don’t you dare try to take money from me, you worthless thief.”

“So you caught me, what are you going to do about it?”

“I’m going to destroy you.”

Phoenix, give me your fire. Relentless and destructive, incinerate all my enemies

Aiming his staff against the thief, Fil’Gharn channeled his energy towards the staff. With his eyes glowing blue, he unleashed a barrage of orbs against the thief.


A large orb of fire made contact against the thief. The contact made a loud explosion, but when the debris cleared, the thief had surrounded himself with a barrier.

“Not an ordinary thief ah! You can use magic as well! Stupid piece of shit!”, said Fil’Gharn.

Continuing his attacks, Fil’Gharn spammed Fire Orbs against the thief. Continuing to attack him over and over again.




None of the attacks have worked against the thief, whose barrier is still up and appears to be unbreakable.


After clapping his hands, the thief released his barrier.

“Simply using strong attacks won’t work against someone like me.”



Despite the statements said by the thief, Fil’Gharn continued to spam a fire attack against the thief, who simply dodged every attack by the young sorcerer. Unfortunately, some small stalls and carts filled with food were blown up during the attacks.

Lance simply observed the situation, wondering if Fil’Gharn’s strategy involves simply overpowering his opponent with his strongest attack. Or if Fire Orb is the only spell he knew.

Lance then turned around, wanting to know what Morgana is thinking during the fight. But to his astonishment, had fallen into a deep sleep while standing up.

Guess those beers have that effect on her

Looking back at the scene, it appears that the thief have disappeared into the crowd. Lance observed Fil’Gharn and saw that he is seething. One of Fil’Gharn’s companions then approached him.

“Told you, we could help”

“He simply got lucky! I was just unprepared, that is all!”

And with that, Fil’Gharn stormed off, along with his companions.

When Fil’Gharn and his companions were out of sight, Lance heard footsteps behind Morgana, and saw a familiar person behind her.

It was the thief.

The thief reached into her pockets, attempting to get some cash from her, when.


Lance’s shield made contact with the thief, forcing him to retreat.

I thought I got him. He’s too fast. If only this idiot was awake.

“I don’t know who you are, but stop what you are doing”, said Lance.

The thief simply stood silent and fled the area.

Now, where should I take this sleeping idiot, thought Lance.

Slowly opening her eyes, Morgana saw Lance standing behind her.

“Uhhhh. What is going on here?”, asked Morgana

“A huge battle showed up, and a sorcerer kept spamming the same spell over and over again.”

“That’s not good. You need to spam stronger spells.”, said Morgana

Lance simply bowed his head down in shame. He is resisting the urge to slap his companion.

“Hahahahahahaha. I kid I kid.”, laughed Morgana

Hearing those words, Lance seemed relieved. As they continue walking across the town, they saw that the town not only has a lot of merchants, but also had some games for visitors who want to try. Wanting to unwind, the two went to a stall.

There, they saw groups of bottles lined up together. The vendor told them to try knocking down those bottles using this small ball.

“Alright, let me try”, said Morgana

“No magic allowed”, said the vendor

With all her might, Morgana threw the ball towards the bottles. Instead of the bottles collapsing, Morgana simply broke the middle bottle at the bottom after throwing the ball.

“Did I win?”

The vendor and Lance were both jaw-dropped at the scene, not knowing how to process this unique situation.

“You know what, I’m going to give this candy to you. It may not be the prize, but it was certainly an interesting outcome.”, said the vendor

“Sorry for the mess”, said Morgana bowing her head

“No need to apologize. Hahahahaha, we have stocks in reserve anyways”, said the vendor

“Allow me to fix my mess.”

“No need, no need”

He then handed the candy over to Morgana.

“You can keep it sir. This candy may be everything for you.”, said Morgana.

“Thank you.”

“Oh, and here is an additional payment for the damages I may have caused.”, said Morgana

Now, I can give something to my granddaughter.

The two of them continued to walk around Kuldro, buying snacks and trying out games. In almost every game, Morgana broke the items. When they played darts, Morgana’s throw was strong enough to break the dart board. When they threw a small ball on the fishbowls, half of them were broken by the time Morgana is finished. However, her positive and earnest demeanor were evident to the vendors. All of them gave her a consolation prize even if she wrecked some of the items. But every single time, she refused the prizes offerered to her. Furthermore, she also paid extra GolCreds to the vendors.

“Maybe we shouldn’t try strength based games for a while Morgana.”, said Lance

“But I’m having fun.”

“You need to control your strength too Morgana. It’s a good thing that these operators like you.”, said Lance

“Let’s just eat then.”, said Morgana.

They approached a stall and ordered some food there. After eating, they were approached by an angry Fil’Gharn, who is restrained by his companions

“You! You destroyed every game in this town! You can’t even let people enjoy their lives!”

Lance stood up to defend Morgana

“In every stall, Morgana apologized and requested to fix the mess she caused. What about you, you don’t think about the consequences of your attacks.”

“So what! I protect this town, and I don’t even charge them anything!”

“And yet you are careless in a fight, not knowing that your actions do have consequences on other people’s lives.”

“It is a small price to pay for their safety!”

Upon hearing that, Morgana’s face went blank, she stood up, angrily, and marched towards Fil’Gharn. With anger in her voice, she told him,

“Small price to pay!”

“Yeah, for their safety. I am here to protect them after all!”

“You do not talk to other people that way. They all have their lives. Everyone of them has their struggles and hardships. For a lot of people, a small price to pay may be their lives. Do you know what you are talking about?”, said Mrogana

“Coming from someone who casually destroys game equipment, you sure talk a lot”, yelled Fil’Gharn

Suddenly, a group of people went to the scene

“Here, I found her. Make her pay”, said Fil’Gharn

“But she paid us already. She paid for game and gave us extra.”

“You’re siding with her against me!”, yelled Fil’Gharn

Morgana swiftly dashed towards Fil’Gharn. Her hands, filled with fire, struck down the arrogant sorcerer.

“I’m sorry about this”, said Morgana

Slowly getting up, Fil’Gharn pointed his finger at Morgana, and threatened her

“I let you attack me. Next time, I’m going to destroy you!”

“Come, Fil’Gharn, let’s go back to the outpost”

One of Fil’Gharn’s companions, simply bowed his head in apology to Morgana

“Alright, I’m going to pay for…”

“Hahahahahaha, No need young girl.”, said the townspeople

“You didn’t even notice that you ran out of money again, didn’t you.”, said Lance.

“Shut up”, said an embarrassed Morgana.

“How did you get that much money anyway. I’m pretty sure that we haven’t done any quests lately.”

“Oh, Yuuno gave me some GolCreds before we left.”

Once again, Lance’s jaw dropped at the revelation.

“You should have let me know this ahead of time!”, yelled Lance

With a playful hit on her head, Morgana said,

“Yah, I forgot”.

“Hahahahaha. Anyway, what should we do next?”

“Maybe hunt down this I’shil and claim the reward money.”

“Alright, let’s start then.”

Morgana and Lance then marched towards the gate of Kuldro, ready to complete this quest, and claim the reward money for their own. Unbeknownst to them, someone is following them. It was a person who had a vested interest in their hunt.

“So how do you propose we find this I’shil? Do you have any idea where he is?”, asked Lance

“Actually, I don’t know. Hahahahaha.”, said Morgana

“Let’s just look for clues in the countryside.”

Soon, Morgana and Lance asked the locals, farmers and travellers on the road. They asked them if they knew where to find this I’shil person. None of them had any idea on where to look for I’shil.

Throughout the day, the two of them walked throughout the countryside, searching for any clue that may give them an idea on where to find I’shil. Unwilling to give up, Morgana continued to search for clues, until she felt something strange. Trusting her feelings, she chanced upon a tree, where there was a sleeping sorcerer.

Maybe I should wait for her to wake up

Morgana called Lance to see this sleeping sorcerer.

She looks familiar, I don’t know where to put it, thought Lance.

Eventually, the sorcerer, woke up. And upon opening her eyes, she saw two people in front of her. One appears to be a sorcerer, while the other appears to be a holy knight.

“Who are you?”, asked the sorcerer

“I am Morgana, and this is Lance. We are a part of the guild known as FULL POTENTIAL”

Upon hearing the name, the sorcerer simply stared at them.

What are they thinking with that name?

Sighing, the sorcerer then stood up and introduced herself.

“I am Grizelda, formerly a sorcerer for hire. I have come to avenge my brother!”, said Grizelda.

“Do you know where to look for I’shil?”

“Yes, I know where he is.”, said Grizelda


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