Morgana, Lance and Moto arrived at a large castle. The castle was well-kept and is fortified. The guards greeted the three and were allowed passage into the castle. Morgana was in awe, seeing a castle for the first time in her life.

So this is a castle. Just like the old Academy back home.

Lance meanwhile was just silent, remembering times that he does not want to be reminded of.

Moto is trembling, still nervous on what his brother may say to him. With heavy breathing, he continued walking to the dining hall. After all, not only were Morgana and Lance invited to stay the night, but they were also invited to have a feast in the castle.

While the three were walking, a young woman in the shadows quietly observed them.

Young master is back.

The young woman then retreated towards the shadows after seeing Moto and the guests invited by Musa.

Once Morgana, Lance and Moto were at the main hall, the servants greeted them. One of them, a guy with glasses bowed his head.

“The Master is expecting you at the dining hall.”

“Thank you.”, said Morgana and Lance

“That person with the glasses is Yuuno. He is the leader of the butlers and the servants in the castle. Essentially, he oversees the castle.”

Morgana is still starry-eyed at the halls of the castle. Gawking at the portraits and the statues that surround the walkway. In contrast to Morgana’s excitement and happiness at being in a castle, Lance is gloomy and sad at being in a castle. When Morgana looked at her companion, she thought about asking him as to why he is feeling sad about the castle, but thought against doing so, realizing that it is something he probably does not want to talk about.

Before arriving at the dining hall, they were greeted by a young woman with a large smile in her face. She sprinted towards Morgana and looked at her very closely, with her face being close to Morgana’s. After nodding, she then sprinted towards Lance, doing the same thing she did to Morgana. But when Moto looked at her direction, her face turned red and covered herself.

“Well Well Well Come Bababbabaack, Yoyoyoyoung Mamamamastttttterr.”

“Oh, hello Yuulah.”, said Moto with a smile.

The young master smiled at me. This is bliss.

“What’s with her?”, whispered Morgana to Lance.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Obvious what?”, Morgana asked

“She…”, Lance said before Moto asked them what they were whispering about.

“It’s Nothing.”, said Lance

“Wh…”, said Morgana just before Lance covered her mouth.

“I’ll tell you later.”, whispered Lance.

Morgana simply nodded at Lance.

Yuulah then led the trio into the dining hall where Musa was waiting for them. Musa then dismissed Yuulah who left the trio with him.

“Thank you for rescuing my idiotic brother.”, said Musa

“It’s not a problem. After all, he is our friend.”, said Morgana

“Friends… I’m glad that you consider my brother as a friend.”, said Musa with a faint smile.

“I think people should be friends with each other. We don’t hate him, he doesn’t appear to hate us. So I believe that he is a friend of ours.”, said Morgana

“Come, let’s eat. Yuulah prepared this food for us. She made sure that the food would taste well, and would provide proper nutrition to us.”, said Musa

With a bite on her chicken, Morgana felt energized, and wants to eat more

“This is the best tasting food that I have ever eaten. I never knew food such as this would exist.”, said an excited Morgana

Lance then decided to take a bite. After he tasted the food, he gasped and stared at the ceiling

“What exquisite taste this is.”, said Lance

“Yuulah’s cooking does have that effect.”, said Moto.

“So, you’re the protector of this land, aren’t you?”, said Lance.

“Well, yes. Someone has to protect this place after all.”, said Musa

“I say, you’re doing a fine job. With a few exceptions, bandits and outlaws don’t really try to go after you.”, said Lance.

“I wouldn’t say that. If anything, they have become more brazen with their attacks as of late. I don’t know why.”, said Musa.

“We’ll help you take care of them.”, said Morgana.

“No need to do so…”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Morgana, and I am going to be the strongest sorcerer in the world.”, said Morgana.

“And I am Lance, the first and only member of Morgana’s guild.”

“Nice to meet you guys. I’ll handle those bandits.”, said Musa.

After eating and finishing all their food in the table, Lance and Morgan thank Musa and took their leave. They were then led by Yuulah into their rooms

“Why were you out there by yourself again!”, shouted Musa.

“I was trying to help someone.”, said Moto.

“You could have been hurt or worse, you could have been dead.”, said Musa

“I’m strong enough brother, why don’t you believe in me.”

“If you’re strong why were you captured?”

“I was outnumbered.”

“I don’t care. Do not leave this castle unless you have my permission. Be thankful that those two managed to save you.”

Moto left the castle and stormed off into his room. Yuuno then appeared, standing behind Musa.

“Tough love, isn’t it, Young Master.”, said Yuuno

“I have to. He is the only family that I have.”

“He misses his brother. Why don’t you train with him again?”


“I know you hold a heavy burden with you. But sire, I think you need to be with your brother. He misses you badly.”, added Yuuno.

Musa simply raised his hand and dismissed Yuuno

The large castle provided separate rooms for Lance and Morgana. The two of them were tended by the servants of Musa and were dressed in comfortable outfits. Lance and Morgana went to their respective beds and took a deep sleep.

While she was sleeping, Morgana was awakened by a sound of training outside her window. Half-asleep, she peeked thru the window and saw Lance, fully awake, doing his own training.

If my guildmate is training, so shall I

Morgana jumped outside the window and slowed down her descent with a well timed fire spell.


“You are training again, huh?”

“I need to be stronger. I still feel like I need to catch up.”, said Lance.

“Well then, I must train as well. After all, a captain needs to be stronger than her mates.”, said Morgana

Lance simply smiled at this statement.

Throughout the night, Morgana and Lance trained in Musa’s courtyard. Practicing their techniques and spells respectively. When dawned arrived, they were found by Yuulah sleeping in the courtyard. She then spotted armor, staff, and weapons.

They must have been training

Yuulah summoned some of Musa’s servants to get them to their rooms so that they may rest. Afterwards, she reported the incident to Yuuno.

Yuuno went to the chambers of his master, and gave him an update about their guests

“Sire, the two guests are asleep. Apparently, they were training at night.”

“Let them be. Prepare food for later. Oh, and by the way, did you get what I asked for?”

“Yes sir.”

Yuuno handed pieces of paper to Musa who inspected it. The papers contain the profiles of Morgana and Lance, and while Morgana’s profile is complete with details on her past and families, Lance’s profile only cover his stay at Azuran.

The girl is the granddaughter of Merlock. Interesting. Meanwhile, the guy’s origins are completely a mystery. Hmmm. I wonder why?

Musa wandered throughout his castle and saw Yuulah train some of the new servants to guide them. Her eyes were stern and yet would be understanding on some of the new trainees.

You have one heck of a daughter Yuuno.

Musa then went to a small library in his castle and stayed there for a while.

Later that day, Morgana woke up. Leaving her room, she wandered around the castle until she saw a large portrait of a woman.

“Beautiful, isn’t she.”, said Yuuno

“Who is she?”, asked Morgana

“Young Master’s late wife.”

“Late wife?”

“Hmmm. Let’s talk sometime later. Or better yet just read this book.”

Yuuno then handed a book to Morgana. As Morgana looked at the book, she saw that it was worn out. She realized that it was someone’s diary. The name spelled, ‘Saya’.

Saya. What happened?

But before she could start reading the book, Lance came up to her.

“Come on, let’s eat.”

Hiding the diary in her pouch, Morgana and Lance went to the dining hall to eat. Before they walked to the dining hall, Yuulah approached them.

“So, how did the young master do during his training yesterday?”

“You mean, Moto?”, asked Morgana

“Yeah, Mr… uuuuuuuu. Momomomomo…”, said Yuulah

“He is a very determined man. He has a fire on his eyes and wants to prove himself. He may not be strong in his body, but he is strong in spirit.”, said Morgana.

“Gooo Goood to knooow.”, said Yuulah

Yuulah then quickly walked towards the opposite direction, silently slipping by Morgana and Lance.

When she was away on sight, Lance talked to Morgana.

“You saw it as well didn’t you?”

“Those hands, there are bruises and calluses.”, said Morgana

“She must have been training as well.”, said Lance.

Lance and Morgana went to the dining hall. There, they were joined by Moto and Musa.

“Come eat, Yuulah has outdone herself this time.”, said Musa.

With a bite, Morgana and Lance once again have an epiphany. Both of them quickly ate their food.

This food is just as good as before, or even better, this food tastes better than last time, thought both Morgana and Lance.

“Let’s get ready.”, whispered Lance.

“Yeah.”, answered Morgana.

After gathering their items, Morgana and Lance decided to train one last time. Going into the courtyard, they saw a hooded girl who was training. With a closer look, Lance saw that the girl is Yuulah. Just like Moto, she was using a wooden sword, but unlike Moto, Yuulah did not show any hesitation in her strikes. Furthermore, she is more precise in her attacks, and would destroy the target dummies.

“No need to hide yourself.”, said Lance

“No need to hide? Isn’t she just Yuulah in a weird outfit?”, said Morgana

Lance simply facepalmed.

“Sometimes, people simply hide themselves when they do certain things.”, said Lance


“Just, just, it is what it is.”, said Lance.

Looking at Yuulah, Lance asked her,

“Why are you training in secret.”

“I don’t want young master to find out. He He he He might ststsop me.”, replied Yuulah

Morgana then looked at Yuulah and talked to her.

“You have heart and determination Yuulah. Your strikes are precise and show no hesitation.”, said Morgana

“Ththathank you.”

“Why are you so nervous? Take a deep breath, and compose yourself”, said Morgana

After taking a deep breath, Yuulah talked to Morgana

“I don’t think I’m strong enough. I want to become strong enough to side with the young master.”

“You look up to him, do you.”, said Morgana

“He saved my life once.”, said Yuulah.

Yuulah continued with her training while Morgana decided to observe her. Lance asked her to train with him, but she declined, telling him that she just wants to rest. Morgana went to a bench and decided to read the diary given to her by Yuuno.

There is a story behind everything

As Morgana peeked through the pages, she read the story of Musa and Saya from the latter’s perspective. She cried and was relieved from time to time, but when she read the ending, she dropped the book, shocked at what happened.

So that is why he continues to guard his brother. I’m going to make him see that Moto and to some extent Yuulah is strong enough to defend themselves, as well as defend this town

With an intense gaze, she decided to confront Musa. But when she went into the hallway, she bumped to Moto who was observing Yuulah.

“Oh, hi…”

Moto quickly covered the mouth of Morgana

“Shhhhhhh. I don’t want Yuulah to find out that I’m watching her. She might think that I’m a stalker.”


“Yuulah inspires me to be stronger. Whenever I see her train, I would also try to be stronger so that I could be worthy of being called young master.”

So the two of you do inspire each other

Morgana, deep in her thoughts, remembered what she has read in Saya’s diary.


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