Morgana and Lance continued their travels when they spot a small hut. With a hint of curiosity, Morgana ran towards the hut. There, she saw a young boy with someone who appears to be his mother.

“Hello young kid, my name is Morgana.”

“My name is Haygren, young miss.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Why heavy breathing, Lance had also reached the hut.

“You know, we could have just walked into this hut.”, said an exhausted Lance.

The woman spoke up

“The two of you can stay the night for a while. It is getting dark anyway.”

“Thank you.”, said Morgana and Lance

“Oh, by the way, you can call me Hilda. Young Haygren here is my son.”

Hilda prepared a chicken soup and boiled eggs. While they were eating, Morgana and Lance told her their tale, and how the bandits rampaged throughout Azuran. Upon hearing the word bandit, Hilda chuckled.

“Yeah, we usually hear it from travelers. Bandits come and go. I think it is a good thing that we are protected against them.”

“How, you live in a small hut?”, asked a curious Lance.

“This hut and the town next to it has a protector. We owe everything to him.”

“A protector?” asked Morgana.

“He has protected this area for years now. Bandits will never dare attack because of him. Anyways, it is getting late in the night. You two would need some rest. You have a long journey ahead of you.”

As they slept on a small room in the hut, Lance realized one very important thing. He was sleeping in the same room as a woman.

Oh no. Does Morgana realize that she is sleeping in the same place as a man

Slowly, he turned around and saw Morgana sleeping peacefully without a care in the world.

Dammit. I thought she would be shocked at least a little bit. Sigh

With a wounded pride, Lance slept throughout the night.

On the next day, Lance and Morgana woke up and went to the dining hall. Once again, they ate eggs and bread prepared by Hilda. After eating, Morgana walked around the hut and saw Haygren playing with a small toy.

“My dad gave it to me.”

“Your dad?”

“Mom always tells me that he is a great hero. I want to make sure that he becomes proud of me.”

“What happened?”

“I really don’t know, but dad never came back.”

Morgana wanted to speak up but realized that the kid has no idea on what happened to his father.

“Ms. Morgana, I would love to show you something. Follow me.”

Morgana followed Haygren to a small shed behind their hut. There she found some artistic clothes and a handcrafted chair. It was also full of wooden dice, pottery, cabinets, and some old books.

“Dad always loves to create new things. Back in those days, customers would flock towards our hut and buy materials from him. I really wish he could see my items. I hope he comes back soon.”

Morgana simply patted Haygren on his head.

“I’m sure he will be proud of you.”

Morgana then went out of the shed and then went to where Lance is.

“You were with the child, Morgana.”

“Yeah. Ah, but before we go to the town, can I borrow a small knife from you?”

“Sure thing. But what do you need it for?”

“Just wait for it.”

Morgana then went into the woods. While she was in the forest, Lance approached Hilda, wanting to know more about the place and their protector.

“Musa is the name of our protector. Thanks to him, there are close to no bandit attacks against us.”

“Is he a powerful individual?”

“Yes, he is. His abilities with a sword is matched by no one I know.”

He could be either a valuable ally or a fearsome enemy

“Although he is our protector, he doesn’t really go to the town or meet with us. Mostly, he just keeps to himself.”

Remembering his times as a protector of Azuran, Lance is intrigued and wanted to meet the mysterious protector of these lands. He wanted to learn somewhat from him so that he can be stronger while accompanying Morgana.

“Do you know where Musa is?”

“He lives in an old castle somewhere down the road. But, I don’t think he entertains visitors. I’m not sure if your going to see him even if you march into his castle.”


While in the middle of his thoughts, Morgana came back with a carved piece of wood.

“It is really hard looking for this piece of wood.”, said an exhausted Morgana.

Moving towards the shed, Morgana looked for Haygren.

“Haygren, I’m going to give you something.”

Morgana then handed out the carved piece of wood to Haygren

“Keep it close to you, and it will keep you safe from harm.”, said Morgana.

“I will, Morgana.”

Patting Haygren, Morgana told him, “Please tell your mother, a massive thanks. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be able to find a place to stay. Oh, and give this to her.”

Morgana handed out a small pouch to Haygren.

“Sure thing.”

She walked back into the hut to see Lance and Hilda.

“Morgana! I think, there could be someone here who might help us get stronger.”, said Lance.


“Someone named Musa.”

“I’m not familiar with him.”

“Neither am I, but Hilda here mentions that Musa protects this area, as well as the nearby town from bandit attacks.”

“Well, what are we waiting for, we need to go get him.”

“Of course, all your thinking of is getting more members for your guild.”

“Well, duh. I need the strongest in my guild.”

“But, I don’t think we should take him, since he is the protector of these lands, and we might deprive the people here of their guardian.”, said Lance

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I don’t think he will leave these lands anyway”, said Hilda in a confident tone.

“What do you mean?”, asked Morgana

“Although we haven’t met him, we feel that he is somewhat duty bound to protect our lands and ensure that we are safe from harm and destruction.”

“Alright. I won’t take your guardian. But do you know anyone who can join my guild?”, asked Morgana.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, the town has plenty of sorcerers who are looking to join guilds, or asking people to join their guilds.”

“Thank you for the food, Hilda. I’m glad that you provided shelter for us.”, said Morgana.

“Thanks a lot, Ms. Hilda, thanks for the food”, said Lance.

After the two left, Haygren went to his mother, and gave her a pouch.

“Ms. Morgana wanted you to have this.”

After opening the pouch and seeing the items inside, she hugged her son and cried tears of joy.

How did she know that I would want this item.

“Why are you crying mom?”

“It’s nothing son. I just feel overwhelmed with emotions of joy and happiness.”

Morgana and Lance continued their way towards the town. When they arrived, they saw that the town was full of people. They were talking with each other and appear to be buying goods. Seeing a large man with a broadsword, Morgana ran into him.

“Do you want to join my guild?”

“What guild?”, said the man


“Hahahahahahaha. Stop trying to make me laugh. Is that a joke?”

Morgana simply stared at the man.

“What, you’re serious?”

“Yeah, that is the name of my guild.”

“How many members do your guild have?”

“For now, only two. It’s just me and Lance here.”, said Morgana as she pointed towards Lance.

“A guild with two members? Hahahahahahahaha.”

“There’s nothing funny about that.”

“You guys make me laugh. Thanks for that.”

The man walked away from them and continued to laugh, making fun of Morgana’s guild.

“Told you that was a bad name”, said Lance.


Morgana pouted and crossed her arms, frustrated that someone made a laughter towards the guild that she personally created. Undeterred, she walked around the town and they all made the same reaction. They laughed at the silliness of the name as well as the small amount of members.

“These people don’t know me enough. I don’t understand as to why they are laughing.”, said a visibly frustrated Morgana

“Well, we don’t understand them either”, said Lance.

After wandering around, the two of them learned that the name of the town is Kuldro. So far, it is the largest town that Morgana has ever been in. It is also the most populous one.

“Where should we stay then?”, asked Morgana.

“What about an inn.”, suggested Lance.

As they got into the towns, they found out that the inns were all full and there were no room for more. With that in mind, Morgana suggested that they set camp outside the town. Before agreeing with this proposal, Lance asked Morgana one simple question.

“Do you know how to set up a camp?”

“No. My sister usually does it for me. Do you know how to set up a camp.”

“No, I usually sleep under a tree whenever I’m on the road.”

Sigh. What should we do

“Oh, I know, let’s try contacting my sister.”, said Morgana

Reaching into her pouch, she lifted a crystal ball. The ball appears to be empty with nothing inside it.

Clear as a sky. As still as a lake. As calming as a gust of wind. See forth, my contact with my sister, Glindya.

A face appeared on the crystal ball. It was Glindya, the sister of Morgana

“Sis, I need your help.”

“What now?”

“I don’t know how to set up a camp. Every inn in this town if full.”

“Wait, isn’t your guild already registered. Grandpa told me that you have registered just 2 days ago.”

“What does that got to do with anything.”

“Well, sis, you can stay at the Wizarding Outpost. They usually let every sorcerer stay there provided that your guild is registered.”

“Why didn’t I think of that. Well then, thank you sis. Will catch up with you again later.”

“Bye sis.”

With that, the face of Glindya disappeared from the crystal ball. Heeding her sister’s advice, they went to the Wizarding Outpost. After verifying the name of their guild in the sorcerer’s records, the keeper asked them for their license.

Morgana panicked, not realizing that the license is their guild logo placed in the hand of the guild leader. The keeper noticing this, instructed her to take the glove from her left hand. After confirming that they are indeed a registered guild under the Wizard Alliance, the keeper allowed them to stay at the outpost.

Lance and Morgana found themselves a nice spot to rest and to store their belongings. The keeper assured them that their items would be safe from harm and danger and told them not to worry. While walking around the outpost, Lance and Morgana noticed groups of sorcerers who appear to also be staying at the Outpost. Some sorcerers talk with others, some challenge others while some sorcerers are attempting to trade with each other.

“So this is what a Wizarding Outpost looks like when there is no destruction”, said Lance.

Lance and Morgana continued to walk around the outpost when they bumped into another sorcerer

“Hey, watch where you are going. Do you know who I am?” said the sorcerer

“No, should I?”, said Morgana

“Well, I’m Fil’Gharn, the strongest sorcerer in this town, and if you wish to live, you best apologize.”

“Why should I apologize, you already gave me a threat”, said Morgana

“So this is how you want it huh?”, said Fil’Gharn

Fil’Gharn then drew a staff. But before he could start an incantation, one of his companions stopped him.

“Why did you stop me?”

One of Fil’Gharn’s companions whispered into his ear and told him, “This is Merlock’s granddaughter, if you wanna deal with her, do it outside the Outpost.”

Realizing this, Fil’Gharn left angrily while glaring at Morgana

“Well, looks like we made some new friends.”, said Lance.


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