Apocalypse Parenting

Apocalypse Parenting

by 300YearOldMagician

Earth seems to be the latest victim of an amoral interstellar empire looking for entertainment. No one's going to have an easy time surviving, but does a mom of three even have a chance?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - What is going on?! ago
Chapter 2 - Do I have a plan? ago
Chapter 3 - Preparing for battle ago
Chapter 4 - Mom vs. Rodent ago
Chapter 5 - Gavin? What's wrong? ago
Chapter 6 - A quiet evening ago
Chapter 7 - Throwing my kids into danger ago
Chapter 8 - This was my fault ago
Chapter 9 - Outside once more ago
Chapter 10 - Threshold reached ago
Chapter 11 - Decisions ago
Chapter 12 - The Great Expedition ago
Chapter 13 - Friends, meet Pointy Turtle ago
Chapter 14 - Synergy ago
Chapter 15 - See you soon ago
Chapter 16 - A moment to think ago
Chapter 17 - Visitor ago
Chapter 18 - Bearers of bad news ago
Chapter 19 - Meetup ago
Chapter 20 - New problems ago
Chapter 21 - Find the unfindable ago
Chapter 22 - Taking ago
Chapter 23 - Experimentation ago
Chapter 24 - Trapping a trapper ago
Chapter 25 - Home again ago
Chapter 26 - Time for a break ago
Chapter 27 - Mistakes ago
Chapter 28 - Emergency ago
Chapter 29 - Worse than the monsters ago
Chapter 30 - Why? ago
Chapter 31 - What was I supposed to do? ago
Chapter 32 - Hints ago
Chapter 33 - Naughty kid ago
Chapter 34 - My big fat mouth ago
Chapter 35 - That looks so wrong ago
Chapter 36 - Sharing information ago
Chapter 37 - The third monster ago
Chapter 38 - Misconceptions ago

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Solid apocalpyse story, with children.

So far (chapter 9) it is a solid apocalypse story with a solid twist: There are children. Children that are not some miniature adults but actually behave like children.

It's actually quite surreal. It's actually a very good story so far. But I'm not sure I want to read what will happen in an apocalypse setting with children. Ah, releases far too seldom...


Great take on the gaming apocalypse

Reviewed at: Chapter 11 - Decisions

I'm a sucker for this sort of apocalypse story, and will try just about all of them. I only keep reading the good ones, and Apocalypse Parenting definitely qualifies. It's well written and interesting, with a main character who's smart enough to deal with issues and keep the story going, but not a Mary Sue who can solve every problem effortlessly.

The really interesting factor, though, is her children. Something like 20% of Americans are young children, but they hardly ever make it into this sort of story. And when they do they're in the background. Here, they're very much in the foreground, with the MC having to care for her 9, 6 and 3 year olds while she figures out how to survive the end of the world. It makes for a very nifty take on the basic formula, and along with the writing definitely sets this story firmly above the average.


Being a mom is hard. Being a mom in a world that's gone mad with a system apocalypse? God dayum.

In this story, the author somehow manages to combine the tediousness of being a mother to three adorably annoying children, with the rather stale concept of a system apocalypse, in a way that is not only entertaining, but actually relatable.

I didn't even know that was a thing that could be done.

Simply put, I'm amazed at this burgeoning masterpiece, and eager to see where it takes me.


Refreshing and intresting twist on the apocalypse

Reviewed at: Chapter 21: Find the unfindable

What a fantastically refreshing take on an apocalypse story, well written with some great characters and so far a brilliant story line, the author has built a great world without making it feel like all you are reading is descriptions. And the litrpg is what I would call lite litrpg and doesn't detract from the story at all and no massive stat list that fill chapters well done. 


This is a fantastic story. I've read tons of stories on RR, but none of them have resonated with my real life the way this has because I have two kids the same ages as in the story and am now constantly humored by the communication between the mom and the kids as well as over anxious because of the exact same thing. Balancing getting your kids to do something they need to do with having them understand why and getting it all done within a time limit and (hopefully) still having them happy and appreciative afterward.... it's a legit minute to minute struggle once you're an involved parent:)

anyhoo. Great story. Loving it. Despite the anxiety and infiltration of my dreams. 
I'll also probably get some extra duct tape next trip to the hardware store. 

thx author!


Refreshing apocalypse story

Reviewed at: Chapter 25 - Home again

It's a good story. It keeps you engaged and entertained. The only thing that could be improved is character building - kids are a little bit too mature, understanding and eloquent for their ages (I would give them extra 3 years with their maturity levels), plus the secondary characters are a little bit too 1-dimensional. As I said it's literally the only thing that I could think of that could be improved. The rest of the story - worldbuilding, the system, pace, plot development - is as close to perfection as a human could get. I cannot recommend this story enough (if you like kid characters, that is).


It says it on the tin, a story about a parent in the somewhat litrpg-like apocalypse.

That's it.

No "Hacks","Cheats", or bulldozing through every monster/obstacle like I bulldozed through these chapters.

Protagonist is clever, but not to "Elementary, my dear Watson " levels. She struggles as much in combat as anyone without experience in fighting alien monsters would. Don't expect asspulls and Mary Sue behavior. 

We have normal human beings, acting like, well, normal humans. Characters that have obvious flaws, and strengths. Antagonists that aren't psychos, just selfish, misguided, or any other failing that a sane person may have.

The children are, well, children; well behaved, but nothing that defies belief. Very fun to watch, endearing, but insensitive little brats at times too.

High stakes, engaging writing style, VERY nice worldbuilding.

We dont get info dumps, but interesting snippets sprinkled generously into the story. Some if it is even a bit important to the plot!(Lovely!)

Thanks for reading this trainwreck of a review, now read the damn story. Is very engaging, enjoyable, and safe to read. No cliffhangers, or authors trying to traumatize you.


Apocalypse Wow, masterfully done LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 20 - New problems

I can't express enough how much I enjoyed this story.  At Chpt 20 maybe it's a little too early to call it, but if it keeps on with the quality it currently has, this is by far the best thing I've read on RR, and I read a lot.

Grammar is good enough I didn't notice any major errors, if minor errors slipped in, I was caught up far enough in the plot that I didn't catch them.

Style is a first person narrative account of a system apocalypse as it happens, think Red Mage by Boyce or System Apocalypse by Tao Wong. Not new ground, but done pretty well.

Story: mechanics are about what you'd expect from a SA type book, unique enough to be interesting, but not bogging down in minutae of super crunchy stat sheets or hand waiving everything is magic either.  

The truly outstanding feature is characterization.  Female MC who seems like a real female not a dude with boobs?  Shocking.  Female MC who is a mom who acts like a mom? No way!  Kids are people too and not cargo?  Surely not.  Even the side characters have more depth than you usually get on RR.  I've always been a sucker for a character driven story, and this has that in spades.  System apocalypse books are all over the place, system apocalypse books featuring real people instead of plot armored badasses are much harder to find.  

TLDR;  When I grow up I want to be able to write like this author so on the one hand I hate them passionately because they're better than me, but on the other hand you should definitely give this book a try.


This is really good.

I really like how the children are portrayed and the dialog seems to work for them as smart children 

I like how the mom was force into a tank build (who would volunteer to be a tank lol)to protect her kids and instead of a stupid Mc she is portrayed as making mistakes because of being understandably overwhelmed 

Great job so far


Most authors in the genre tend to focus on one character. This author has the courage and the writing skills to have the family as the "main character.' 

I did not see any typos or misspelled words, showing good editing and proofreading skills. 

The mom and kids make mistakes, and learn from them. I am glad that I found this story and look forward to reading it for a long time.