Saints and Sinews: Wrynn Legacy Book One

Saints and Sinews: Wrynn Legacy Book One

by CM Georgiev

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Saint and Sinews is on hiatus during Writeathon. While on hiatus I will be writing more chapters and be redoing the cover art. I apologize for the wait guys but I will be back in early December with lots more content and a snazzy cover.


Adalsindis is unstable and rebellion is brewing. The monarchy is destabilized and grasping for scraps of their crown, their only weapon against the almost unending tide of unholy creatures is Saint Florence. 

Cloistered and chained in the pits below Ciaran Abbey, young Sister Florence longs for her freedom. Days and weeks string together in an endless blur of blood and ash as she is used to bolster a dying religious regime. 

Milo Andilet, mercenary tracker, monster in his own right, races against time and foes to find his target before the Exemplars. His position at his fathers side at stake, but does he want it?


This is going to be an at least three book series, I will be posting static updates on Thursdays with occasional Monday bonus updates if I had a good weekend. Once this book is finished I will be releasing it to retailers however the original will stay up here on Royal Road.

Down the road I will expand the world of Etiofath with more stories and books, however they will not center around the characters from The Wrynn Legacy.

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High Fantasy & A Hint Of Slavic Folklore

Reviewed at: 5: Darkness and Dungeons

TL;DR: high fantasy shenanigans with a small dash of Slavic folklore, a supernaturally-averse cult, strange magical powers, and a good old monster hunter/mercenary. With that out of the way, if I still haven't convinced you to at least give this story a chance, let's dig just a little bit deeper.

Style: The prose itself flows well, although at points it does steer a bit close to what some might call purple prose, but that's a somewhat subjective aspect.

Story: Worldbuilding-wise, there's enough to actually go on without actually getting too bogged down in details. And despite there only being five chapters at the time of this review, the world itself gives off an impression of depth. Pacing is nice and steady, picking up speed after the first couple of chapters.

Grammar: Just a few small mistakes here and there, the sort that aren't easily picked up by spell checkers. However, it doesn't really distract from the story.

Characters: This is the biggest thing that kept me reading. We're introduced to Florence, a woman with a mysterious power that's being used by the previously mentioned cult. The story did a good job of grounding me into her viewpoint and making me curious enough to want to find out what happens to her.

All in all, Saints and Sinews starts out strong and reading a couple of chapters should be more than enough to give most readers an idea of whether or not they'll enjoy the rest of the ride.

Verlin Merlin

A book steeped in the waters of classic Fantasy

Reviewed at: 6: Mist and Miasma

A wonderful book that just begs to be read. It might have its faults but it is nonetheless a highly enjoyable read and that is what one wishes for with any book isn't it?

The book is quite good, written in a lrgey descriptive style it goes out of its way to give us an idea of what places the protaganist is visiting. It is fairly engaging in nature but I feel that the books main attraction comes from the story.The worlbuilding follows a slow reveal style where we get to know the world as the character gets to know about it.

The story is interesting to say the least. It leaves one in a state of complete unknown as you travel from one chapter to another in search of what happens next. Perhaps due to the fact that so little of the world is known I find myself facing many possibilities at the end of each chapter. One can easily imagine the pieces moving across the board(world) as the story unveils itself.

Grammar is fine, I couldn't find any glaring errors or anything that inturreptud my reading experiance.

Character. I can't figure Vivian out, just like I won't figure out a person so quickly. I know her motivation, her faults, her strong suits but Vivian, as a person is not something that I know all about and I look forward to finding out more about her


 I like where it’s going. The setting is dark and moody, the characters feel genuine. Each chapter has left me wanting to know what happens next. It is dark, but not to the point of hopelessness. The writer dose a good job keeping the reader engaged. Looking forward to more. Keep I up!