It appeared out of nowhere, and no one can pinpoint when it started, one day someone just noticed that a spider he kept had changed, transformed, into something that resembled his pet, but at the same time not.

He posted the pictures online, describing his plight, many laughed him off, until more and more people began noticing the change in small animals such as bugs and smaller fish.

Soon people began to believe what was happening, and many took photos to post online, it was as if they'd entered a competition of sorts- Who could capture the most changed animals?-

Smaller channels had tens of pictures, larger ones hundreds, and the giants of them had tens of thousands, all displaying pictures of the suddenly mutating animal kingdom, from small to large, it happened pretty fast, in the span of a few months perhaps a large majority of the animal kingdom had changed into beings that they'd never seen before.

The changed animals began displaying new characteristics and abilities never seen before, ladybugs could emit high pitched sounds that hurt the ears, rainworms began to glow in the dark and many more phenomenons that the species had never shown before.

Researchers, ever the ones searching for new discoveries, were thrilled at the opportunities presented, while also becoming worried about what such drastic change would do to the natural balance.

The smallest of animals began to grow, much to the worlds relieve bacteria and germs were not included, and it was speculated that they needed to be "alive" to mutate, what alive meant was largely speculated and no precise answer was ever given.

Their size changed, not from species, but from individual to individual, setting new world records and breaking them just as swiftly.

People began to hoard food and pesticides along with insect repellents, everything that would protect them from the bugs they once laughed off, not because they were deemed dangerous, or more dangerous than they already were, but with the rate they were mutating they had the potential to be.

It baffled researchers, some of the animals caught for research stayed the same, nothing changing about them that the researchers could detect, others had drastic changes in size and temper.

After this was discovered, people began to call these changed animals "Beasts", similar to how you would call a snake a "reptile", or a bug an "insect" these animals were called "Beasts", some called them "freaks", but it was soon filtered out by a large number of people referring to them as "Beasts".

The beings were not only found on land, but the smaller marine creatures had also displayed these changes.

Insects in the sky, worms on the ground, waterbugs in the sea, they were everywhere.

As of now, small critters were beginning to change into beasts.

It was a catastrophe for farmers and other professions that dealt with things affected by animals and bugs, they had to spend large amounts of money on insect repellent and other safety measures to protect their farms from being eaten away by beasts.

Reclaiming old buildings and explorations were made harder by these beings blocking their way.

The government soon began to take countermeasures, more funding was put into the production and research of bug killers, pesticide and insect repellents.

The sales and prices of bug nets and other home appliances shot through the roof.

More pets such as cats and dogs were sold and bought by normal people, hoping for their new companions to hunt these changed animals and protect them.

Street animals began to prowl about and eat these big, juicy bugs.

Exterminators were called nearly daily to exterminate newly found nests and infestations in houses, farms, warehouses, stores, and many other places.

Prices rose and fell due to new priorities.

The world changed, the world adapted, and soon, existing with beast became a new norm, new encyclopedias about animals were rewritten and distributed.

Some animals stayed the same, others changed, it was chaos at its finest.


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