I'm a brick! But why do I have hands?

I'm a brick! But why do I have hands?

by Verlin Merlin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

This is the story of a brick. A brick that got itself reincarnated into a world of equality,peace and happiness. Too bad it thinks it's all fake. So want to see what horrors equality can bring about?Just read!

Disclaimer: The MC was a brick for a long time and it's only experience of the world were from a the throne room/grand hall and it thus became very delusional, so if you want a story with a MC that is always right, this is not it.

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Verlin Merlin

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I swear I know nothing about this. You must believe me. Really, truly I knew nothing. Where would I even store the knowledge, in the aggregate? Besides I'm clearly a free range brick and this it about a city brick. Completely different don't you know. You'll never catch me in this situation.


The overall Premise is interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter 2-First Conversation

The author has set this up in such a way that I'm like well what in  the heck is consciousness and like who says that a brick can't gain sentience given the right circumstances. 

Honestly the brick is asking the right questions here, like what is love, baby don't hurt me.

It's a sold start, I think that there is a lot of promise behind this premise and I'm excited to see where it goes.


This opinion is based on the simple fact that I read the prologue and I couldn't stop until I finished the second chapter.

The premise is so unbelievably different, I truthfully did not know what to do, I was stuck in an air of utter disbelief while I read the ridiculousness that was unfolding before me. It is fun and wild.

Grammar needs a little work. But this story, just like its squishy brick with arms MC, is literally in its infancy!

I will check back in in a few chapters time to see how this inspired craziness is unfolding...

T.K Paradox

A strong start to an interesting premise

Reviewed at: Chapter 2-First Conversation

The book is a straight foward with you from the get go. Am I expecting the 'Illaid' from this. No, but it is a fun read that feels like a genuinely fun piece of work. Grammar could be better, but that is the only problem I can find with the story thus far.

I hope the author has as much fun writing this story as I had reading it so far.

Sincerely, T.K Paradox