I'm a brick! But why am I a Humanoid? [A Non-Level LitRPG with a Humanoid MC full of Magic, Drama and Comedic Undertone]

I'm a brick! But why am I a Humanoid? [A Non-Level LitRPG with a Humanoid MC full of Magic, Drama and Comedic Undertone]

by Verlin Merlin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


These are the words that Algrea defines itself by, but to a brick that has known only ignorance, they are evils that rot a society. But destroying an ideal society will have to wait, first the brick must learn some pesky things, like how to pee or deal with pesky systems that seem to have a grudge against you.

[Participant in the Writathon Challenge]

Disclaimer: My characters are often wrong. Some characters may consider something to be true which conflicts with what is occuring at the place mentioned. Some characters also may have contradictory views on a thing

Example: Meemauy- Transmigrators are bad, Narvin-Transmigrators are just people

Meemauy- Launeior is the fault of Faction leaders. Raina- Launeior is the fault of Meemauy.

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Verlin Merlin

Verlin Merlin

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1- Where we learn of a brick. ago
Chapter 2-First Conversation ago
Chapter3-Why interrogating a baby should involve better magic diapers ago
Chapter 4-What in all the worlds is a class? ago
Chapter 5-When a brick makes a mistake... ago
Chapter 6- Learning never stops, even for a brick ago
Chapter 7- A Trial too Politicated ago
Chapter 8- Where a Meemauy does Meemauy things ago
Chapter 9- When we learn why to never trust Meemauy to keep a secret ago
Chapter 10- Where consequences are not be damned easily ago
Chapter 11- Where we find out why administrators should know how to administrate things ago
Chapter 12- Where we learn why communication is necessary, or is that the next chapter? ago
Chapter 13- Spirits exist? Why? ago
Chapter 14-Oops, I just got Meemauy angry! ago
Chapter 15- Where we learn that even the rich suffer, they just suffer differently ago
Chapter 16- Where surprises find a home for themselves. ago
Chapter 17-Where we learn that the secret to fast paperwork ago
Chapter 18-Where we learn how to bunk class ago
Chapter 19- Where we learn why we should always be calm ago
Chapter 20- Where we learn why story books are not good referance material ago
Chapter 21- Where we learn that people are way to complex to make unchangeable opinions about ago
Chapter 22- Where we learn that even in Magical Worlds all are born equal. ago
Chapter 23- Where we learn that even a brick know loss ago
Chapter 24-Where conversation come to show their importance. ago
Chapter 25- Where the results begin to show themselves. ago
Chapter 26-Where we learn about grades ago
Chapter 27- Where we learn how babies fight. ago
Chapter 28- Where a few more people come in to play ago
Chapter 29- Where we learn why Mages shouldn't try their hands at Face Slapping ago
Chaper 30- Where those in seclusion return to the world ago
Chapter 31- Where the final namelist is drawn ago
Chapter 32- Where politics come into play and names are chosen. ago
Chapter 33- Where a bunch of kids meet ago
Chapter 34- Where dead Empires are reborn. ago
Chapter 35- Where a Mother shows abnormal priorities ago
Chapter 36- Where a tantrum is thrown, or is it? ago
Chapter 37- Where a Trial begins ago
Chapter 38- Where a baby fights, baby style ago
Chapter 39- Where a prince is born. Or is he? ago
Chapter 40- Where a baby does medicene ago
Chapter 41- Where a baby learns that he has limits, but does he realise that? ago
Chapter 42- Where a mystery is born ago
Chapter 43- Where situations come one after the other ago
Chapter 44- Where a brick decides to be threatening ago
Chapter 45- Where a baby shows off ago
Chapter 46- Where a hard conversation happens ago
Chapter 47- Where we learn how to do magic!!! ago
Chapter 48- Where the baby plans ago
Chapter 49- Where things are planned and dreams occur ago
Chapter 50- Where a baby encounters a certain thing ago

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I swear I know nothing about this. You must believe me. Really, truly I knew nothing. Where would I even store the knowledge, in the aggregate? Besides I'm clearly a free range brick and this it about a city brick. Completely different don't you know. You'll never catch me in this situation.


For someone who was the first to write about a brick I approve of this. Also both are plots are different my mc becomes a brick while his becomes "human"

This is still good even tho some grammar mistakes called use spaces between periods. Like common pleases fix those.

Plot is pretty good, I just don't know what's gonna happen at all. Like absolutely clueless where the plot gonna go. Character is well a brick.


The overall Premise is interesting

Reviewed at: Chapter 2-First Conversation

The author has set this up in such a way that I'm like well what in  the heck is consciousness and like who says that a brick can't gain sentience given the right circumstances. 

Honestly the brick is asking the right questions here, like what is love, baby don't hurt me.

It's a sold start, I think that there is a lot of promise behind this premise and I'm excited to see where it goes.


I'm a brick starts off strong so far as a quirky reincarnation fantasy but this time the old body was that of a sentient brick. The old brick is both smart and dumb at the same time and that causes hijinks. A lot of the exterior plot revolves around political stuff while brick is growing up. The humor is childish but fun. The characters are sometimes unique but some of them don't feel fleshed out yet. If you are looking for something to read and what to kill some time then this book would be great to do it with.


The story begins following the titular brick after his reincarnation into a humanoid but as it unfolds we get to see from their point of view the effect those around have on him and his lands..

The individual chapters are well written and where there are contradictionsthey are explained as the story progresses - for example a book claims one statement, with a disclaimer that some of it is speculation only for a character who lives in the place discussed to correct the statement to reflect both facts and their opinions.

T.K Paradox

A strong start to an interesting premise

Reviewed at: Chapter 2-First Conversation

The book is a straight foward with you from the get go. Am I expecting the 'Illaid' from this. No, but it is a fun read that feels like a genuinely fun piece of work. Grammar could be better, but that is the only problem I can find with the story thus far.

I hope the author has as much fun writing this story as I had reading it so far.

Sincerely, T.K Paradox


This opinion is based on the simple fact that I read the prologue and I couldn't stop until I finished the second chapter.

The premise is so unbelievably different, I truthfully did not know what to do, I was stuck in an air of utter disbelief while I read the ridiculousness that was unfolding before me. It is fun and wild.

Grammar needs a little work. But this story, just like its squishy brick with arms MC, is literally in its infancy!

I will check back in in a few chapters time to see how this inspired craziness is unfolding...


A different book with a different perspective. I love reading something so fun and ridiculous while also being invested in the story and the main character. I couldn't help but laugh and share fun anecdotes from this story with my friends. I highly recommend you read this cause I'm into it. 

Daoist Enigma (Nikhil W.)

So the story is about- 

A brick that has known only ignorance, they are evils that rot a society.

But destroying an ideal society will have to wait, first the brick must learn some pesky things, like physiology. 

So it reads better than advertised. It's a comedic, light hearted story and the people who clicked on it are probably interested in the genre or expected satire. 

Well it's not satire, but the comedic execution is on point. Grammar needs some work, but as I understand it, it's a young author's first work and he needs the support to continue writing. 

The more you write, the better you get. And these days, I appreciate a story that's going for the laughs and trying to lift people up a lot more than the darker ones. 

Also if you like a sense of unexpectedness, click on this story cause I really have 0 idea what comes next. It is chaotically random, but that randomness really adds to the story. 

One could even say that what happens next is RNG, and you cannot predict the future. 

Expect the unexpected is all I can say regarding that part. 

Character is good, there's nothing to strongly dislike about him in my opinion. If you're expecting the brick to smash people to death like they do in Xianxia novels, this is probably not for you. 

And the brick will eventually become human, so it's not a permanent state of existence.


Review update: the author explained a lot of what was confusing to me, so many of my questions have been cleared up.

Style: The author has done a good job of describing the settings of wherever a scene is occuring, but some more could be added to get a better picture of the characters. The author is very direct with their writing, and it is easy to read through. There haven't been any sections of wondering about hypothetical future scenarios and what-ifs, which is nice.

Story: The pacing is a little too quick, and many scenes seem to be cut out. The story also jumps around between many perspectives, and the author does a good job of making it clear when there is a switch, but I'm not a fan of the growing number because we don't get much backstory or understanding from them, just a few paragraphs when they're first introduced.

Not much to say about the plot as not much has happened at this point.


this is a story about a world in which children from as young as 3 months old can communicate and think as teenagers and adults, and have magic powers, which, personally, is not a genre that I'm a fan of. I'm not knocking it for that, I just want to be clear why I'm not continuing with it.


Grammar: Proof reading is needed before publishing. Many times there aren't spaces after periods, and there are the occasional spelling mistakes. The typos with the periods are more distracting than any spelling mistake. The author's writing skills are developing, and I believe that the quality of the writing will only get better from here.

Character: The characters so far seem like they will grow over time, but the writing style kind of jumps around, so the reader isn't privy to a lot of info about their motivation and history. For a one time POV that can be enough, but for a long-term character I think this reader needs more.