It was a very big bedroom. It had a king-size bed in one corner with a small basketball court in the other corner. There were shelves of different kinds of books one half of the room accompanied by two comfortable chairs to go with that small library. Just by the library, there were shelves full of various types of toys and puzzles. This room was filled with all the luxurious items that a person could need in his lifetime. And the surprising thing was that this room belonged to small 5 years old boy.

The boy had black hair with brown skin. He had big blue eyes which sparkled like it was the ocean itself. He was a very small and petite boy. Currently, he was standing in the middle of the room accompanied by a blond-haired caucasian woman. That woman also had ocean blue eyes just like the boy. She looked rather young. She must have been in her thirties. That woman was wearing what looked like a white silk nightgown. The disturbing part about that woman was that from waist down her white gown had changed its color from white to blood red. Even while bending one could see some blood dripping from her gown…

That woman was sweating crazily. And she knew that she was about to die. But still, she had a very big smile on her face. With that big smile, she looked at the boy with love and sadness filled in her eyes. She then brought her hands forwards and started using the hand signs to talk to the boy…

“Do you want to play a game?” the woman asked the boy with hand signs.

“But it is past my bedtime…” the boy innocently gestured back.

“Don't worry about it… Some of our people will come to find you. So you have to hide. I want you to win, so I will tell you a secret place to hide. Okay?” the woman said in sign language.

“Okay.” The boy said with a smile.

“Let's go.” The woman then took the boys in her arms and starter running out of the room.

That boy was deaf since his birth. According to the doctors, that boy was born with no eardrums. That meant that he will never be able to hear anything in the future, until and unless medical science takes a very big leap. That is why the boy, didn't find anything peculiar about that night. The only that was a little weird about that night was that, although his mother spilled some tomato ketchup on herself, she refused to get changed or wash the ketchup. That was very weird because the boy knew that his mother was a clean freak.

But if the boy was able to hear everything that happened that night, then he would have crying right about now…


The noise of shots being fired in the house was being reverberated throughout the mansion that these guys were living in. Screams of man and woman alike would also come from time to time. This was a total horror fest for that mansion that day…

The woman took her son and went to the library. There was a big hidden by the desk. She put her son down and pulled the desk towards her. She then busted opened the vent and put her son in. Before closing the vent she looked at him one last time. She then gave him a revolver. It was a real revolver, filled with 6 bullets…

“Son… I love you and your father very much.” The woman said while crying.

“Mom, why are you crying.” The boy asked.

“Don't worry about that… Now listen to me. You keep this gun with you all the time. Got it?” the woman said.

“But you said never to touch this.” The boy said.

“Now you are big enough. Now you can carry it. I LOVE YOU. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BOY…..” The woman said.

Then the woman closed the vent and put the desk back in its position…

It is 6:30 am on the clock.

A boy could be seen floating by the window of his room aboard the MET. It had been 13 years since the boy lost his mother. Although he was only 5 years old at that time, he could still remember every detail of that night. And that night still haunts him to this very day…

The name of the boy is Rico Cortez. He is the son of a famous and very big arms dealer called Ramon Cortez. The Cortez family became billionaires during WW3. And they had been at the top of the whole arms dealing industry since then. Rico’s mother Maria died 13 years ago during WW3 when the enemy nation send some mercenaries to kidnap Ramon’s kid and wife so that they could negotiate a deal with him. But the operation went horribly wrong. And as a result, Maria is dead…

While floating by the side of the window, Rico was thinking about his decision of going to Mars. His father had a very lucrative business on earth because since WW3 earth had become very chaotic. And with all the chaos, it was obvious that there would be bloodshed. Since that tragic night, Rico had developed PTSD. He hated violence and blood. So he wanted to get far away from all this as he can. So he asked his father whether he could move to Mars? And he said yes…

Rico then jumped from where he was sitting a moment ago and started floating towards his bed. By his bed, connected through his charger was his Ipad. He was expecting a call from his father. He never showed it, but he loved him very much. He had always dotted him and would never in the world forget his birthday. That is why Rico floated to his Ipad whether his dad had left him any messages. And sure enough, there was a message from him…

Rico my boy happy birthday. I am sorry I will not be able to face time you right now as I am currently in an important meeting. That is why I have had Alvarez put your gift in your closet. You can check it out. I will face time you as soon as I can.


Reading this message Rico started making his way towards his closet. Alvarez was Rico’s butler that his father had sent with him to Mars. He took care of everything that Rico needs…

As Rico reached his closet, he opened it up. And sure enough, there was a small black color box with a red ribbon in his closet. Rico then opened the red ribbon and opened the black box. As he did what he found inside shocked him. There was a silver color revolver in the box with six bullets. He recognized the revolver immediately as this revolver belonged to her mother. And this was the same revolver that she handed it over to Rico before she passed away.

Rico took out the revolver to check whether it was the same revolver or not. And sure enough by the side of the revolver, there was M.C engraved. The M.C stands for Maria Cortez, this was the gun given to his mother by his grandfather. Rico remembers that her mother used to say that this gun was not a toy. And one could only wield it when they would become strong enough. Rico started wondering if he had gotten strong enough to wield this?

Like his normal routine, Alvarez gave Rico his breakfast which was nothing more than a liquid juice. Then Rico started reading a book inside his library. As he was a VVIP of the MET, he was given a suite aboard the spaceship. So it contained his library. But as Rico was reading his book, suddenly all the lights of his library became red. Rico looked around and was confused as to what had happened here. Rico stood up and started looking for Alvarez so he could explain this.

As Rico was about to exit the library, Alvarez stormed inside…

Alvarez was a small middle-aged man. He was 5 feet and 8 inches tall while Rico was 6 feet and one inch tall. Alvarez had a thin mustache on his face and had almond color skin tone. When Rico saw Alvarez he started asking him what was going on in sign language. Alvarez knew that Rico didn't like being lied to. So he told Rico that the zone officer had raised the level-2 alert.

As a VVIP Rico didn't attend the Bootcamp that every passenger had to take before boarding MET. In that Bootcamp, everything is taught to the passengers about emergency drills. But Rico did read the emergency guide. So he instantly understood what was going on. Rico had heard that most of the time when level-2 is raised, it pans out into nothing. But in the case he didn't come back here, Rico wanted to take the most precious object that he wanted with him on the lifeboat. He knew that no types of firearms are allowed in MET, but he thought that he was VVIP so nothing could go wrong with this…

Before going to the lifeboats, every one of the passengers is required to wear a spacesuit. And then they have to proceed towards their respective lifeboat. The space suits are worn as a precaution. In the case of a level-2 alert event, the systems of the zone could be compromised. So there is a guarantee whether the air circulation system would be working at that moment or not. That is why it was advised to wear the spacesuit in the lifeboat.

As Rico and Alverez both came to the lifeboat, they saw most of the people were already there. There was a total of 11 people in that lifeboat including him and Alvarez. As Rico couldn't talk to normal people, he just got to his seat and strapped himself in as it was started in the emergency guide. He saw that none of the people there were following this rule. They all were just standing there and talking amongst themselves. It was then, Rico’s whole lifeboat shook very violently.

People were thinking that this was all just a bullshit drill so that they could take this seriously. But they were wrong. This was not a drill. As those people felt the vibration, they abruptly started going towards their seats and strapping themselves in. Soon another person enters the lifeboat. Looking at the person Rico thought, what a careless man this guy is. He got on the ship this late. It was then he noticed that the guy that had just entered had a real special spacesuit. He had stars over his shoulder while there was his name imprinted on his right side chest.

Rico the name ‘JOSH’ is written on the newcomer space suit. It was then he instantly knew that maybe this man was a zone officer aboard the MET. It was then Rico took the black box that he was holding, squeezed it tightly with his arms. Because he didn't want that man to see what was in the box…


The level-3 alert got through, and every lifeboat was ejected from zone-13. Josh had made a leap of faith with this one. And he had no idea whether this will blow up in his face or not, but he didn't care about it now…

Josh knew that as soon as any lifeboat is ejected it would send out an emergency signal to Earth’s as well as Mar’s control center. So now all they had to do is wait and watch...

“Excuse me, sir?” Josh heard a voice in his spacesuit.

“Huh?” Josh then looked beside him and saw a man sitting beside him on the control panel was waving his hand. This lifeboat needed only one can to control, that is why in case of an emergency number of crew members of MET are trained on how to control the ship. And this man beside him as crew member…

“What happened, sir? What was that explosion?” the man asked.

“Is this is a private channel?” Josh asked.

“Yes sir. This is a channel reserved for crew members.” The man said.

“Good… The truth is I don't know myself. I don't know what that explosion was or how did it happen.” Josh said.

“What about the other zones?” The man asked.

“Don't know,” Josh answered

“So what happened that raised a level-3 alert.” The man asked.

“Don't know. Although there was something that captain told me. He said that the ship is experiencing some sort of gravitational pull. Then the line was cut off.” Josh said.

“That doesn't make any sense.” The man said.

“Yeah. Only heavy bodies can exert a gravitational pull. And nothing else…” Josh said.

“Yeah… Nothing else can” the man said…


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