Personal Cultivation

(This is cultivated for a person's body, more than one at a time can be cultivated at the same time. Everyone can cultivate each of these.)

Stamina: Based on Endurance. To cultivate, take blows and recuperate and forcing yourself to endure without sleep or running for a longer period, stuff like that.

Dexterity: Based on Agility (being quick). To cultivate, best way is to fight with eyes closed and with real swords, push oneself to run fast many, many times. Hardest personal cultivation to train, besides Power.

Intellect: Based on Greater Intelligence and cleverness. To cultivate, is to play harder and harder opponents with chess/go/etc. Overcoming situations with words, and reading old scripts and understanding them.

Strength: Based on Strength, obviously. To cultivate, fight with pressured cuffs on feet and hands, making the pressured cuffs heavier and heavier as you cultivate Strength more and more.

Power: Based on Power, (With power it can make it easier to cultivate your talent/s and when you use your talent, Power enhances your talent as well). To cultivate, the only way is to use magical stones! So, it’s not only expensive but can be deadly. The idea is to steal the power out of the magical stone, but it’s like a tug of war because the stone fights back. If the stone wins, you die and the stone is upgraded to a higher degree magical stone.

Proficiency: Based on being able to cultivate talent/s quickly. To cultivate, is to repeatedly cultivate something repeatedly. It is still worth cultivating Proficiency because it can cut five years or more into learning your talent/s and arts. There is also more of a chance to cultivate and master two lots of arts under a talent, instead of only mastering one.

Stability: Based on Resistance to change. To cultivate, the government might interrogate the guards using pain to make sure they are 100% loyal (Yes, people do this and it is a wanted talent.) Obviously, something that can be cultivated with Stamina. This is wanted mostly for guards who protect the royal family.

Grace: Based on beautiful form. To cultivate, the normal arts like art, music, literacy and needlework, also, always acting 'graceful'. Could be learnt by men, but many don’t bother. For a girl to marry, this cultivation is mostly always wanted.

Senses: Based on the five senses. To cultivate the five senses, meditation for hearing, food for taste, Blindfolding for both hearing, feel and taste, etc, obviously something preferred for many professions. Trappers need to cultivate Senses more so then a Mind Controller.


Talent Cultivation

(Most only able to have ONE talent. You can learn more than one ART under one TALENT. Some are born with a specific talent already.)

Spiritual Wisdom: About communicating better with souls or minds. For the most part, meditation is how you cultivate it. Under Spiritual Wisdom is Soul Scribing, which is looked upon very well, as you can be a priest or inscribe weapons (It scribes directly upon your soul). Also under Spiritual Wisdom is the art of Reincarnation. This art is very hard to obtain now and every time you reincarnate you lose all your memories. Any kind of religious arts are under this as well.

Thrifty: Resourceful and economical, wanted for people who are governors. To cultivate this one is mostly going through books to learn and then a more business approach afterwards. Many shopkeepers and merchants have this talent. Normally the people who come up with new ideas to do something better or easier are also under this talent, the art of Creation. The art of Source, also under this talent, is a person who can find materials (like iron or gold) easier. It’s the best talent to become rich.

Psychology: Not spiritual, but still on the mind. More so the brain. This art has the art of Mind Control under it, very popular art. This talent also has a mind blocker art that can stop one from being mind controlled. The art of Invisibility is under Psychology. The best strategist comes from this talent. Also, this is a dark talent, because of the art of Mind sacrifice, which can hypnotize, create tumours and make someone crazy.

Goods Smith: Making and forging weapons, buildings and goods. To master in daggers, you cultivate the Dagger Weaponsmith path, etc. Under this is the art of Infusing, which can add personal cultivation to your personal weapon. Also, under Goods Smith, is the art of Building. Obviously, people who are to build houses and tables and chairs the best are under this talent. Very popular talent.

Chemistry: Mixing of materials. The art of Cooking is easily improved through cooking and eating. The art of Alchemy has a few branches as well that lead into the art of Flasks, Transmutes, Pills or Poisons. The art of Cosmetics is also under Chemistry.

Biology: Based on the body. The art of Reproduction, rare but wanted, especially for any kind of royal family. Others under this talent is, the art of Healing and the art of Rejuvenation. The art of Shapeshifting also.

Traveller: The art of Trapping, obviously trapping and one that can detect traps. For people who roam around, and also, The art of Tracking is under Traveller. More people tend to take this talent to endure extreme weather conditions (Glazechill continent is very cold and snows, having the talent Traveller, the cold would not harm you even half as much and you would be able to walk on the snow easier as well, through The art of Terrain). Also, their minds on the land is very easily remembered, hardly ever getting lost through the art of Compass.


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