Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today

Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today

by noct

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

A silly cultivation novel about an airheaded master putting his foot in his mouth and his poor, clever disciple ducking the fall.

In the midst of faking his death, Xiao Hui finds himself trucked and summarily reincarnated into a cultivation world. With great hopes for what is to come, he gets himself taken in by a sect and chosen by a powerful master, but his master seems to have a hole in his brain! What's a poor disciple to do?

What Hui does best, of course!

A xianxia comedy in the vein of A Will Eternal and Spirit Blade Mountain! [Volume 1 - 4 Complete]

-Cultivation/progression fantasy

-Neither grimdark nor fluffy, but interwoven with both silly and intense moments

-Not your typical cultivation protagonist

 [participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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Royal Writathon October 2022 winner
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Royal Writathon October 2021 winner
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Table of Contents
459 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The End ago
2. A New Beginning ago
3. Descent of an Unrivaled Genius ago
4. Master, Why Me? ago
5. Day One, Two Peaks ago
6. Ten Years Later ago
7. A Mess (Hall) ago
8. Revenge ago
9. Fever Dreams ago
10. Don't Go Anywhere! ago
11. Delivery ago
12. With Friends Like These ago
13. Friends Don't Let Friends Stagnate Their Qi ago
14. Cauldron Peak ago
15. The Best Medicine is Bitter ago
16. Dangerous Encounter ago
17. Libraries and Men ago
18. Mud-Grass Horses ago
19. To Provoke Carelessly ago
20. Healing and Cultivating ago
21. My Beloved ago
22. A Challenge? ago
23. If You Have Coin, Xixing Has Pills ago
24. You're Gonna Go Far, Hui ago
25. Returning Home ago
26. Fated Duel ago
27. In This Ring, Room Only For Two ago
28. Rumblings and a Realm ago
29. Mistakes ago
30. You Startled the Ghoul! ago
31. Unlikely Allies ago
32. Artificing and Moving ago
33. Troubles Come in Threes ago
34. Bloodlines and Curses ago
35. From the Frying Pan ago
36. Sic 'em ago
37. Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Other Simple Commands ago
38. Hope of Morning ago
39. As The World Falls Apart ago
40. Triumphant and Death ago
41. Making Trouble At Home ago
42. A Duck Bearing Leeks On Its Back ago
43. Have Your Duck, and Eat It, Too ago
44. Hui Stole The Precious Thing ago
45. Cultivating Diligently ago
46. People Become Strange in Isolation ago
47. Journey ago
48. Twin Elemental City ago
49. One Born Every Minute ago
50. Reversal ago
51. City Folk ago
52. Explaining Everything ago
53. Inner Conflict ago
54. Downtime ago
55. A Feast ago
56. Into and Out of Closets ago
57. What Lies Beneath ago
58. Grasping at Threads ago
59. Out on Town ago
60. Evidence ago
61. You Aren't The Only One With An Expert Master, Hui ago
62. Blowing It Wide Open ago
63. Bloodthirsty Demonic Cultivators ago
64. Would You Rather Fight a Hundred Duck-Sized Cultivators or a Single Cultivator-Sized Duck? ago
65. Rescue! Escape! ago
66. Prisoners ago
67. Parade ago
68. Lotus Bud ago
69. Battle ago
70. Curses ago
71. When You Un-Curse Someone, Dig Two Graves ago
72. Eh? Did I Forget The Signal? ago
73. Bloom, Lotus Pill Blossom! ago
74. Talismans ago
75. Lotus-Blossom-Like Beauty ago
76. When All Else Fails, Play Dead ago
77. Those Who Do Not Seek Death Don’t Spend Their Whole Lives Playing Dead ago
78. The Loftiest and the Greatest ago
79. Celebration ago
80. Crashing the Banquet ago
81. There, Right There ago
82. Gifts and a Return ago
83. The Grand Tournament ago
84. Elder Brother? Eh! Not You! ago
85. The Plaza ago
86. Tournament: Arrival ago
87. Opponent ago
88. At This Rate, Crashing Events May Become a Habit ago
89. The First Blow is Also the Last ago
90. Escaping Punishment ago
91. Preparing for Battle ago
92. Paragon of a Virtuous Cultivator ago
93. Fetch ago
94. An Internal Dispute Leading to Death ago
95. Threads of Life and Death ago
96. Talismans Again ago
97. A Second Encounter ago
98. A Beast and A Sword ago
99. Second Round ago
100. Fight Clean? ago
101. Heal and Rest ago
102. Life Qi ago
103. Will Die for Food ago
104. Build a Little Birdhouse in Your Dantian ago
105. Appeasing Bigshots ago
106. Desperately Dead ago
107. A Memory ago
108. Ultimate Technique : End Book One ago
Book 2: This Small Disciple is Not a Demonic Cultivator | 109. Once More Unto the Breach ago
110. Returning to the Mortal World ago
111. An Expert at Getting Beaten Up ago
112. Illusory Choices ago
113. Unexpected Escape ago
114. A Life and Death Battle ago
115. Demonic Sect ago
116. Reunions Never Go As Imagined ago
117. A Guide for Dead Men ago
118. Don't Bribe the Reaper ago
119. Corpse Refinement ago
120. A Coffin Fit for a Small Cultivator ago
121. A Tug at the Heart, a Chill Down the Spine ago
122. Moving Up in the Skeleton ago
123. Abnormal Cultivation ago
124. How Did You Get Here? ago
125. Regaining Focus ago
126. Forging Talismans ago
127. An Invitation ago
128. Blood Mist Valley ago
129. Open Up Your Eyes: Transformation ago
130. Inheritance Or ago
131. Emptiness And ago
132. Stealing Other People's Inheritance Feels Better Than Receiving Your Own ago
133. Hold Me Now ago
134. Phrasing ago
135. A Chance to Rest ago
136. Let's Cultivate Ghouls Together! ago
137. Ruined Calamity ago
138. Corpse Refinement ago
139. Enlightenment, Refinement ago
140. Master Jing ago
141. Negotiations ago
142. Unexpected Arrivals ago
143. Please Be Gentle ago
144. The Mines ago
145. Material Hunting ago
146. Amethyst Sea ago
147. Cicadas in Summertime ago
148. Leave the Subduing to Elder Sister ago
149. Return to the Valley ago
150. Awaken, My Corpse ago
151. Talismans for the Dead ago
152. Rushing to the Trials ago
153. Snakes and Shadows ago
154. Into the Sea of Blood ago
155. Blood Qi Sea ago
156. Oceans to Part ago
157. Breaking Through ago
158. Third Trial ago
159. Puppet Corpses ago
160. Fourth Wave ago
161. Face Off ago
162. You Will Die Here ago
163. I'm Dead, Elder Brother ago
164. Snake Ancestor's Approval ago
165. A Pattern ago
166. Quasi-Immortal ago
167. Corpses and Skin ago
168. Everyone Can Have Some ago
169. An Exit Gift ago
170. Shed Snake Skin Style ago
171. A Mysterious Diplomatic Heavenly Visit to the Forest Sect ago
172. Into the Woods ago
173. Revelations and Discoveries ago
174. Three and the Trees ago
175. A Sneak Peek ago
176. Lotus Roots ago
177. Garden Patch Kid ago
178. Elder Sister, No! ago
179. White Jade Body Cultivation ago
180. What to Make My Body Into? ago
181. Boulder-Busting ago
182. Mount Mu ago
183. Stealing a Piece of the Sect's Heart ago
184. Internal Politics of a Demonic Sect ago
185. Tag ago
186. Cast Away ago
187. Devouring Life Qi ago
188. Are You a Sea Sponge? ago
189. Extracting the Beauty ago
190. Seedling ago
191. Quiet Cultivation ago
192. Fleeing Four ago
193. Work You Hard ago
194. Disguise as Whom? ago
195. Harvesting the Garden ago
196. Crystal Flesh ago
197. When I Arrived ago
198. Trust Amongst Brothers ago
199. A Sword ago
200. Trapped Forest ago
201. Strange, It's All Missing ago
202. Flute, Lotus ago
203. Hideous Golden Thigh ago
204. Scheming in Chaos ago
205. Fruition ago
206. Soften, Harden ago
207. Defeat ago
208. Proof (Vol 2 Complete) ago
Volume 3: 209. I Want to Eat Sis Mei's Cooking ago
210. Return of the Ducks ago
211. Duck Protection Society ago
212. Before You Know It ago
213. Duck Eating Society ago
214. Handing Down Punishment ago
215. Ducking Punishment ago
216. Mount Mu Arrives ago
217. Exchange Students ago
218. A Beating ago
219. Halt! Pay Up! ago
220. I'm Still Not A Veterinarian ago
221. True Test ago
222. Cutie Vs. Beauty ago
223. Assassins ago
224. I Need To Speak To A Manager ago
225. Troubles Ahead ago
226. Message In A Bottle ago
227. A Short Visit ago
228. Go With The Flow ago
229. A Desperate Bid ago
230. Absolutely Not ago
231. Danger-Free Good Fortune ago
232. There's Nothing For It! ago
233. Me, Myself ago
234. I ago
235. Shadow Pavilion ago
236. A Rabid Dog ago
237. True Self ago
238. No Help For Dead Men ago
239. Rolling Boy ago
240. Past ago
241. Bodies for Boys ago
242. This Small Cultivator ago
243. Plants and Poppies ago
244. Absorption, Growth ago
245. Sword Rescue ago
246. Raven's Return ago
247. Fighting ago
248. Still More Fighting ago
249. Those Who Fight Further ago
250. Falling Back ago
251. This Man Is A Monster ago
252. Father and Son ago
253. Encompassing Formation ago
254. Fall of Starbound Sect ago
255. Soul Transferral ago
256. Death Falls Upon Them ago
257. Unwilling ago
258. Flight, not Fight ago
259. Chasing a Cockroach ago
260. Survivor ago
261. Pick Up The Pieces ago
262. Return to the Fall ago
263. End of an Era ago
264. Confirmation ago
265. Broken Edge ago
266. Convenience and Versatility in One Small Package ago
267. Away Again ago
268. Lotus Clones ago
269. Golden Qi Tree ago
270. A Big Spill Requires a Big Sponge ago
271. Probing For Weaknesses ago
272. Reunion ago
273. A Different Kind of Reunion ago
274. Summon Seniors ago
275. Three Way Battle ago
276. Tribulations ago
277. Overcome! ago
278. Faking Out The Heavens ago
279. Fifth Stage ago
280. Battle Between Experts ago
281. Break Through! ago
282. Settle Down [End Volume 3] ago
[Start Volume Four] 283. Wandering Lotus ago
284. Very Large Bug ago
285. Servant Girl ago
286. The Young Miss ago
287. Doctor's Visit ago
288. Hidden Array ago
289. Do What You Were Hired For ago
290. Mystery Array ago
291. Green Tea and Green Hats ago
292. Healer, Meet Healer ago
293. Meeting the Family ago
294. A Spirit Beast ago
295. Something Strange ago
296. She Comes With Me ago
297. Belly of the Beast ago
298. The Young Miss's Condition ago
299. Something With Souls ago
300. Ying Lin and Zhubi ago
301. Ill-Begotten Gains ago
302. Gathering Qi ago
303. Tree Time ago
304. Projection World ago
305. Foundations ago
306. Procession ago
307. Banquet Hall ago
308. Will The Real Bai Xue Please Stand Up ago
309. Backroom Tryst ago
310. Searching for Qi In All the Wrong Places ago
311. Easy Array ago
312. Clone Chat Group ago
313. To Me ago
314. Fu Renyi and Han Qin ago
315. Let My Love Open the Door ago
316. Escaping Tribulations ago
317. Who Says You Can't Go Home ago
318. Tribulations of Youth ago
319. Lessons ago
320. Fortuitous Timing ago
321. A Night at the Inn ago
322. Those Who Returned ago
323. Burn it Down ago
324. Extra Work ago
325. Capturing a Criminal ago
326. Corpse Collecting ago
327. Storing Rot ago
328. Searcher ago
329. Battle of Disciples ago
330. Foxes and Swords ago
331. At Night, They Come ago
332. Traders ago
333. Cold Spring Blues ago
334. Captured ago
335. Beasts, In Danger ago
336. A Bold Escape ago
337. Tiny Hands ago
338. Onward ago
339. Interception ago
340. Interlude ago
341. Sectgoer ago
342. A House for a Small Cultivator ago
343. Journey to the West ago
344. Looking for a Friend ago
345. To Find Her ago
346. Incorrect ago
347. A Short Disagreement ago
348. Clone vs. Clones ago
349. To Catch a Star(bound) ago
350. Set a Star(bound) ago
351. Reunion with Truth ago
352. Falsities ago
353. Plan for a Wedding ago
354. Seven Colors ago
355. To Your Beloved ago
356. The Plan ago
357. Beloved ago
358. Forgery ago
359. Bell ago
360. Midday Drama ago
361. Evidence Arrives ago
362. The Case of Lu Xubo ago
363. Considering ago
364. Love and Truth ago
365. Arrival ago
366. Honor Guard ago
367. Manor of Living ago
368. Healing Strike ago
369. A Many-Faceted Battle ago
370. Runes and Qi ago
371. Love and Death ago
372. Fighting! ago
373. Into the Eternal ago
374. Strange Man in a Strange Space ago
375. A Plan Gone Awry ago
376. Temporary Alliance ago
377. Spatial Twists ago
378. Snake Wine ago
379. Deep Vial ago
380. Bottom of the Bottle ago
381. Capture ago
382. Up In Flames ago
383. Another Secret Realm Finished ago
384. Ablaze Again ago
385. Mortal ago
386. A Walk With a Madman ago
387. Repaying a Debt ago
388. Gold and Heavens ago
389. To Meet an Immortal ago
390. Beginning of the Fall [Begin Vol. 5!] ago
391. Big Immortal Energy ago
392. Resolving the Immortal ago
393. Mysteries of Healing ago
394. Incest and Other Family Drama ago
395. Two Elder Sisters ago
396. Perchance, to Dream ago
397. Lonely Peak Lord ago
398. The Many Ways of Love ago
399. Mutually Beneficial Relationship ago
400. Sect Admittance Tablets ago
401. Admittance Trials ago
402. Talks and Trials ago
403. To Climb Stairs ago
404. Trial Not Found ago
405. To Pass A Chosen ago
406. Finish Line ago
407. Battle Prowess ago
408. The Art of the Duck ago
409. Crow Bequeathing Sword ago
410. Ghouls and Fog ago
411. Maxing Out the Leaderboard ago
412. Inner and Outer Peak Lords ago
413. I Love Democracy ago
414. Top Nine ago
415. Father-in-law's Interrogation ago
416. The Final Trial ago
417. Undead Among Exorcists ago
418. A Chivalrous Man and A Dead Woman ago
419. The Test of Life ago
420. Blazing Golden Glow ago
421. Tell the Truth! ago
422. Gold Perfection Ice Demon ago
423. Healing to Right Many Wrongs ago
424. Reforge and Refine ago
425. Liquid Hands ago
426. Death Qi Girl in a Life Qi World ago
427. Beasts Under Trial ago
428. Mountain Lord, Seeking ago
429. A Trial of Swords ago
430. A Trickster, Fighting Seriously ago
431. What the Judges Want ago
432. Beating the Technique Into Him ago
433. Masterful Guidance ago
434. Final Rounds ago
435. Magical Techniques ago
436. To Pass or Fail ago
437. Plan of Attack ago
438. A Drink, Interrupted ago
439. Drinking The Night Away ago
440. A Dead Girl's Troubles ago
441. Queen of the Dead ago
442. The Next Step ago
443. It's My Party ago
444. Wanting To Cry ago
445. Father-In-Law, Spare Me ago
446. The Lotus is a Solitary, Hermaphroditic Flower ago
447. Two Weddings and Hui's Funeral ago
448. Having Fun Isn't Hard With a Library Card ago
449. Meet Cute at the Library ago
450. Surprise Disciples ago
451. Rogue on the Roam ago
452. Raging Pill Furnace ago
453. Suspicious Senior ago
454. Seeking Seniors ago
455. Beasts In Autumn ago
456. Kiddie Meal ago
457. Playing the Pig ago
458. Infinite Spaces ago
459. The End of Infinity ago

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Master, this poor disciple is awesome

Reviewed at: 302. Gathering Qi

This story is hilarious enough that at first I thought it was a xianxia parody. Instead it's a comedic treatment of a serious xianxia story with interesting characters, absurd situations, and an example of someone powerful who is constantly comparing himself to someone so much more powerful that it skews all sense of perspective in an amusing way. I'm eagerly looking forward to more after 300+ chapters.


Not quite what is expected but, pleasant surprise

Reviewed at: 238. No Help For Dead Men

So to start with by the description you're probably not getting the full picture. you might expect it to be a story about a master and disciple getting into wacky hijinks, with the disciple trying to surivive an airheaded masters choices. that isn't exactly what this is.

this is really good comedy about a protagonist constantly trying to fake his death to get out sticky situations. that said the master is not really the main cast. he is there and does do things but, the focus is on the disciple with the master in the background more often than not.

the reality is it's probably closer to "this poor disciple! why did master not prepare me for this!?" as a title. as the MC follows an unusual path that he never get's the full picture for before following it down, resulting in endless fun. so yes the story is fantastic even if not quite what you expected.

the style of writing is well done. it keeps things interesting and unlike many other novels I have never resorted to skimming because things get too wordy or lack proper detail. the sense of timing and what each line conveys are really good helping the humour to land nearly every time.

grammarwise I'm happy to report there are very few issues. occasionally you might encounter an issue that was missed in editing but, the context clues mean you'll never be confused as to what you're looking at is getting at.

the characters are... all very good. everyone has layers to them. even the villains have more to them than you're average Xianxia. note this does not mean everyone get's a long winded emotional backstory. more like they have enough depth not to be just angry 5 year olds with superpowers. pretty much everyone feels like a person even if they're aren't good people.


tl;dr: Read it. might not quite be what you thought it was but, it's really good and will keep you waiting for each new chapter.


Bai Xue elevates good to great

Reviewed at: 161. Face Off

Master, This Poor Disciple Died Again Today is a refreshing take on the Xianxia genre. Our protagonist, Hui, has realized that those who do not seak death do not die. So he comes up with new and creative ways to fake his death and escape.

The story can feel underwhelming at times, mostly due to Hui's lack of presence. He's skittish and shy, reactive instead of proactive. Now you might think that would make the story meh, because Hui is being pushed around by the plot, until you realize that:

Bai Xue is the chad xianxia MC

and Xiao Hui is the bashful jade beauty shying away from their harem. And it makes things so much better. Because while watching Hui evade obstacles is fun, when the two of them team up they feel unstoppable, which hits all the right power-fantasy and overcoming adversity notes. Delicious.

(And watching Bai Xue tease Hui, is fantastic too.) 10/10 would recommend.


Somewhere between seriousness and comedy

Reviewed at: 27. In This Ring, Room Only For Two

I'll be honest, I readily expected this to land in the mediocre valley that seems to call to the cultivation genre. Instead, this shot right up to float in the heady territory of Arrogant Young Master or Mediocre Supreme Cultivator. It's not as aggressively comedic as those, but definitely earns the tag with a streetwise protagonist that's just trying to get by.

Style: Smooth and solid. The pacing is fairly quick, with occasional moments to breathe and consider what's going. No confusing sentence structure that I saw.

Grammar: Great. I wasn't poring over every word, but no errors stood out to me.

Story: Classic xianxia setting, with a few unique twists. The world is fairly focused within the sect so far, but it's been an enjoyable view. Weird alchemists, violently competitive cultivators, and our streetwise survivor tucked right onto the middle of everything. The plot is fairly low stakes, for all it risks the death of the protagonist, but it makes for a solid drive to keep him moving forward. Additionally, it has yet to make the mistake of prioritizing comedy over realism. The humor comes out of the protagonist's interactions with the world, not by bending the reality of the story to produce funny moments.

Characters: Pretty solid. The side characters trend towards exaggerated personalities, the sweet chef, the (un)rightous rival, the slightly off alchemist. That said, it never approaches caricature and it's early enough that there hasn't been much opportunity to see more depth from the assorted individuals. Scenes have indicated that the thoughtless master is at least more than his initial shallow portrayal, so I don't have much concern that the side characters will ever feel empty. The MC himself tips back and forth between tragic and humerous, with fun little survival tips that allude to a thoroughly depressing origin. Despite that, there's no wallowing and the tone of his character is pretty upbeat, if generally approaching his problems with a "can hustle" attitude. Regardless, the author nails the opportunistic but not antagonistic attitude that makes or breaks streetwise characters. It's solid.

Overall, this makes for an entertaining xianxia that still has the bones of a solid cultivation story underneath. Enough so that even if the author decided to play things entirely straight, I'd probably still read it. It does take a few chapters to get rolling, but I'd recommend giving it until chapter 10 to see if it appeals.


Slow build up, great reward.

Reviewed at: 319. Lessons

 Let me preface myself by saying that the slow build up of the novel can lead to many mixed opinions, as it is common on royal road.

  The novel has some satiric aspects to it and tend to mix comedy and silliness within the important plot points, which is both a weakness and a strength. It takes quite a while before it really starts going strong, making the most of its many aspects, but by the end of book 1 we have things falling into place; the story progressing smoothly and the comedy being less disrupting of the narrative and much more on point (in my opinion at least).

 Most people that go beyond chapter 50 are going to be hooked and have a lot less to complain about. I made this review on the basis of the novel as it is now.  

That said,  It is also important to point out this is not for those that want a more fight the world and kill them all approach to cultivation novels. We will have great fights later on the novel, but our MC is not going to go on a rampage any time soon. He is a gentle soul, that might at worst torture you. 

Story: The author of this novel, noct, clearly had many ideas to implement, but rather than just throwing them all together on the pot and letting it stir, he tends to give hints and slowly let the characters, and us, figure out plot points as they become relevant. The principal plot-line is about Hui, our main character, trying to figure out cultivation with the help of (but more like, in spite of) having a genius Master, but there is plenty going on the background, such as wars of gods and sects that will become relevant as the MC grows. Without going too hard into details, Hui's situation leads to something you don't usually see on cultivation novels so early; a very self taught MC. His methods will sometimes fail, work, fail catastrophically, work again, be different and sometimes similar to other cultivators, but mostly make the story start specially slow. We can't expect Hui to up and be running laps around people when he is figuring out how to cultivate and what is so strange about him. I believe this story, right from the start and even now, has a lot of potential and leads to many fun interactions and clever fighting. The main issue is that when I say slow boil, I mean it. I think 50 chapters in you might had seen the MC fight once, and even then it's not much of a fight. Still, huge kudos to noct for managing to make playing death into a valid cultivation technique and developing the plot so much from there. With Hui's growth, more is revealed of the world, and there is more still that I bet we will be seeing when he manages to grow his cultivation further.  

Style: The dialogues on this novel always have a hint of Mirth; I can go from paying close attention to the plot, to laughing or smirking with the antics of the characters and the world around then, back to high tension. I think this style reaches maturity on the later half of the first book, as it happens with the story. The narrative is very descriptive, at least I always get a clear picture of what's going on and where, which I think is the mark of great  prose. The one flaw I would had marked at the start is the too slow pace, but again I think the story really grows into itself as it goes forward and had reached an very good tempo. To round style up, at no point did I felt either that the sentences were too repetitive, hard to read, or annoying. I think this last point can be seen across all the novel and shows how much the author has taken time to polish his words.

Another thing I would had pointed out at the star as a flaw is that at times you might think some things happens because they need to happen, but having read so much and seeing how much care went into everything, I will be giving Noct the benefit of the doubt, maybe there is more to it that we see. 

Grammar: Nothing much to say here; the novel is definitely polished and very few minor typos are ever found, which are quickly addressed by the author. 

Characters: Finally, characters.  I was saving this part to talk about Hui, the MC. I know he can appear silly, dumb, or even careless at the start, but I thought Noct presented a very good point. Would a person that has already died once and is living in a fantasy magical world take things seriously? Hui is a clever guy; he had lived a terrible life before his first death and mostly he just want to find happiness, not strength in particular. The situation leads him to cultivation and slowly he will have new reasons to grow, but at the start he just wanted to eat well, rest well, and play well. Which is fair enough. As a reader we want more and the story will deliver, but I understand the people that got feed up before reaching the really satisfying character development. I just hope whoever goes trough my whole review gives him a chance. I think his growth is all the more important because it takes time and feels real.  One thing I don't want to forget, though; Hui is not a violent guy. He will not go out of his way to look for a fight, and he will not look for strength for strength's sake, but by this point of the novel, if he needs to fight he will. 
I personally thought all characters were really well done from the start, in the sense that they have clear quirks; weak-points and strong points, that make them easy to remember and more life like. There are some side characters I already like and look forward to see more of. In particular one antagonist / rival character that's from a rival sect, but still manages to always be fun to read about. (the triplets) 


I doubt many people read trough all of this long review, but the main point was to say "There is more to this than what you might see at first". I believe the novel is the result of real interest and creativity by the author, a passion project of sorts, because I couldn't believe he would plan so many things that could had gone wrong so well, carefully and with such slow build, otherwise. I am kind of sad to see the low scores that mostly come from dropping the novel halfway. 




Starts kinda weak but just gets better and better

Reviewed at: 313. To Me

I'll admit, for the first 2-3 dozen chapters I was pretty skeptical. However, this is a story that builds on you and gets better and better as it goes on.

The current arc is amazing and it's currently one of my most anticipated chapters each release day.


I would have expected the release rate to kill this story or cause a bunch of problems but so far the author has managed to keep things going relatively smoothly.




Master, This Poor Disciple Wants to Read More!

Reviewed at: 340. Interlude

Overall, this is an addictive, funny, while also serious, story. The MC has a bit of a ridiculous past as a basis, however, the MC is appropriately ridiculous themselves in their death faking. If you accept the one, the other follows in a natural feeling way.

Style-wise, the flow is both quick enough and slow enough that you don't feel rushed nor are you grumbling about getting to the point. If anything, like all truly good stories, the enjoyable combat scenes are NOT what you are waitng for. You are, instead, waiting for the character interactions, the internal development, and even the rare other character perspectives of the MC themselves.

Grammar, I have to say with great joy, is excellent. That is a thing to be treasured, not just on RR but even in paper published works, it is upsettingly common to find vocabulary, grammar, and spelling errors. If I encountered any in this work, they were so rare and minor that they were instantly overlooked.

The Story is enjoyable, becomes increasingly rich, and has a feeling of interconnection so it doesn't strike you as a randomly concieved plot as the author went along. Neither does it foreshadow heavily, so you are truly along for the ride in the best possible way. Without giving away too much, you will not be dissappointed by the gradual development of plot complexity coincident with the MC engaging more and more with the broader world, as if the MC is simply learning of an already existing and rich world.

Character-wise, the MC is excellently well developed. The theme for the MC is intentionally over the top and the MC fits it neatly and without feeling forced. The other characters are a bit lackluster in theri development, so I couldn't give this category top marks. Some of them, such as Li Xiang (who becomes very pivotol in some ways) starts to feel less developed as the story goes along despite increasing significance. Others, such as Bai Xue, begin feeling underdeveloped and grow into something not quite cohesive with their starting character, but a much more solid character type. In the end though, only the MC enjoys a richly developed character that doesn't feel too contrived despite being the most ridiculous of the entire set. Don't expect to fall in love with the supporting character's depths, but they are not so shallow as to be grating.


Overall, I'm addicted. Other than this and Beware of Chicken, I rarely find the Chinese themed cultivation stories that entertaining. The social constructs are so unnatural in them that it is downright painful. The MC in this and BoC do such a good job of being a foil for a modern, mostly western view of these contrived fictional societies that it gives you a place to stand as a reader.


Funny at first, but too many repeated jokes

Reviewed at: 255. Soul Transferral

This book is primarily a comedy, and that is in my opinion its biggest weakness, because if you don’t find it funny, you probably won’t enjoy reading this book. What people find funny or not is entirely subjective, so my advice is to at least try it out regardless of reviews. If you like it, great. Of you don’t, it wasn’t for you.


For me, I really liked the first volume (108 chapters), I laughed out loud quite a few times and had a smile on my face during most chapters, but the second volume just wasn’t working for me. The author relies heavily on coincidences, luck and small misunderstandings for both comedy and plot progression, and I don’t know if it became too repetitive or too unbelievable, but the second volume was a bit too much for my tastes. To be fair, there might be more to some of those coincidences, but unfortunately, they are presented as simple coincidences most of the time and it is mostly speculation on my part whether there is anything more there.


The main character can be quite unlikable depending on your tastes. He is a coward and a wimp. He doesn’t like fighting or pain, and while he says that he wants to avoid trouble, he always, unwittingly and oh so coincidentally, ends up causing chaos around him. He is constantly groveling at the feet of people even weaker than him because he wants to avoid conflict and doesn’t care about pride or reputation. His fighting style of pretending to die when his opponents touch him was funny and entertaining in the beginning, but as many other things in this book I feel like it was a bit overdone as the story progressed. He also gets very contradictory with what he says or thinks and what he does. Quite a few times he proceeded to do dangerous things that either he knew beforehand were dangerous or was told not to do them because they were dangerous while saying that he wants to avoid danger and just stay alive with poor excuses that are there to try and make the situation funny. It doesn’t work most of the time for me.

Li Xiang is a naïve and just beauty that everyone in the sect is in love with and is the main romantic interest. Unfortunately, as the protagonist is a wimp, I doubt that there will ever be substantial progress when it comes to romance, or at least not any time soon. Again, the joke of everyone in the sect sending killing intent or trying to assault the MC when he interacts with her was funny in the beginning, but loses a lot of impact as it is repeated with their every interaction.

Bai Xue might be the funniest person in this book. Unfortunately, the MC brings her down almost completely for me. I love innuendos, but in order to find them funny I need some back and forth. But their interactions boil down to Bai saying an innuendo and the MC responding with something like ‘Oh if you say it like that it can mean something else’. Yes, I know how innuendoes work, fire back and make something out of it, not repeat the same thing every time.

Weiheng Wu, the MC’s master, is one of my favorite characters. He is arrogant, aloof, honest to the point of insulting everyone around him, a genius at cultivation, utterly unskilled at social interactions, but most importantly, he is not an idiot even though he might seem like one. When he says that he is stronger than everyone around him, or that other people are bad at cultivation, it isn’t to be condescending, it’s just the truth, and everyone knows it. Unfortunately, he shows up like five times in the entire book. Or maybe I just like him so much just because jokes about his behavior aren’t repeated so often like others.

There are a few more side characters, but they are nothing special. Most characters are your standard xianxia fare and they serve the comedy well enough, but if you are expecting something deeper from them you might be disappointed.



As far as the story is concerned, it’s not bad, but as I have said, the focus is mainly on comedy, and those coincidences hurt the story in my opinion. There is only so many times I can find it believable that things keep happening coincidentally so many times. It doesn’t work that well in my opinion when you try to simultaneously make every chapter funny while using the same jokes and progress the story. I did say that the story isn’t bad because if you imagine all of the events developing naturally, instead of the forced comedy that I stopped finding funny more than 100 chapters ago, you would end up with an excellent story. But that isn’t what is written unfortunately. What is written are coincidences and luck built upon coincidences and luck in an unending circle.



I am still reading this book because I find the potential of the story very interesting, but all of the repeated and juvenile jokes that just make me groan at this point, and the MC’s constant inconsistent behavior really diminish my enjoyment of this book.


Having said all that, I really believe that you should give this book a chance. It’s difficult to recommend a comedy, but if you squint at times you are left with an interesting story.


A very fun read, but characters can be flat

Reviewed at: 382. Up In Flames

I made an account simply so I could comment on and review this story. I marathoned the entire thing in a day, and it's definitely a fun read, with very good grammar and a grasp of xianxia world that isn't an outright parody but doesn't play everything straight, either.

Style-wise, I definitely enjoy the xianxia metaphors and how they're woven into the story so naturally. There was this one line that compared a voice to being able to cut metal, and the speech pattern of Hui is very distinct, very distinct!

Grammar is perfect. It's not an eyesore nor a struggle to read this story.

Story-wise, there's a very distinct plot that we've been following for 300 chapters. Things that were foreshadowed in the earliest arcs are paying off now. It doesn't feel as if things have been pulled out of nowhere.

Character-wise though, is where I'm a trifle hesitant. It's taken 300 chapters for Hui to start getting some confidence, and he even calls it a heart-demon. It's tiring to yell at him, stop making yourself so small! I'm glad that Ying Lin is helping out in that aspect and that things are getting better, but he needs a bit more self esteem.

I also struggle with Bai Xue and Li Xiang. They're both fun, of course. I like them both. But it feels to me that Li Xiang has been placed on a pedestal as perfect jade justice idol, while dismissing Bai Xue as "haha horny person". And there's the limitation of the genre, too: I'm never sure if things are in earnest or just being played for laughs. Even the relationship discussion with Li Xiang turned funny, and it feels like very little was resolved.

Hui, Xiang, and Xue are interesting, but I don't feel as though they're being utilized to the fullest just yet. I long for Hui to develop some self confidence and stop being so deferential to everyone. He even calls Ying Lin "elder sister"! How does that make sense? Xiang's origin story is great, but she just outright dismisses it. Why? And Xue deserves more than just being "haha horny person" with every appearance. Maybe all three of them just need to sit down for a DTR.

Ultimately, I recommend this story, because it's great. I hope to see it become even better.


While there are already many reviews I just wanted to also review one of my favorite RRL stories:

Style: The writing style of this story is excellent. It is a comedy story with a lot of innuendos whether in the descriptions or the dialogues and I am living for it!

Story: The story begins harmlessly with our protagonist reincarnating and becoming a cultivator. The more the story progresses however the more mysterious it gets. That is not to say that it ever loses it comedic tone. It is just an amazing story where even the funniest unreasonable things happening to our protagonist seem to have a deeper meaning. That makes me almost unable to wait for the next chapter.

Grammar: The grammar is excellent with no obvious mistakes. Note though thaf I am no native speaker.

Character: The characters. A cast getring larger with the amount of chapters and stilk every one of them is memorable. They all have their little quirks and so much personality. They make the book an absolute delight to read.

Overall: One of my favorite stories on Royal Road. It is a story with an amazing underlying plot that still manages to remain a lighthearted comedy.