Telemetry: the Rap Narratives

Telemetry: the Rap Narratives

by Telemetry

Watch the performance: Motive One: Messy Bun

An entanglement engineer answers a distress call from an illegal military operation stationed planets away.

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Telemetry: the Rap Narratives' Song

Reviewed at: Motive One: Messy Bun

This is worth a look for sure, it’s quite a unique find
It’s a short tale told in rap, born in a unique mind
It’s a little sci fi scene which uses verse and rhyme
If you want a taste of something new, it’s worth your time

I wish there was more like this on this site to enjoy
Verse is such a versatile medium to employ
Telemetry has shown us all that it is possible
To mix rap and sci fi and make it enjoyable

Good job, author, what you’ve done here is worthy of praise
You’ve unlocked a genre fusion in quite a few ways
I hope this continues as a medium to grow
I would like to see how far a tale like this could go


First things first, I'm the realest

Done the most drug dealest,

This hip hop till you don't stop

Ain't flop up on pop

This real shit up top

I hear spit done mop

These floors, whores, chores

Rapping is mores, roars, doors

Open up


If there was a thing you wanted to read- nifty

Don't let it stop you from singing this -gift free

because there's only one spot for this engineer

behind her cockpit, face full of fear