Notification:Current body compatibility:0.7%

Dual body integration:Failed

Second attempt:Failed

Third attempt:Failed

Chances of success:7%

Affinity:Fire30% Darkness 70%

Current body cannot survive,you have died

“Am I dying again?Did I go through all of that just to die in the end?

Was this the way this deity chose into making me strong?You know for a deity you’re pretty low on budged,cant you reincarnate me as a strong person from the start?”

Transmigration options:5

Fate reversal:available

Options:only creatures who were granted life by that Primordial Dragon of Chaos

Option a)Minotaur

Option b)Oni

Option c)demon

Option d)Vampire

Option e)Devil

“Minotaur,who the hell wants to be a male cow?That body has “slave” written all over it...Vampires on the other hand are always high on hierarchy and can make the ones they bite obey them,so im choosing Vampire”

In his mind vampires were always young and had beautiful women around them,so that choice was too tempting.

Vampire compatibility:Small

Blood element affinity:none

Integration Failed

“Then I choose Oni”

Oni race compatibility:Medium

Earth element affinity:None


“Fuck,okay then I choose demon.

I’ll probably have some brainwashed religious psychopaths after me but anything’s better than Devil”

Demon race compatibility:High

Fire element affinity:30%


“You fucker,if you wanted me to choose devil you could have just said so....

“Wait,who the hell even are you and where am I”

He tried looking around,everywhere was dark and the entire space was filled with emptiness.

There was literally nothing everywhere he set his eyes on

“Its me”

2 dark eyes made of black energy materialised in front of him,it looked like the serpent came out his egg

“So its you,what the hell are you anyway?

Why did you make me go through so much pain?When Did i offend you?”

“Sorry,I had no power to give you strength,i am on my infant phase.

I know you are wondering about those windows appearing in front of you,just looked through your memories!So dont ask...”

-no wonder....Hope he didnt see anything too nasty on my memories....wait does he mean he has seen my pp?

“What are you thinking you dirty brat?”

-brat,did I seriously got called a brat by an infant snake!

“Oh nothing,just wondering why you want me to be a devil so bad?I mean being a slave is crap but being a devil slave?It would mean my master is justified when he tortures me”

“You wont be a slave,you will be an asura!”

-Asura what now?

The snake saw his doubtful gaze but had not time to explain things in detail

“I dont have much time,all i can tell you is to go after the underworld tree that will spawn on the 14th of Red Moon on daedara calendar,and keep an eye out for for the Flekin and the other asuras,they might be aiming at you.”

A black hole appeared next to him,its size was enough to fit a person.

It looked like a void passage.

“Dont forget,Do Not Die!

This isn’t something to make you stronger,if you die here you are gone for real”

The black hole swallowed him,and his eyes blackened.He seemed to be traveling through nothingness,it was not a good feeling.

-At least tunnels on earth had lights,this fucker probably cant afford to make the trip nicer...fuck you serpent egg,your foul mouth and your low budget

Thats all he managed to say before passing out.

The entire trip wasn’t long but still looked like it lasted forever!

Sam though was glad he wasn’t able to maintain his conciseness,travelling through a black whole wasn’t the most comfortable thing!

“Damn,this headache is unbearable.

I have never experienced such pain before”

It normally took a couple of hours before gaining the body’s memories,but this time it happened as soon as he woke up.

“I feel like Zeus dropped a lightning bolt on my head”

He looked around and found himself laying on a big sized bed,its sheets were red and clean!The room looked fancy and comfortable.

“This doesn’t look like a place where slaves live,so the snake was telling the truth then”

He tried to remember what the snake last said,then it hit him.

“Holy shit I’m the devil”

He got up quickly and went to check himself in the mirror.

“What th....”

In front of him was his reflected image,a young boy who looked no older than 13.

His hair were super black,like there was no way for a person to have darker hair then him...and his eyes were red.

Blood red,like vampires from the movies on earth.

“So no wings,no horns...The only difference i have from humans is my red eyes and of course my handsomeness”

He wasn’t joking,he was truly handsome.

Not the pretty boy kind of way,he looked more like a main actor from an action film.

His black hair were long and his body was well built.As for facial features,well,he wouldn’t have a more handsome face even if he ordered it online.


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