As usual,6 weeks later he died again however he now had gained some knowledge from that world filled with magic.

“All this time my death comes from being weak,fate hits me hard and i have no power to resist it”

Thats where Sam decided he will use these transmigrations into growing in strength and by the time he was strong enough....

“Ill be the one killing,not the one dying”

And then he went on dying and transmigrating for 40 more times.....


He opened his eyes again,as usual he was locked in a prison cell with a collar on his neck.

His hands and legs were surprisingly unshackled.

“I actually lived for 6months this time,for a second there I thought i was in the clear”

His poison loading screen had reached 90/100 ,he almost awakened that thing inside him.

“Looking forward to see what your capable of,you evil thing”

He had been noticing something recently,everytime the black egg inside him swallowed a strong type of poison,his blood slowly changed in colour.

And everytime he transmigrated,in each new life he had the same height strength memories and face.

“Wish i could sue those bastard authors,Deity summons the hero and has him reincarnated with cheat abilities my ASS.Why cant that shit happen to me,who did I offend?Have I fucked the daughter of someone high up in position?”

Such absurd questions always crossed his mind,he just couldn’t understand the phenomenon!

Why was it happening to him anyway?

He was the most normal guy in the world,everything about him was ordinary.

A normal guy with a normal job who was into nerd stuff and had no romance or social life.

And somehow,he ended up being part of this giant shitshow!

“Hey you,how dare you fall asleep right after seeing master?Are you tired of living?”

The one who talked seemed to be a goblin,and goblins brought him bad memories from that time he was slave to an alchemist.

In earth rpg games goblins were the weakest monsters used to grow in level,but not in real life.

Those fuckers were at least 20 times stronger than a normal human.

The green monster swinged his wooden club but the moment it touched Sam it broke.

Sam couldn’t help but laugh,he had been beaten so much during all these transmigrations that his body had become immune to beating.

This situation reminded him of that meme from that James Franco movie.

Where he asks the other guy “first time?” As they were being hanged.

Living 65 lives as a slave meant you had to endure so many beatings and torture,how could a wooden club hurt him?

“Hehe,this one is strange,master will love playing with him”

The one who spoke now was a ghoul,His skin was grey and looked like a bunch of corpses sown together.He truly had a hideous appearance!

“Come in”

Once he heard that scary voice Sam’s usual headache kicked in and his head started being filled with this life’s memories .

The guy he was about too see was a goblin shaman who experimented on body parts,he was called Zech and was probably the most evil fucker he had seen this far.

Not only he replaced people’s body parts with that of a beast’s but he also did that while they remained fully awake.

Just the pain they had to go through for this guy’s sake,yet he spared nobody in the end,only the ones who could endure longer.

“Master,this human is...weird”

He lifted his head and put down his glasses

“What do you mean weird”

The goblin hit him with another club and it broke again.

The shaman smiled

“Human,why is your body so strong”

“Hmph,like i would be stupid enough to tell you,go kill yourself ugly geezer”

Surprisingly,the shaman’s face showed no anger,as if he didn’t even hear what he said

“How foolish,as long as you have that collar on your neck you can keep no secrets from me,your master”

A purple sphere linked with his collar appeared in his hand,it was like a thread of life.If that thread was cut,he would immediately seize to exist.

“I command you to reveal your secrets”

The purple thread vibrated and it entered his brain,but the black egg responded.

2 black serpent eyes appeared again and the purple thread was absorbed completely.

If the goblin shaman found out that Sam could live many lives he would probably torture the guy for all eternity unveiling his secret,but now that the collar failed all he needed to do was trick him.

Sam pretended to be obedient and made his eyes sleepy in attempt to make them look lifeless

That was something he learned back when he was pretending he was sick to skip class.

“Responding to master,my body has the special ability of becoming stronger everytime it gets hit or undergoes torture.

If it wasnt for my weakness to poison,i would be invincible “

“Good,goood.Now show me your plans”

“In less than 5 minutes my body will self explode destroying the entire building,it was something i planned to take revenge on you,after all I have my warriors pride!!

I would rather die than be your slave”

The shaman panicked,this was the first time his servants saw their master frightened

“Master what do we do now”

“Shut up fool.Continue,tell master how to stop your body from exploding”

“Knowing that you might use the collar to ask me,i made it possible that the only way to stop me is an extremely strong poison,nothing seen in the world.

Your chances of surviving this are slim,master”

He tried to give the scared shaman a fake “evil smile”

“You have thought things through,but you underestimated me you pitiful creature.”

They way he looked at Sam now was that of a beast who was about to cut someone in a thousand pieces.

“Stop cowering you pathetic worm,bring me the death miasma we took from church of the immortal shrine”

The ghoul brought a small bottle filled with green liquid,but this time Sam didn’t need to have his mouth forced open.

“I command you to swallow this poison”

He took it and swallowed it,then smiled!

But his joy was short lived

His body started shaking and blood came out of his eyes,ears nose and mouth.

This was the worst he had ever felt,nothing beat the pain that poison was making him go through.

The poison was invading every cell of his which decayed on super speed right after it made contact.

He greeted his teeth as hard as he could and yelled



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