The Fall of Almadel

The Fall of Almadel

by Ego Wrenna

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

That fall, the classroom of Master Jeremiah and part of the attaching corridor was cast into hell.
— Extract from "The History of Almadel" vol 2.

A class of sixth-form students are thrown into a life-or-death struggle in an unfamiliar world. Can they survive and return home, or will they be stuck there forever, opening the door for evil to complete its spread across Britain.

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Ego Wrenna

Ego Wrenna

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A good start, but plot is at a crossroads

Reviewed at: Darkness (1)

Overall, I'm impressed by the quality of this story, but concerned about the direction of the plot. The author's style is enjoyable and manages to maintain a level of suspense, especially in the first 10-15 chapters. The grammar is generally very good. There are some mistakes in the structure of the quotations, but I didn't find them distracting. Some of the descriptions are excellent and hint at the author's unique style, but others miss the mark by being slightly unclear.

The plot itself becomes less captivating over time. Starting out, it promises to be dark and intriguing, but morphs into a more concrete survival-type structure. Still, I feel confident that the concepts of "demons" and "magic" will be developed more over time. The events are fairly straight-forward and predictable. I would like to see more nuance in the characters' choices and actions. Most of the characters feel slightly underdeveloped and immature, acting single-mindedly without thinking of the consequences. The exception is Salomé, who I loved instantly; I find her witty and ambiguous. 

All in all, my curiosity is peaked. The plot still appears to be in its starting stages, so I will continue reading to see how it develops. There are undoubtedly promising elements.