I indeed don't know how to cultivate

I indeed don't know how to cultivate

by Different minds

Warning This fiction contains:
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Zhang Jian crossed into a world of immortals...
So do you think that the next thing that will happen is that the protagonist will go through a life and death duel and eventually become a dominant party, or some other cliches growth plot?
No. Although this is a world full of cultivators and demons, Zhang Jian always thought he lived in an ordinary world.
In the eyes of others, he is a hidden master who doesn't like to fight, a compassionate person who doesn't want to see killing.
Outside, his partners have already been in wars with the enemy, while our protagonist is still in sweet dreamland.
As the saying goes, the storm's eye is the most peaceful location, and the protagonist is in this.

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Different minds

Different minds

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How can something with such bad grammar be so GOOD

Reviewed at: chapter 9 Something Happened

A humorous story of an oblivious guy isekaied to a cultivation world.

The grammar is terrible, but somehow it all works out.

An enjoyable read and filled with light-hearted fun.

I'm looking forward to and can't wait for more chapters!

If you are undecided you should definitely give this story a try.