Same great stories, but now with 50% less math

In the deepest reaches of space lies the planet Catalonia. Here two powerful cat nations vie to impose their desired cat scratching material upon their world. The nation of Felinia hopes to score a public relations coup by sending the first cat into space. However, the rival nation of Catstroph is working to achieve the same goal and will stop at nothing to keep Felinia from beating them. Join Major Thomas Fluffison as he rockets into orbit, unaware of the adventure which awaits him.

Warning: This short story collection contains scientific information explaining how rockets get into orbit, how to perform orbit transfers, and the secrets of reentry. 

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Mad Sadie

Ground Control to Major Tom...

Reviewed at: From the Frying Pan ...

...But with cats! And math!

Lots and lots of math.

But don't worry, the story is separate from the math bits, so you don't have to read each paragraph with a notebook to figure the plot out.

There are also pictures, which frankly make the story 80% better.

So yeah, go read it. It's cute. And you might learn something.

Major TOM what? Are you KITTEN ME?
First off I think that this is an excellent showcase of the authors work and this should be a childrens book tomorrow.
Style: 5/5
This has the look of a kids book, but a good one. The insertion and usage of the professional graphics makes me happy. I want more of this.
Characters 5/5:
They are awesome. No issues their motivations are clear. I only wish that I could get this in book form for all the kids I know. *COUGH COUGH* I rarely say this about any book so that is kudos.
They are more useful plot tools to convey it, but yeah. Loving it.
Grammar & Story 5/5 both take a back seat to the other elements.
This is like the best story on RR. Mother of learning as nothing on this.
If you like physics, or math or cats, then you are exactly the person who would benefit from this amazing collection of short stories about cats doing incredible things. If not then 
Cats Cats Cats!