Book Of The Dead

Book Of The Dead

by RinoZ

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

With one touch of the stone, Tyron receives his Class and his life changes forever.

In an instant his bright and promising future as the scion of two powerful Slayers is torn apart and he must make a decision.

Will he allow his Class to be purged from his soul, or will he cling to it, abandon all that he knows, and rise to power?

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Starts darker than Crysalis.

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 - Search

I am a huge fan of RinoZ's other work, Crysalis, and I cant help comparing the start of this story to his other work.  I figure doing so is valid as many of the readers will be coming here from that work.

The start of the story is definitely heavier than how Crysalis started, with the MC seeming to be a good kid, if somewhat a loner.  He gets thrown in the deep end when, on the once a year ascension day, he is given a forbidden class and the dark gods double down and include an anathema class on him as well.  

How he reacts, and how friends and family reacts is yet to be seen, and will be what sets the tone for the entire story.  

From a technical standpoint, the quality is excellent, as I have come to expect of RinoZ.  I am already deeply drawn into the story and really want to see how the characters develop.  The grammar is good and the flow of the story has me excited for the next chapter.

It is a bit early to give a final judgement for this story, it is only the third chapter after all.  My hope is it will lighten up a bit since I don't particularly like my escapism to leave me depressed.  That said, I look forward to seeing where the story goes.


This story comes out and hits the ground running. I don't like reviewing stories early but I want to boost this and the elephant in the room Rino's other story can attest to the continued quality.

Technically well put together the language flows smoothly and is a staple of a well-established author.

And the story. The premise is great and the execution is perfectly done.

I can't wait to find out how the story will progress from here and I really hope it doesn't drop in quality from its initial premise.


This is not a story with some edge and needless gore
this is genuinely dark, but it’s also much more
the lead is given one chance to embrace a darker path
he takes it even though he may one day face some gods’ wrath

Beyond that, I won’t spoil the nature of his decision 
but he is a character crafted with precision 
at first glance he’s a happy little villager with friends
but he wishes to see how far that darker path extends

Aside from the lead, all the characters feel deep and real
they’re unique and each is going through their own ordeal
I like the way they interact and dialogue is good
based on their established roles they function as they should

The story is just getting started but it’s feeling great
a dark world is being revealed slowly, and I can’t wait
it seems like it’s going to be dark but not edgy
the lead tends not to take his moral decisions lightly

The grammar is alright, it’s light, and it gets the job done
I think it will be more than good enough for everyone
it feels written by someone with some experience 
and so far it all flows well and everything makes sense

The style is fairly simple, it’s straightforward in a way
the action sometimes feels like a narrative play-by-play
I like it though, it’s smooth and has a slightly darker tone
the author seems to have a style that’s theirs and theirs alone

Overall this is a solid start to a great book
it starts off quite standard but it has a nice dark hook
when consequences for the choices made come into play
we’ll be in for many a dark and exciting day


Well written, easy to follow and picture, the world building is interesting and magic system so far is solid. Not 100% sure how I feel about any of the characters yet because how few chapters there are but mc is alright so far his friends are easily hateable and look to be little shits anyway his family is a gem and unless this has a twist where it's not power that's evil bit evil people with power. I'm hopeful our mc is is just a good guy with edge lord power. Looking forward to see where the story develops 


a awesome book the story is just amazing really looking forward to it i only have one thing that i would like to really comment about to make the story better. I feel like his friends turned on him to easily I can understand rufus because it looks like there was some tension before hand but it feels like laurels character turned from quite ranger girl whos friends with him to a sadistic evil woman without a warning so could you please keep her evil but add a backstory to why and i am really interested of how the priest is going to act when she finds out about the necro but this is just in my opinion id rather prefer theyed not become companions i would like to see how the necro manages without everybody where he maybe has a mental breakdown maybe becomes evil but i want him to face it alone maybe with some henchmen coming out stronger than ever i dont want him to just have a lover and a shoulder to cry on every time something gets tougth

also  on what  days do you post



Best Stuff Ive seen on this Site for a while.

Reviewed at: Chapter 11 - Sleeping

Great Story so far, I binged it instantly and really recommend it.

Normally, I dont write reviews but I wanna push this a little because I liked it so much.

Just drop Chrysalis and focus on this Gem lol.

Jk, but I really need more of this, why couldnt I find it until like 50 Chapters are out smh.

Keep up the great work and for the love of the Dark Ones, The Scarlet Court and the Abyss, dont Drop this and push up the release rate to 2 Chaps a week!


This already has such an awesome start! I'm in love with the detailed class system and fantasy setting. The story has in it what you'd want from a protagonist in this situation. It's always great when the author has a sense of story logic that excites the reader instead of causing confusion or eye rolls. Looking forward to every chapter from now on!


At the time of writing this review, this story is just two chapters long, but already engaging. The author is experienced, and it shows in the world and character building, creating a captivating story from the moment the first sentdnce starts.

The main character is shown in a tightly knit society, with friends and family abound, when he's graced with a "deadly" class and what I suspect with a lovecraftian class.

I'm very curious on how thisstory will pan out.


If you've read the ant one, you'll know that quality and quantity are both present to the extreme, and this one's shaping up to be the same. I'm excited to see where it's going to go, and it's only been 4 chapters. Pick it up, give it a read, good story so far. 

anders bjorkman

Chrystalis tone lost me after a while. This story however is very much in my wheelhouse. Litrpg but with some meaty initial setting and the character being born there. Nice and detailed without a constant showering with system-rewards out of nowhere or a massive boost in contrast with the surroundings.

It is early on but it's looking very promising so far.