Tori Transmigrated

Tori Transmigrated

by Aila Aurie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The last thing 40-year-old project manager Tori Felix remembered was scrolling through a wiki article about a dating sim game franchise while on the shinkansen.  Then she was hurled forward to the sound of metal creaking, the smell of smoke, and was knocked out.

When Tori woke, she was in a lavish four poster bed with a splitting headache and in the bruised teenage body of a Marquis' arrogant daughter from the popular dating sim "The Romance of Soleil".   

Problem #1:  There is a possibility she's dead in her world.  This meant she couldn't meet up with her friends.  Also, her tickets to Universal Studios were useless now.

Problem #2:  This body may be young, but weaker than her original.  And where were her boobs?

Lastly, Problem #3: She now inhabited the body of Victoria de Guevera; the villainess of "The Romance of Soleil" whose final ending, according to the wiki article, was a violent death at the hands of sex slavers.  

With just a few weeks before the heroine and the villainess collide, there is no time for an existential crisis.  Tori took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and whispered her personal mantra: 

"Assess the situation, then make a plan of action.  You don't want to die like a b-tch."

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Aila Aurie

Aila Aurie

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Table of Contents
186 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Tickets Were Useless Now ago
Chapter 2: Jack of All Trades ago
Chapter 3: A Brush With Death Can Change a Person ago
Chapter 4: Were They Walking in Slow Motion? ago
Chapter 5: Victoria, You Stupid B-tch ago
Chapter 6: Never Trust a Career Politician ago
Chapter 7: Prison Rules ago
Chapter 8: Sorry, I Thought You Were a Mugger ago
Chapter 9: Doing Anything Was Better Than Doing Nothing ago
Chapter 10: She Just Hit the Jackpot ago
Chapter 11: Underdogs With Money     ago
Chapter 12: The Protagonist and Her Harem ago
Chapter 13: Hunger is the Best Seasoning ago
Chapter 14: Each New Person was an Unwanted Responsibility ago
Chapter 15:  Does Your Brother Know? ago
Chapter 16: This is Already Polite ago
Chapter 17: Not a Genius, Just Vindictive ago
Chapter 18: Trial By Combat ago
Chapter 19: Feed Off Enemy Tears ago
Chapter 20: Let the Horrible Revelation Sink In ago
Chapter 21: The Vandal is Your Friend? ago
Chapter 22: No Oversight is How People Die ago
Chapter 23: Get to Know Me a Bit Better ago
Chapter 24: We’re Mutual Enemies ago
Chapter 25: Could Almost Kill for a Good Burrito ago
Chapter 26: This Has Been a Depressing Day ago
Chapter 27: A Chat With Swords Next Time ago
Chapter 28: Due to an Old Wrist Injury ago
Chapter 29: You Piece of Sh-t World ago
Chapter 30: Her Own Personal Supervillain Lair ago
Chapter 31: An Increase In Allowance ago
Chapter 32: Playing God and Making Terrible Mistakes ago
Chapter 33: I'm Sorry To Disappoint You ago
Chapter 34: A Bit Too Smooth ago
Chapter 35: Trust Me, This is Perfectly Safe ago
Chapter 36: A Strategic Move For His Succession ago
Chapter 37: Because I Want to Live ago
Chapter 38: As Naturally as Breathing ago
Chapter 39: Don’t Embarrass Us   ago
Chapter 40: Let’s Not Judge          ago
Chapter 41: Having Friends in High Places Was Very Beneficial ago
Chapter 42: Stabbing Someone Was a Very Intimate Act ago
Chapter 43: I Was Told There Would Be a Sea Dragon ago
Chapter 44: That’s a Stupid Reason to Get Drunk ago
Chapter 45: Her Beloved Nanny Abandoned Her ago
Chapter 46: So We're Name Dropping ago
Chapter 47: Joke's On You ago
Chapter 48: Their Story Checked Out ago
Chapter 49: How Dramatic Could She Make This Inevitable Confrontation ago
Chapter 50: I'm Sowing Discord ago
Chapter 51: There is No Need For You to Marry ago
Chapter 52: No Reason for Us to be Detained ago
Chapter 53: As If The Woman Had Escaped ago
Chapter 54: The Ice Queen from Lycée ago
Chapter 55: Does Your Mom Know Your Plan? ago
Chapter 56: He's a Grown Man ago
Chapter 57: Some People Seem to Want and Need a Romantic Relationship ago
Chapter 58: Silently Asking If He Believed It ago
Chapter 59: We Won’t Be Doing That ago
Chapter 60: Don't Listen to His Negativity ago
Chapter 61: This is Some Fairy Tale Sh*t ago
Chapter 62: We Cannot Let Him Become Distracted ago
Chapter 63: You Told Me You Loved Me ago
Chapter 64: Flip It ago
Chapter 65: You Kids Want a Tour? ago
Chapter 66: It’s as If He Doesn’t Want to Go Home ago
Chapter 67: I Enjoy a Good Challenge Every Now and Then ago
Chapter 68: Where Do You Get the Audacity ago
Chapter 69: Nice ago
Chapter 70: Push Aiden Into the Well ago
Chapter 71: In the Face ago
Chapter 72: Hiding Like We’re Criminals ago
Chapter 73: Your Mother Called Me ago
Chapter 74: Go, Or I'll Stab You ago
Chapter 75: This is Unbefitting For a Prince ago
Chapter 76: I Call it the Army of the Undead ago
Chapter 77: Do You Want a Hug ago
Chapter 78: I Don't Want to Lose You ago
Chapter 79: Do What You Want, But Know What You're Doing ago
Chapter 80: It Gets Weird ago
Chapter 81: Good Job ago
Chapter 82: You Were Meant to Come Here ago
Chapter 83: Holy Sh*t, I'm a Crystal Fanatic ago
Chapter 84: A Mask Will Not Stop This ago
Chapter 85: Piers - The Enabler ago
Chapter 86: Do You Want to Come or Not ago
Chapter 87: Let Us Make a Gentleman's Wager ago
Chapter 88: I Am Not Disgusted By You ago
Chapter 89: You'll Never Be a Good Leader ago
Chapter 90: Do You Feel Any Discomfort? ago
Chapter 91: Am I the Murderer ago
Chapter 92: You...Dropped Your Pinecones ago
Chapter 93: As If It Had Personally Wronged Him ago
Chapter 94: Surprised By His Beauty ago
Chapter 95: Not Conducive to Our Fun ago
Chapter 96: Join the Naval Academy ago
Chapter 97: It Didn’t Taste as Sweet ago
Chapter 98: This Isn't What It Looks Like ago
Chapter 99: In Front of My Cake ago
Chapter 100: Okay, You Two Have Fun ago
Chapter 101: Rip Off the Bandage ago
Chapter 102: I Found Them ago
Chapter 103: Not as Important as the Animals ago
Chapter 104: I Know What a Tiger Is ago
Chapter 105: I Do Not Need This Right Now ago
Chapter 106: That's Not a Good Sign ago
Chapter 107: When Did I Retract It? ago
Chapter 108: I’m Suspicious ago
Chapter 109: He's Too Old For You ago
Chapter 110: There Are Plays That Make More Sense ago
Chapter 111: Tell Me Who Hurt You ago
Chapter 112: Why'd You Provoke Him ago
Chapter 113: Countess of Cosora ago
Chapter 114: I'm Tired of Life ago
Chapter 115: She Would Exploit the System ago
Chapter 116: He Targeted Me First ago
Chapter 117: Nothing I Say Will Stop You ago
Chapter 118: Responsibility is Overrated ago
Chapter 119: And They Were Wrong ago
Chapter 120: Live in Constant Fear ago
Chapter 121: Portrait of What His Family Could’ve Been ago
Chapter 122: Dashing Good Looks ago
Chapter 123: The Marches Have a Deep History of Pettiness ago
Chapter 124: As If She Were a Bond Villain ago
Chapter 125: So Much For Stopping a Spectacle ago
Chapter 126: Slaughtering His Way Through the Forest ago
Chapter 127: The Decency to Look Guilty ago
Chapter 128: I'm Going to Call Mother ago
Chapter 129: The Empress was Crying ago
Chapter 130: I Know How Crazy This Sounds ago
Chapter 131: Axton's Lips Are Thin and Chapped ago
Chapter 132: A Solid Villainess Move ago
Chapter 133: Do You Blame Alessa ago
Chapter 134: Every Day I Suffer ago
Chapter 135: It Was Non-Refundable ago
Chapter 136: Don't Hesitate to Exploit Him ago
Chapter 137: Don't Blame Me Because You Got Caught ago
Chapter 138: It's Not My Fault You Were Useless ago
Chapter 139: I Really Don't Blame Her ago
Chapter 140: Oh, Crap This is My Fault ago
Chapter 141: Potato - One. Alessa and Fabian - Zero. ago
Chapter 142: You Should Go and Comfort Him ago
Chapter 143: Rest Assured If I Do, It Won’t Kill You ago
Chapter 144: Destabilizing the Opposition Was an Important ago
Chapter 145: Access to the Toxicology Vault ago
Chapter 146: Take Me to the Vault ago
Chapter 147: The One Who Dumped You Last Summer ago
Chapter 148: I Will Wait ago
Chapter 149: I Ask You to Forgive Me ago
Chapter 150: Isekai - The World-Hopping Game ago
Chapter 151: A Shrew at the Marketplace ago
Chapter 152: Thank You For Your Generous Donation ago
Chapter 153: But Not Her Ilyana ago
Chapter 154: She Has Crystal Fatigue; She's Not Dead ago
Chapter 155: Living With Piers Has Made Him Rebellious ago
Chapter 156: There Was No Plan ago
Chapter 157: Take the Damn Carriage ago
Chapter 158: You Can Yell My Name ago
Chapter 159: Ew. Ew. Ew. ago
Chapter 160: Trouble in Paradise ago
Chapter 161: He Should Be Hiding From Me ago
Chatper 162: Attracts Attention Like Flies to Horse Dung ago
Chapter 163: Besmirching ago
Chapter 164: Life Is So Hard ago
Chapter 165: When He's Excited, I Get Nervous ago
Chapter 166: You're the Cause of My Stress ago
Chapter 167: Animals Are Better Than People ago
Chapter 168: Mine's Still Better ago
Chapter 169: You Don't Go to This School ago
Chapter 170: Die, Pinecones! ago
Chapter 171: Don't Worry, Mommy ago
Chapter 172: I'm Sorry I'm Late ago
Chapter 173: This is a Sack of Rice ago
Chapter 174: Dig His Own Grave and Then Backflip Into It ago
Chapter 175: A Long and Storied Life ago
Chapter 176: Size Does Matter ago
Chapter 177: An Unforeseen Sense of Crisis ago
Chapter 178: As Beautiful as Fiona's Rooster ago
Chapter 179: Don't Want To Be a Necromancer ago
Chapter 180: I Can't Have Nice Things ago
Chapter 181: Maybe They Would Offer Him Potato Chips, Too ago
Chapter 182: I Took Matters Into My Own Hands ago
Chapter 183: Disturbance in the Force ago
Chapter 184: Did Marquis Guevera Approve of This ago
Chapter 185: Now Who's Crazy ago
Chapter 186: You're Not Supposed to Be Here ago

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This is a story with a fantastic hook and opening arc. Tori operating as an underdog, dealing with a number of setbacks out of her control and trying desperately to claw her way out of issues is all well-written and often tense. Unfortunately all the tension and drama completely drains out of the story and we're eventually left with the most intolerable isekai tropes as we get chapter after chapter of our main character wowing the world by inventing burritos, ice cream and board games which are just inexplicably universally popular.

There's also a bit of an ugly thing where Tori is not allowed to be wrong or incorrect about anything. This isn't as much of an issue when she's fighting against the kind of external conflict the early part of the story set up, but as the conflict has moved more and more to banal interpersonal issues between her and her friends and allies its become a really weird kind of polemic on friendships and relationships in general. A lot of people dropped the story around Chapter 57 when the author confirmed that Tori would be aromantic. Personally I thought it was being set up as the big way to drive conflict in the future as she would be forced to war with societal expectations and issues communicating with those around her who wouldn't understand. Instead it becomes not only a non-issue, but one in an absolutely bizarre way where Tori is constantly placing herself in situations that she knows will read as romantic to people interested in her and leading them on (up to and including kissing them or sleeping in the same bed) and then gets to moralize about how actually they are idiots for believing that romantic intimacy exists or is separate from familial or friendship intimacy. And no one actually challenges her or calls her on it, she never faces any consequences when she acts out of step with societal expectations and in fact most characters who act as their society demand they 'should' are shown apologizing or bending over backwards to accomodate her.

We're at the point now where I can't actually tell what the central conflict of the story is anymore. The original 'Villainess v Heroine' has been so thoroughly defanged at this point that its a complete joke, the last 'win' we got from the Heroine Alessa was almost 2/3rds of the story ago and since then she has repeatedly failed or lost face in every way. Like there was a baking challenge recently that ended up featuring Tori vs Alessa and made sure to remind us that Tori was a fairly novice baker especially because she's split her focus among a dozen disciplines in the story while Alessa has supposedly been a member of the baking club and good at it for years. Tori wins of course because Alessa can no longer mount even the most minor challenge or cause a momentary setback even in a completely meaningless contest where she should have by all rights won.

And its still difficult because there are some glimmers of a good story still buried in here. Any time we get a POV from another character the quality of the story improves dramatically. Similarly when we manage to leave behind the absolutely incessent 'and then Tori invents yet another thing everyone else loves!' wish fulfillment and get actual slice of life chapters where she interacts with people it can be fun as well. 


This is quite a hard story to review, the template is your classic reincarnated as a villiainess sublot. We follow Tori who initially is spending time distancing herself from her bodys previous bratty actions, meanwhile she has to condend with the Alessa and her love interest Harem.

In General this is quite a fun slice of life style story, however the cracks are begginging to form in the narrative. What the story does well is introduce a fairly good ensamble cast of charactes and lets them get into fairly low stakes entertaining hijinks. If you want a story that is fairly low maintenance and an easy read this is for you.

The issues tems from the direction the narrative has been taken. As a villianess story Tori fairly quickly overcomes any negatives that were previously attributed to her. She has wealth, a loving family, a strong friendship group and the backing of the crown prince so you never get the impression that she is ever in danger. 

There are no real stakes to her rivalry with the Harem so there is never any Drama which tends to be the crux of these Otome Game style stories. Not helped by the fact that the antogonists frequently have to act as if they have been labotomised in order to progres the narrative. In addition the author confirmed there will be no Romance in a recent authors note which feels very disingenuous given how much shipping bait they have been feeding the readers thoughout the whole story.

Since there is no Drama and tension and no Romance in the Otome Game all that you are left with is an above average slice of life. If that sounds up your alley then great, if you were hoping for more substance you may end up dissapointed. 


It's well written, if a bit meandering and losing steam recently. However the infamous author's note at the end of chapter 57 probably pushed me over the edge of caring. I'll likely try and binge a bunch once a handful of chapters have built up, but for now I'm taking a break.

It's... this is a story whose content, in some way, shape or form, is colored by romance and relationships. Like, literally everything from the setting, to the fundamental plot, to the main characters, are all informed by romance in some way.

I don't neccesarilly feel betrayed, just frustrated by what comes across as a very weird turn of events.

It would be like a character in a superhero setting with tons of action and adventure suddenly came out and stated they don't want anything to do with heroics after 57 chapters of training and fighting. Like, sure, it's kind of, maybe, intellectually interesting for a main character in an action genre to be a huge pacifist, but not when it not only removes the largest source of tension, drama and excitement, but is suddenly revealed 55+ chapters in.


EDIT: after 1XX chapters, Tori became the must Mary Sue character I ever saw.

She saved some guys, but temporarily lost the ability to move. Everyone is treating her as she would never walk again and as if it was the worst thing which happened... Her brother almost bled to death to save the same guys and is a fighter, this wound could damage his abilities for ever, it's barelly mentionned by the other characters (unless it's to harass the brother...).

WHY losing the ability to walk for a few weeks is such a big deal even for outsiders ??? Her problem has less consequences than breaking a leg !!! If at least it lasted an unknow time I could understand, but no...

The world is revolving around her, more and more. This is only an example. 

 It's incredibly frustrating to see a great story falling into the most obvious trap. Perfect characters aren't perfect, they are empty, alien.

I am conflicted on this story.

It was probably one of the story I enjoyed the most, but the writter made questionnable choices.

It's incredibly well written, characters are likable,... Everything was almost perfect at the start.


The writter spoiled is own story... Since early chapters it was often done, like "don't worry, everything will be alright" and it wasn't a problem because "the journey hold more importance than the destination".

But it changed when it was revealed the main character won't have a romantic relationship (because she doesn't want to), and the story is a LOT about the "romance" and flirting at the moment...
It's like reading chapter after chapter of a training arc for a character, while knowing he will NEVER fight. What the point ? It's empty, bland.

The "journey" is pointless (at least the 20ish/67 chapters almost entirely  focusing on the people interested in Tori), and it make the MC look bad, when some characters are obviously helping her more than they should because they are completly lovestruck and she doesn't even reject their obvious feelings.

I want to be clear, the problem isn't the "not a love story", which is a interesting choice (for the story, and the character). It's to spoil it. 

Also, after this event, when I wasn't as much invested in the story, something else was made clear to me.

The story is the exact thing the genre is parodying: a perfect character surrounded by love interests and friends. Tori could have been reincarnated as the heroine instead of the vilainess, it wouldn't change a lot because it's used only for the very beginning of the story (and amuslingly in the same way as the commoner origin of the heroine are used in a lot of these stories).

Not a bad thing in itself, it's just make it similar to a thousand others, when some little changes could have make it unique.

But it's still a great story, when it doesn't come close to anything related to love relationships.

Folded Corner

It's well written story, but the MC is just.. good at everything. She has no real challenge both emotionally, physically, and financially.

I really liked the beginning where regardless of how she acts, the love interests are always out to get her. It's down-right suspicious how out-of-character some of them react towards her, as it will often contradict their own personality. I was curious as to what's really going on here. Then the story got kind of same-y, and it felt like a never ending "school arc".

When she finally comes out to her family about the situation she's dealing with, that's when I started to dislike it. Now she has the backing of powerful nobles. It feels like a 40-year power-tripping among teenagers, it's just weird.

On another note, the author revealed the character is aromantic. I don't care either way, because I think it's quiet creepy for a 40 year old (in a 14 year old's body!) to be with a 18 year old.


Started strong and often has a rocky road.

Reviewed at: Chapter 153: But Not Her Ilyana

:This has an addition at the end with spoilers to note the rating increase. 

This story falls into the trap that many Royal Road stories do; once they set the stage for something interesting and have a great first act the plot shifts and stalls, becoming something boring and/or fairly terrible in short order.  

I am sad this story turned out so plain and frankly bad so quickly after achieving a great story set in an amusing world.

This story absolutely give you a smart character that is up against the clock to change her fate now that she has become one with the villainous Victoria. This is quite the hook.  This is also the last serious problem Tori will have to overcome. 

From early on you find out seemingly young Tori has every advantage.   She knows who her antagonists are even before she meets them, she is fabulously wealthy, powerful, and loved by her family.  Her new family are some of the smartest most powerful people in the nation with deep ties to nearly every other powerful family in the nation. She is also a master of the sword, and a business woman with decades of high level dealings that put her on par with much older Nobles of vast houses.

It is fun to watch Tori steamroll her opponents once she gets on her feet.  After she is established though the story takes a nose dive.  Opponents consume stupid pills making them make horrible decisions that could destroy their businesses and families.  Nearly every attack against her is a childish tantrum that somehow turns off the brains of the adults involved.

The problems her enemies feel is not the real issue though.  It is how Tori acts with her friends and family that is where the story falls apart.

Tori uses her families wealth and power more than their love and smarts.  She gains a position of seemingly romantic nature with an important character with people issues so severe she is one of only two people that can touch him, and she manipulates him into essentially tuning himself into her personal wall flower, always there for her and designing his entire life around her just coming to visit him in the future when she feels like it.  She is in high school at this point and he has essentially entered into a exclusivity contract with her as the sole beneficiary.

Oh and the only other person that can even touch this character had the Nerve to ask her to be careful with this person. 

What was Tori's response? 

She insulted him, threatened to stab him then had weeks of infantile silent treatment to force him to apologize for asking her not to hurt his adopted brother.  The Nerve of him to stand up for those closest to him.  The Nerve.

She also had off page story "reasons" for her horrible behavior and garbage reasons.  She had been having secret talks with this emotionally damaged person and he knew how she felt and supported her when she would string him along complicating his entire future for the sake of someone he could actually talk to. That is all.  It was a misunderstanding that must be punished by threats and emotional manipulation. 

I will not recommend this story and do not have any intent of continuing. 

Edit.  I did a catch up as most of my active stories too a break.... spring break I guess.

So anyway in getting more current I noticed an infuriating bit of mental gymnastics the author writes for the character above that was threatened by the MC.

The author wrote a little bit of fluff where that character literally mentally sighs in relief about the MC watching out for their "friend" that has the people issues.....  I guess the emotional manipulation worked.  Good job MC you managed to threaten a friend into being a brainwashed little follower instead of a unique character with their own worries. 

I say all that because literally nothing has changed other than the blatant and vile emotional manipulation that happened before.

After this is the edited review.  Everything above still stands for me.

So after catching up with the story and many ups and downs I am raising my review.  In some ways I am not sure I should but it has reached a point where the characters and story have been expanded up to the point where we even see that Victoria the replaced alter Ego of Tori the MC has come more into the light.

The best parts of this story is pretty much every character other than Tori. 

Ilyana is shown to be fierce, loyal to the point of defending her best friend at her own cost, an event you see later but not in an expected way.  She is also pretty much the smartest person in any room she enters, and beautiful enough to shame women only as pretty as models.  What is not to like.

Piers is a Stud. He is on the spectrum for Autism and yet is by far the most reliable,  interesting,  and stand up dude you wish you knew.  He is really too good for all the manipulations of Tori but you can see his emotions toward her are genuine and Tori has earned them, if barely.

Tori's brothers are mostly caricatures of overprotective brothers that act very weird with Tori, but do have their reasons and I can respect them.  What I do not respect is to the levels they go to support dumb positions that Tori holds that are born off weirdly over protective yet absent when actually needed.

Axton is Great.  Steadfast, energetic, willing to fight with anyone for friends and family he could be the MC in his own story and I would read it.  A Duke at large, his mother the Duchess before him that was betrayed by his step-father.  Raised by a queen, a Knight of his own making, and brother in all but blood with a great Prince that should inherit an Empire.  He builds a business through his own smarts using money left him by his beloved mother.  Hell yes I would read that story!

JC, Sonia, Ewan, Henrik, Tori's parents, and many others are interesting in their own way and sometimes should see more of the center screen than they do.

The Vile Alessa and most of the love interests are absolutely hateful little spots but have enough different angles to their stories they are worth hating.

The Adults in this are brain dead Jenks that often make every wrong choice presented to them.  In fact were it not for the many bad decisions of the adults of this story much of the tension in the story would dissappear.   As plot hooks they are a bit bare and easy to hate.

Tori IA the problem with this story.  A 40 year old Manipulative loner in the body of a girl she does not understand has some very good points, is a quick thinker and quite driven.  Her attitude is one that is out of place with the setting, Manipulative, oddly passive, and often shows some stunning ingratitude.   Her opinions on romance are infantile and entirely self serving, which is very off putting and are at the heart of my most severe complaints. 

I hope this story continues to try and tighten up its narrative and shore up its weak parts.  

Thank you all for reading my bloated review. 


I liked the beginning of this story, but it let down a lot of it's potential. My main complaint is the Mary Sue MC who unfailingly has to occupy the moral high ground.

Style: The writing style flows well and is easy to read. It tends to ramble, and the author is including many more alternative POVs later on. That all would be fine, but reading repeated justifications for the MC's actions gets annoying. Usually the different POVs do little to move the story and are just outside validation of how awesome the MC is and how unfair any difficulties she is facing are. 

Story: The original otome game hangs over the MCs head, yet it seems to actually affect very little and no progress is made concerning it. It has a very inconsistent affect on the plot but so far mainly serves as a limiter for how much the MC allows herself and her posse to triumph over the antagonists. Instead, the story is more slice of life substories, which it does well at the beginning and then gets muddled as it goes, mixed in with a bunch of info dumps for world building or character backgrounds. There's also hints of romance later, but it is only implied through the main narration and validated through alternative POVs.

Grammar: I haven't noticed any grammar or spelling errors.

Characters: Since this is character-driven, the majority of the focus is here. 

The main con is it's antagonists. Like most otome villainess stories, the original heroine is surrounded by her amazing harem. The problem is that the MC's protagonist halo is so much stronger despite her own narration. The original harem are juxtaposed with the MCs personal ability or those of her OP family, roommate, or ML and are shown to be lacking in every way (including looks). Even if they are characterized as intelligent, friendly, or reasonable, they explicitly act unreasonably as far as the MC is concerned with the dubious justification of the original game affecting them. The original heroine is shown as ridiculous and ineffective herself.

The story's main pro is that all of its characters are interesting and distinct from one another. Most of the characters are all experts in their respective fields, but the MC does have some normal friends who still have individualism. Unfortunately, after the sub arc that introduces them, they kind of fade into the background. The MC's family and other friends are even more OP then the MC herself (although in other POVs the MC is validated to be their equal).

Lastly, the most important character of the MC. She is annoying. She starts off interesting, thrown into an otome game where the world is against her. She struggles and overcomes with her experience from her past life which was full of strangely applicable skills that she excelled at. The problem is that even when she overcomes the initial prejudice and changes everyone's opinion of her, she still whines that everything is stacked against her which is then validated through other POVs. She also self-describes as an introvert and repeatedly complains in her narration about not wanting to do all these extra things or social interactions, yet she always chooses to go above and beyond and surpasses everything that is thrown at her with flying colors, while doing a bunch of extra things amazingly too. If it is not her superb personal ability that triumphs, it ends up easily solved by her amazing network supported by the MCs wonderful social skills. The people around her are willing and more than capable of solving any of her problems, but she can usually solve them herself.

The author also has the annoying tendency to make sure the MC forever holds the moral high ground. It starts out mildly with the original villainess's past haunting her, but she fights through everyone's prejudice and discrimination with grace and forbearance. It gets worse though. The antagonists, as mentioned, are painted as ineffective and unreasonable. The few other people who don't like MC are also painted as unreasonable or bullies, and they inevitably end up on her side. The few things the MC does that could possibly be seen as not morally upright get justified several times in story through multiple people, and everyone ends up agreeing that MC is awesome. There's even a section that justifies the original villainess's personality with a tragic backstory and being a victim of bullying. 

Overall, this is a story of an unflappable MC who has the adoration of the elites and the masses, yet she still "suffers" from the world deciding she is a villainess and throwing insurmountable problems that she ends up surmounting. There isn't a strong central plot, and a huge amount of the writing is dedicated to food, world building, or justifying the MCs actions and awesomeness. The lackluster romance seems to be taking center stage, allowing the MC to soar up on her MLs wings to new heights. Although she'll probably end up complaining how she's always been afraid of heights, which really got in the way of her pilot training back in her original world that she was internationally ranked for.


Starts off as a promising western reboot of "similar" stories/anime, but quickly veers off into some weirdness where the author will show one thing, and then tell you the opposite.

Like so many reincarnation stories, the MC behaves with a maturity more consistent with their physical age (14) than their actual age (40+). In most stories here, that wouldn't be much of an issue, but in this story, its a very big issue.

There is this weird gap where the character regularly goes on dates, chases off potential suitors for "her man" and is even introduced as a couple the first time "meeting the parents", but refuses to accept the label of a relationship because the author doesn't recognize the existence of non-sexual intimacy.

That same weirdness gap happens when her mother refuses to discuss her relationship and marriage with her, because marriage could only result in unhappiness... but has no trouble discussing sex with her. This conflicts with what we're shown of the society, where some manner of discussion about her very public, very intimate, and very frequent relationship with royalty would have taken place to clear up any misunderstandings and stop her from interfering with potential suitors if she *wasn't* going to be one herself. As the story itself states, these misunderstandings lead to war.



A very misleading blurb for a solid slice-of-life

Reviewed at: Chapter 110: There Are Plays That Make More Sense

Tori Transmigrated (TT) is an odd one for me; barring some problems with the protagonist's characterisation and some of her friends, the setup for a fantastic villainess isekai story is all right there, right from the start! The villains are amazing, the worldbuilding is rock-solid, the families surrounding the villains and the protagonists are well-written, there's great chemistry between Tori and other characters, the first few chapters rachet up the tension, building so much scope for good storytelling, and then... it goes nowhere.

What one realises is that the tags and blurb are highly misleading. This is not an adventure story, it's not really a comedy, and, after the first twenty or thirty chapters, it's not really a 'reborn as the villainess' story either. The isekai elements, all the setup and promises, become window dressing for a competently written slice-of-life about a young noble girl who excels at everything she does, cooks Earth foods for and plays DnD with her friends, and messes around with crystal magics, while occasionally fending off the villain. There were hints of romance for a while, but the author has explicitly ruled out any serious developments on that front.

To sum up, it's an easy, unconfronting read devoid of serious stakes; honestly, it's pleasant to follow along with, but it's also very much not what was promised, and a real let-down from what it could've been, hence the low rating.

I'll go into more depth below.

To begin with, this story is written very well. The grammar is on-point, the tenses are ironclad, and I can't remember any typos off the top of my head. If there are any, I believe they are remedied very quickly. I also can't fault the author's style, it's effective, clear, and concise. My one qualm is that it could afford to be more adventurous IMO, but that, admittedly, could be put down to personal preferences (what's wrong with a bit of poetry in your prose???).

Now, to the meat of it. There's not much to say about the story, but that's really because there isn't much of one. In terms of narrative arcs, there are many, many distinct minor arcs that quickly emerge and are equally quickly resolved. They include the better earlier conflicts (the camping trip, the Lion's Gate opening, the first fight with Fabian, the handing out of the Lycee projects) and the later less engaging ones (Fabian getting punched and the ensuing second fight, Alessa spreading rumours, the attempt to cut down Tori's Lycee funds, etc.). While this is typical of slice-of-life stories, in this case it's a serious detriment to TT, especially so since these minor arcs are in-and-of-themselves not satisfying.

I would argue this is because they are too minor; up until the most recent mini-arc, i.e. the Kidnapping Arc, the author made it clear in Ch. 101 that they had always intended to set-up, carry out, and resolve all prior conflicts within three chapters. Given the relatively short length of the chapters, that is ridiculous. As a result of this methodology, TT is devoid of any real narrative tension. There are no stakes in the long run for Tori whatsoever; her fears of dying to Alessa and her harem are clearly unfounded, because every prior confrontation was very quickly resolved in Tori's favour. Since the camping trip, Tori has not outright lost to Alessa a single time.

This extends beyond conflics with Alessa however. Any time Tori gets into a fight or any sort of conflict or dangerous situation (typically at the very end of a chapter), it is often resolved at the very beginning of the next chapter. Some more recent examples can be seen in Chapters: 73-74, 75-76, 83-84, 89-90, 97-98. In each case, a new conflict emerged at the end of the first chapter, and was quickly, sometimes immediately, resolved in the next. There are more examples earlier on also, including Tori's arguments with Axton and with Piers.

Therefore the only tension that exists for the reader is the tension created by the wait for the next chapter following these reocurring cliffs, not in the story itself. IMO this is not good writing. Narrative tension should emerge from the story itself, not solely from the wait forced on readers by a serial format. It's also a shame because all of the foundations for a longer arc were there at the beginning, it would just require that these mini-arcs be extended, or go unresolved for a time, or feed into another larger arc, or that Tori actually lose.

However, Tori losing is not something that happens. Barring the camping trip, as mentioned previously, and arguably the most recent kidnapping event, with Tori temporarily suffering waist-down paralysis, Tori comes out on top in everything she sets her mind to. She is consistently in the top ten at her school, every business idea is a success, she wins in physical fights with Fabian or the Empress and emotional/mental ones with Axton, Piers, and her family, and she is adored by everyone except Alessa & co. One might argue this is simply because Tori is ridiculously overqualified, given that she was previously a corporate powerhouse with a ridiculous number of hobbies. However, this assessment doesn't bear out in full when assessing Tori's character.

She clearly has the capability of the powerhouse she was in her previous life. However she does not have the personality, or at least she does not anymore. In the earlier chapters, Tori's maturity and difficulty relating to her peers as equals was evident, and that made sense. However, as time has gone on, Tori has regressed. This also makes sense. She gets into arguments with her family and friends, and acts incredibly immaturely when she does so. The most notable example of this is when Axton, in looking out for his friend who he is sworn to protect, insults Tori, albeit on grounds he was not at all aware were sensitive ones. Tori then proceeds to ignore Axton for weeks, and implicitly forces her friends (who are also Axton's friends) to do the same. The issue is only resolved when Axton apologises without reservation, and Tori still provides no explanation. This is not the behaviour of a middle-aged woman as mature or levelheaded as Tori was implied to be. It is the behaviour of a child. So, is Tori the middle-aged powerhouse or the child? I would say the latter, but the author seems to switch between them as needed. The fact that Tori can seemingly do no wrong could be interesting if it was because she was actually assuming Alessa's powers as protagonist, but if that's not the case, then really it's just fuel for accusations that Tori is a Mary Sue.

As an aside, from a Doylist perspective Tori's aromanticism is a very strange authorial decision. It removes the potential for an overarching romantic narrative between Piers and Tori that the author seemingly accidentally nurtured before gutting it via extra-textual WoG. It also removes any potential for conflict within Tori herself over the feelings she might've developed towards Piers or others and what she thought of those feelings as a middle-aged woman on the inside of a teenage girl's body. Instead, we're left with a protagonist devoid of romantic sentiment, who nonetheless engages in behaviour I (and others, judging by the comments) would say is romantic in nature. It's a bit of a having cake and eat it situation. Anyway.

To finish off, I'd like to say that I keep reading this story for the characters. Not Tori, but everyone else. I think Alessa and her harem are all written and characterised wonderfully well, they make for top-tier hateable antagonists. Alessa in particular is great, her innocent schtick continues to stand up, and had the audience guessing for, what, 70 or 80 chapters? I love how she interacts with the harem as well, the way they turn into mindless guard dogs is delightfully frustrating. The families surrounding Tori, the princes, and the antagonists are also very well done. Tori's family is overbearing but incredibly endearing; there's some delicious conflict in Alessa and Montan's/Axton's backgrounds in particular; Tori's friends, Constantine and Ilyana in particular, are wonderfully supportive, though I do wish they had more distinct voices, as Ewan, Albert, and Henrik (?) blend together somewhat. 

I do think it's a shame the author decided this was their format of choice. I understand the appeal of reading and, indeed, of writing a slice-of-life, but the material that was set out for this story would have been utilised so well by a more traditional narrative that it leaves me disappointed every time a new arc comes up that is then immediately resolved. I thought the kidnapping arc was the best thing to happen to TT in the last sixty chapters, so I hope we see some more extended conflict like that in the future.


Updated review: It has been long since I thoughy I should update the review, but today was the turning point. The characters are too overwhelmingly skewed. You have the MC who occupies the moral high ground in each and every situation, the antagonists are all incompetent in everything they do, the family members who in one single chapter went from loving to overbearing totally out of character. The noble students of the academy who believs every rumour and spreads it knowing MC is favoured daughter of one of the most powerful people in the empire? And MC convincing them with facts and logic? Too much. The MC who is a Mary Sue and is just bland. She had evrything under the sky, family, status, management skills, martial arts, intellectual skills... There just isnt any further growth. And author too confirmed that there wont be any. The grammar is great. The pacing has become slower and it seems like a charade to add bring characteristics of the MC to light. Show don't tell miraculously disappears. The language seems more modern for a supposed medieval era and there has been no change.


Old review: The fiction is really good, the background of the MC shines through and it's not a fresh slate with new ideas. She has experience and the experience is utilised well. I only fear if she will become a Mary Sue somewhere along the line, hope the talents of the others will show itself soon. The grammar is excellent so is the pacing. The MCs character is really well done and the others currently have a brief sketch which is open to more development in the future. The world building is ok, though can be detailed. It doesn't come into the story much, but setting a good background would have been nice. Noble court politics have been mostly ignored for a more democratic setting which can be seen as a flaw. The prose can also be better, the vernacular seems more modern for the time period the story is set in.