Tori Transmigrated

Tori Transmigrated

by Aila Aurie

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

The last thing 40-year-old project manager Tori Felix remembered was scrolling through a wiki article about a dating sim game franchise while on the shinkansen.  Then she was hurled forward to the sound of metal creaking, the smell of smoke, and was knocked out.

When Tori woke, she was in a lavish four poster bed with a splitting headache and in the bruised teenage body of a Marquis' arrogant daughter from the popular dating sim "The Romance of Soleil".   

Problem #1:  There is a possibility she's dead in her world.  This meant she couldn't meet up with her friends.  Also, her tickets to Universal Studios were useless now.

Problem #2:  This body may be young, but weaker than her original.  And where were her boobs?

Lastly, Problem #3: She now inhabited the body of Victoria de Guevera; the villainess of "The Romance of Soleil" whose final ending, according to the wiki article, was a violent death at the hands of sex slavers.  

With just a few weeks before the heroine and the villainess collide, there is no time for an existential crisis.  Tori took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and whispered her personal mantra: 

"Assess the situation, then make a plan of action.  You don't want to die like a b-tch."

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Aila Aurie

Aila Aurie

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Tickets Were Useless Now ago
Chapter 2: Jack of All Trades ago
Chapter 3: A Brush With Death Can Change a Person ago
Chapter 4: Were They Walking in Slow Motion? ago
Chapter 5: Victoria, You Stupid B-tch ago
Chapter 6: Never Trust a Career Politician ago
Chapter 7: Prison Rules ago
Chapter 8: Sorry, I Thought You Were a Mugger ago
Chapter 9: Doing Anything Was Better Than Doing Nothing ago
Chapter 10: She Just Hit the Jackpot ago
Chapter 11: Underdogs With Money     ago
Chapter 12: The Protagonist and Her Harem ago
Chapter 13: Hunger is the Best Seasoning ago
Chapter 14: Each New Person was an Unwanted Responsibility ago
Chapter 15:  Does Your Brother Know? ago
Chapter 16: This is Already Polite ago
Chapter 17: Not a Genius, Just Vindictive ago
Chapter 18: Trial By Combat ago
Chapter 19: Feed Off Enemy Tears ago
Chapter 20: Let the Horrible Revelation Sink In ago
Chapter 21: The Vandal is Your Friend? ago
Chapter 22: No Oversight is How People Die ago
Chapter 23: Get to Know Me a Bit Better ago
Chapter 24: We’re Mutual Enemies ago
Chapter 25: Could Almost Kill for a Good Burrito ago
Chapter 26: This Has Been a Depressing Day ago
Chapter 27: A Chat With Swords Next Time ago
Chapter 28: Due to an Old Wrist Injury ago
Chapter 29: You Piece of Sh-t World ago
Chapter 30: Her Own Personal Supervillain Lair ago
Chapter 31: An Increase In Allowance ago

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I normally don't drop reviews as there's usually enough saying what I planned to say anyway, but here there only seem to be two and one is quite negative (and honestly doesn't make much sense) so I felt obliged.

Ive read a good number of these transmigrated villainess stories and I think this is quite a good start.  The world building is solid, the main character is thoughtful and smart (good planning), and the prose/grammar is - barring a few misspellings - quite good.

I think if the author can maintain the quality and release schedule (as these villainess stories always seem to be the ones where the author ghosts us readers), then it'll turn out to be quite a good showing for the genre.

If I had to point out one critique it would be some of the vernacular used by characters when they are speaking casually with one another. Particularly  the use of modern colloquialisms like "guys". It's not to the point that it's constant or overbearing, but every once in a while some phrasing will show up that takes me out of the story a little.


Very Well Done "Reborn as the Villainess" Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 11: Underdogs With Money    

This story does not appear to be revolutionizing the subgenre, but it does appear to be a very competently written entry into it. I find it highly entertaining.  It is good enough that it compelled me to write an advanced review quite early on in its run, which I do not typically do. I very eagerly await new chapters, and it has me F5-ing my follow list on days that they're scheduled.


I don't find anything particularly striking about the writing style. I can't pin down a distinctive author's voice like I could for, say, Hemmingway, JA Baker, or Lovecraft. It is, however, written cleanly and cohesively - phrasing isn't jarring or offputting, sentences and paragraphs flow clearly, and I find myself able to fall into reading and imagining it clearly. The one notable action scene so far is written well.


This has, so far, been a fairly standard "Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game" story. Main character is in an accident in both worlds, wakes up in the fantasy world as a noble, orients herself and goes to a school. There are capture targets she tries to avoid or deflect so that she can survive the experience. I am not extremely well read in the subgenre, but I've read a few of what I think are the more notable or influential ones (My Next Life As a Villainess, Duke's Daughter, A Self-Proclaimed Villainess, several others), and it does stand out a bit in that the main character is a reasonably grounded middle-aged project manager rather than a ditz or nerd. It is, so far, neither a depressing misery-fest nor a goofy harem comedy. The main character solves problems by being reasonable and adult about them, which is nice.


Absolutely no complaints about the grammar, it is top-tier. I have not spotted any mistakes which are jarring. No misspellings (although I'm sure they're there, I haven't seen any). A couple of questionable commas, but commas are hard and I haven't seen any that are definitely wrong.


Each character is distinct and has their own personality. This early, many are painted in broad strokes since there hasn't been much time to develop them, but the ones which have had that time and focus are not two-dimensional cardboard cutouts. The main character is a practical, level-headed adult without too much by the way of cheats, although she does have a few expertise from having lived as an adult in her previous life (she is very good at swordfighting, for example). I enjoy the main character's personality and approach to problems.


If you like "Reincarnated Villainess" stories and don't need it to have a whacky gimmick or shocking twist, then read it, it's good! Really really good!


This is a wonderful story. We get an intelligent and confident MC who is desperately trying to avoid death flags and the protagonist with her reverse harem of badly behaved goons. The characterization of both the MC, her friends, her family and the antagonists is wonderfully done. The characters feel realistic for who they are and their backgrounds. This story has also had me cackling several times from the antics of the cast. The world is well done so far, we haven't seen too much of it as we learn about it as the MC does. 


The story does really draw you in and you feel yourself rooting for the MC and honestly irritated at the antagonists. They're well written in that you can't help but want to whack them all with a stick! 


It really is a wonderful story and I'm very excited to see how Toris tale will unfold!


This story is similar to the typical villainess trope with the main character as this.

It is not ridiculously original but it is extremly well written. The characters and the dialogue are all written well with no details or anything really annoying you.

I find this story also helps you care about the small details and actuals interests me in that way. Like there is a journey as apart of a school thing and the details about how the protagnist gathers supplies and deals with roadblocks is really good.

I also think the main character is the best part of the story as tori is just entertaining to read about and a likeable character.

Theres also the typically annoying and pretentious group in this story and this is done well. The people are just done well enough to hate them and be annoyed at them but you are never annoyed at the story which is hard to balance and this novel does this well.

Everything seems realistic and nothing every really takes me out of the world the author has built which is a high point in this storys favor so far.

I am desperate for new chapters and i would really say to give this story a chance.


The heroine is reincarnated in the body of a villainess with the usual capture targets, and she has to contend with her incarnation's terrible reputation. Fortunately for her, Victoria Felix has a rather OP power: two decades of experience in project management.
This novel is served by an impeccable prose and interesting story, but it is the characters that make it exceptional, so read and find out what true leadership looks like. 


For starting this on a whim, I wound up way more invested than I would have predicted. The premise is simple, a comfortable, competent, and well-lived woman finds herself dropped into the role of a villainess with little more than a wiki overview and a lifetime of experience to draw from. And, it's smooth. Starting with the singular goal of 'do not be sold into sex slavery' there's a slow but stable progression as a far more practical and good-natured soul works to find their feet. It's a low-stakes slice-of-life, but it's great for it.

Style: Clear and concise, the paragraphs flow well and avoid confusing structure. Perspective jumps around a little bit but is pretty consistent in that we only see Tori's thoughts and just occasionally pull back to a broader 3rd person that's outside her view.

Grammar: Very solid. One or two errors, but otherwise pristine. Very nice to see.

Story: Straightforward, but well-woven. The world is a pseudo-medieval sort of low magic world and is focused around the pre-eminent school in the kingdom. Much of the world-building is slid into the background, with casual comments on inheriting heirs, minor bits of history, or snippets of conversation. It builds a solid foundation and thoroughly supports the otherwise minor push of the plot. There's no rush to see the MC tangled up in deadly drama or teenage grudges because it's such a subtle pleasure to just see her interact with new friends and explore the new world. That's not to say that there is no progression or tension, but the slice-of-life aspect is both prominent and satisfyingly fleshed out. It's early, but so far the story has been steady and satisfying to read.

Characters: Bit of a shine here, I'm a huge fan of the protagonist Tori. That said, all of the characters are a treat. The family is endearingly doting, constantly worried about her well-being, and each trying to help in their own way. The side characters are both consistent and well presented, likable characters are likable, sketchy characters feel slightly off, and boy, the petty antagonists are genuinely frustrating. All of this is woven with the ever-looming threat of accidentally playing into her intended villainous role and winding up brutally dead. The protagonist herself captures that sort of middle-aged aunt energy, the kind that travels all over the world, commits to niche hobbies and just lives the most out of life. She's pleasant, smart, and best of all, competent without the author dumbing down the competition. On top of that, she's an experienced adult that wants nothing to do with dying over a game protagonist's harem. It makes for a great perspective in that she just wants out and each interaction with the love interests is just that much more awkward knowing exactly what they're willing to do if she gets too far on their bad side. All in all, she's a pragmatic level-headed protagonist that's a pleasure to read.

Overall, this makes for a thoroughly solid slice-of-life with an experienced protagonist. Much of the early tension comes from 'what ifs' rather than direct pressure, but the short of it is that (assuming there isn't a dedicated following for reverse harem dating game isekai) those that don't mind a meandering ride in an enjoyable world will probably enjoy this best. Those that feel she should be eating the antagonist's faces would perhaps be better served by Isekai'd Shoggoth instead, which is now apparently one of two female-lead reverse harem dating sim villainess isekai that I follow.


Cant wait to see what will happen next

Reviewed at: Chapter 7: Prison Rules

I really like main character Tori. She is interesting, hard working heroine that wont give up against the odds.  Its interesting that she have loving family, I hope we will see more about them. Its funny that the most evil character so far is Prince Charming 😆 Cant wait to see what will happend next. 

Xian Piete

Well done! This is a very well-written story with characters that have depth. If you are a fan of Otome game iseki novels don't miss this one. Otome games use very simple trope-type characters in a very boring cliche world. Most of the things you see people complain about are these elements and yet this author was able to breathe life into that very two-dimensional world giving it depth making the insanity stand out.

The author addresses many of the flaws of this genre in a creative and easy to believe manner without relying on info dumps or excessive exposition. 

I look forward to reading more. 


A great example of what many of us are trawling through sites like this to find. It is absolutely worth a few hours of your time and one of those series you will want to keep apace with. 



The authors prose is generally easy to follow and logically placed so to not make reading it a chore or understanding difficult. I love the meatier chapters that don't leave me feeling like I'm being constantly drip fed. 


Generally great, i've picked up only a couple of spelling or syntax errors so far which is commendable in something that is already hundreds of pages long. As someone who is shit at profreading, I have to respect the dedication. 


Probably the weakest part, but by no means terrible, is some of the storytelling. I've not really read a villaness novel before but looking around there does seem to be a lot of common tropes to it inherant in similar novels. 

The background work and world building is great, not too much or too little. The author has crafted an interesting world that has left a lot of room for expansion as the story progresses. 

I can respect what the author is going for by keeping everything mostly light hearted with shorter story arcs. This does however lead to some interactions resolving or escalating a little too quickly which can sometimes feel a bit strange or unsatisfactory. A big positive is the lack of "chosen one" shennanigans and cheat powers but the social status and wealth of the protagonist makes most roadblocks laughable. 

The main plot is mostly standard for the genre from what I can gather but is executed quite well, I'm genuinely interested to see how things will turn out. 


The main character is generally likeable and easy to sympathise with. She's a bit too perfect for her newfound life though, It's hard to see her struggling with anything really with all the skills and smarts she amassed in her previous life. I get that part of the Isekai fantasy is using your previous experience to your advantage in your new circumstances, but she just seems a little well crafted for it. Might bother others a lot less than it does me though, just a personal preference. 

The supporting cast is also generally well crafted and play off each other satisfactorily. I really appreciate the effort the author went to to make them not all just orbit the main character, though I'd like to know more about them and why they think/act the way they do, particularly the antagonists. 


Quality fiction even with the generic plot

Reviewed at: Chapter 16: This is Already Polite

The fiction is really good, the background of the MC shines through and it's not a fresh slate with new ideas. She has experience and the experience is utilised well. I only fear if she will become a Mary Sue somewhere along the line, hope the talents of the others will show itself soon. The grammar is excellent so is the pacing. The MCs character is really well done and the others currently have a brief sketch which is open to more development in the future. The world building is ok, though can be detailed. It doesn't come into the story much, but setting a good background would have been nice. Noble court politics have been mostly ignored for a more democratic setting which can be seen as a flaw. The prose can also be better, the vernacular seems more modern for the time period the story is set in.

I hope the MC doesn't turn into a Mary Sur