Daughter of Light and Shadow

Daughter of Light and Shadow

by Barbara J Webb

Princess Guelida is haunted. She was born with the family curse-visions, of people, places, events that have come before. She's watched her father and sibling fall into these visions, overwhelmed, until they can no longer tell what's real and what isn't. It's only a matter of time before that happens to her.

Before losing herself, she wants to see her friends, her family, and her people safe. It isn't going to be easy. Ancient technologies that run their world are dying and no one know how to fix them. Her twin sister is surrendering to a political marriage to end a centuries long war they can no longer afford to fight. Worst of all, the planet itself seems to be rising against them as earthquakes threaten the palace and all who live within.

The answer may lie in secrets buried in the past, and her ghosts may be trying to help. She finds herself in a race with a hidden adversary to find a long-forgotten power that could bring hope, or absolute destruction, and discovers a destiny tied in with her curse that could mean she is the power everyone fears.

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