Overworld (Dragon Mage Saga Book 1): A fantasy post-apocalyptic story

Overworld (Dragon Mage Saga Book 1): A fantasy post-apocalyptic story

by Rohan M. Vider

A magic apocalypse. Refugees from Earth. A new world. Elves, orcs, and dragons!
Portals from Overworld have appeared on Earth, and beings intent on conscripting humanity into the mysterious Trials have invaded.

Earth is doomed. Humanity has been exiled. Can Jamie save mankind?
Jamie Sinclair, a young man with unique gifts, must find a way for his family and friends to survive Earth’s destruction and build a new home in Overworld.

The Trials is not a game. Will Jamie survive its challenges?
Join Jamie as he struggles through the brutal Trials while wrestling with his new magics and Overworld’s game-like dynamics.

A fantasy post-apocalyptic survival story of one man’s journey to save humanity.

If you want to read the full story now, you can grab it here! Or you can wait for the entire story to be released on royalroad. The last chapter (chapter 42) of Book 1 will be released here on 21 October, after which the book will stay on royalroad for at least another 2 weeks

Hi, I am Rohan Vider and the author of the Dragon Mage Saga, previously published on Amazon. If you want to support my writing, you can find the full book here! The story has over 600 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews on Amazon and a strong following already, but to increase readership I will be releasing the full story here, on RoyalRoad, for a limited time only.

I hope you enjoy the story, and keep an eye out for book 2, releasing soon!

Release Schedule Book 1: One chapters every 12 hours until completion of book 1. Last chapter: 21 October. Earliest book 1 will be taken down is 4th November.

Release Schedule Book 2: Early chapters will start posting on 25 October at a rate of 4 per week (1 per day Mon-Thurs).

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Rohan M. Vider

Rohan Vider

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
CHAPTER 01 - The Day the World Changed ago
CHAPTER 02 - There is more than one ago
CHAPTER 03 - The Trials ago
CHAPTER 04 - We have a Plan ago
CHAPTER 05 - Preparations ago
CHAPTER 06 - Unexpected Events ago
CHAPTER 07 - Despair ago
CHAPTER 08 - Reforged ago
CHAPTER 09 - Initiation ago
CHAPTER 10 - The Unique Trait ago
CHAPTER 11 - The New World ago
CHAPTER 12 - Holding the Line ago
CHAPTER 13 - The Second Wave ago
CHAPTER 14 - Victory ago
CHAPTER 15 - Outpost ago
CHAPTER 16 - The Old Lady ago
CHAPTER 17 - Location 78 ago
CHAPTER 18 - The Dragon Temple ago
CHAPTER 19 - Training ago
CHAPTER 20 - Magic ago
CHAPTER 21 - Reflections ago
CHAPTER 22 - Turning the Tide ago
CHAPTER 23 - Going Hunting ago
CHAPTER 24 - The Hills to the North ago
CHAPTER 25 - Inside the Warren ago
CHAPTER 26 - Claiming the Lair ago
CHAPTER 27 - The Conference ago
CHAPTER 28 - Down by the River ago
CHAPTER 29 - Hard at Work ago
CHAPTER 30 - So Much to Do ago
CHAPTER 31 - The Forest ago
CHAPTER 32 - Hounds ago
CHAPTER 33 - Two Days to Go ago
CHAPTER 34 - Staffs and All ago
CHAPTER 35 - Surprises ago
CHAPTER 36 - A Fight for Survival ago
CHAPTER 37 - Complications ago
CHAPTER 38 - The Chief ago
CHAPTER 39 - Goodbyes ago
CHAPTER 40 - The Village ago

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very enjoyable read

Reviewed at: CHAPTER 21

Great read. The first chapters can be a little frustrating with MC who is physically very underwhelming, mentally too. But, give it a few chapters and he'll find his feet, and provide a very enjoyable reading experience.

Kudos on the RPG and Magic system. The dialogue is natural, and the MC is someone you can relate to (once he gets his bearings.)


I've read the entire book on amazon and it kicked some serious butt. I loved the struggle! I can't believe I have to hit fifty words but I read this darn book in one night and lost sleep because it just wouldn't let me go! Good grief I had a good time but was very upset to find out that it didn't have a few more in the series ready to go

John Fellows

Enjoying it so far, some flaws

Reviewed at: CHAPTER 31 - The Forest

I'm enjoying reading this so far, but there are some things that don't make a heck of a lot of sense from a social dynamics perspective.

When you go through some portal to another land, and you've got a spear thrust into your hands and told to fight, a huge number of people are just gonna say no. Conscription like that requires a lot of effort and they don't have the ability to force people in that way that I can see.

The longest anyone has been in the new land when he gets there is a couple of weeks, right? They're really unified for that short time considering the number of new people dropping in consistently and the fact that most people taking the option to go there are stubborn/independent as hell.

The MC as well is untrusting and a bit of an egomaniac, and everyone around him seems to share those characteristics. You've unfortunately built in a bunch of people that all think that they and only they know best and communication is unnecessary. It's usually a mistake. Feels like you should consider how people work together a bit more and what makes projects and relationships successful.