Infrasound Berserker

Infrasound Berserker

by Rhaegar

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Kate is a firefighter near Falstadt, living her life in the Alps between her demanding work, wandering, and enjoying the sanctity that is coffee. She's dealt with flooding, fires, and cats, but nobody is really prepared for the sudden appearance of bow wielding goblins, strange magical powers, and a game like system. Thankfully she won't be alone to face this new and strange challenge. Trying to survive in the forests and towns she thought were theirs was certainly not the plan, but she won't go down without a fight.

Genre: Fantasy System Apocalypse on Earth with litrpg elements. Focus on action and slice of life.

Cover art by bacon:

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Only one chapter in and already keen, it was a shame when leaves of terranthir was dropped, hopefully this story recieves more love from the community. Can't wait to see where this story goes as the premise of a firefighter as the hero is intriguing. 

Good luck Rhaeger, hopefully this one is recieved better.



Infrasound Berserker's Song

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 Persevere

This is an exciting start to the world’s tragic end
where crowbars are the only thing on which you can depend
we're already getting a taste of the fun in store
it’s clear that a great adventure is what we’re in for

I think this will please a wider range of fans than most
there are many genres to which this novel plays host
contemporary survival apocalypse is one
and dungeon monsters seem like they’ll make this a lot of fun

The lead seems realistic too, a well thought out mindset
she reacts believably to challenges she’s met
I’m really looking forward to seeing how this plays out
at this pace, we’re in for quite a ride without a doubt

The advance review categories have all been hit well
the grammar isn’t perfect but the tale’s an easy sell
the character so far is likable in how they act
the style is fluid and pulled me right in, it’s action packed

The style is an intense and steady stream of consciousness
a concise third-person account that feels quite ambitious
it’s witty in a subtle way, and it flows gracefully
a well established writing style that’s written comfortably

I’ll be back to update what I think of the story
but my first impression is that it’s high quality
I just stumbled on this work while going through a list
and I would have been sorry if this is one I missed

The cover art’s hilarious and set the bar quite low
one should never judge a book by it’s cover art though
what’s inside is royal road material at heart
Rhaegar has a fine approach to this delicate art


Interesting start - enough to make me wonder how the world is going to be built even from the first chapter. Followed and favourited, looking forward for more.

I really enjoyed that I could easily picture everything that was happening, and that it didn't feel completely over the top. There were no overwhelming feelings of not knowing anything about the world. The MC and the story have a good building start.

I'll update this later as the story progresses.



It's only been a single chapter but it seems promising enough. Not much here right now so I can't really judge much about it.

Hope you're able to work on passion projects whenever you need a break and I'm guessing this is one.

Everyone needs a break from writing and the best way to do that is to write something else!


Looking forward to more

Reviewed at: Chapter 3 Persevere

I admit I was a little confused when I saw the stats on this, that's until I noticed the other. Looking forward to this one after following Azerinth Hunter.

First two chapters are great, I actually like the fact it takes place in Europe and the MC realized as the author put it

"Medieval problems require medieval solutions."



A great first chapter! I am so excited to see what rhaeger has in store for us. I was sad when he discontinued his last new story. I'm already intrigued with where the story will go. I will update this review later when there are more chapters to make a more detailed review


An amazing start. Has a good believable setup and main character intro, an exhilarating first encounter. My only concern is the laughing, depending on how often it is used it could either be a nice touch or a mild annoyance. The first chapter ends good cliffhanger that makes you want more. Can i get another 900 chapers please?

One-eyed Mike

An excellent beginning to this story - what I would expect from Rhaegar. Most of us know the author already from Azarinth Healer.

This is another female main character, with a good  background set-up. Her abilities make sense, as do her weaknesses.

I was drawn in straight away, feeling that the main character is a real person immersed in a real experience. Exactly how it would happen in real life - nothing neat and simple, but everything frightening, incredibly messy and most of all confusing. Things really hurt, people really die, and she's a bit lost in trying to understand what she's doing and what she's experiencing.

On top of this, she finds she has become a berserker - a class which makes her lose all sense and control while she fights. So she herself is creating much of the mess and confusion that she is experiencing.

The setting is interesting, and supports the story.

Rhaegar is an experienced author, and the writing style is clear. The story is well planned and so far totally engaging. There's good grammar and punctuation. The main character is already developing nicely, with some side characters waking into life.

It's early yet, but I hope this story will continue to build on a good start. I will be hugely disappointed if it does not become another Rhaegar success.