A Distant Society

A Distant Society

by EugeneVoid

Original HIATUS Sci-fi Female Lead Soft Sci-fi

A colony of 60 miners has inadvertently become Mars' largest social experiment. It's a chance for a fresh start and to build a community on their terms. But they still brought the same bad habits and instincts they learned from growing up on Earth. Even though the landscape has changed, many things are still the same, because human nature doesn’t always change with the scenery. Follow Ian and Tamara as they struggle to lead the Martian collective without killing each other first.

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Captain Peanut Butter

This started off great. The first chapter really pulled me in. A great opening sequence. Then the second chapter had a jarring twist I won't spoil. The story appears to settle in a little with the third chapter and becomes more about the characters. I am interested to see where this goes as it is not yet apparent to me. The chapters are short, but they are engaging. They keep you wanting more.


Gripped from the beginnig

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Okay so I was back and forth on the beginning because I wasn't sure if this was going into horror comedy or scifi comedy or other and I  was very pleased to see that it went right the direction I wanted- colony management comedy. Now as someone who is a big fan of Martian politics, Mark Watney and Red/Green/Blue Mars, I have high hopes for this series. Mars appears to be an untapped gem that the company needs to exploit, and I hope business is good.


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