The Tooth and Claw Guild - A Shifter LitRPG Story

The Tooth and Claw Guild - A Shifter LitRPG Story

by JFDanskin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

150 years in the future. Refugees outside one of the last viable cities on Earth.

One by one, they are funnelled into a refugee camp outside the city walls, for what looks like a life sentence of hard labor. But when Ricky arrives, he learns that they are offered a lifeline – overnight, they can enter the Dark Framework, a fantasy adventure game, and where the bravest and most cunning have a chance to find a key to the city. If they succeed, they can become a citizen of New Baravia at last.

As Ricky starts out on his quest, he quickly finds that he lacks the strength to overcome both the game’s monsters and obstacles. But when a guild of mysterious shapeshifters offer to take him in, he has a chance to work with others at last. If he joins with them, perhaps could they find the key to the city together – but at a cost of the principles that Ricky holds closest to his heart.

In this dark fantasy story, which moves between a brutal post-apocalyptic real world and a virtual game world, the only way for Ricky to succeed in his quest may be to let go of his humanity...

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JF Danskin

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Table of Contents
37 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Into the Camp ago
Chapter 2: Welcome to the Dark Framework ago
Chapter 3: The Town of Barrowdale ago
Chapter 4: Attack of the Goblins ago
Chapter 5: Stew and Hirelings ago
Chapter 6: Of Tooth and Claw ago
Chapter 7: The Waterfall ago
Chapter 8: Into the Caves ago
Chapter 9: The Goblin Jail ago
Chapter 10: A Creature in the Dark ago
Chapter 11: To Imperialis ago
Chapter 12: Area Seventy-Five ago
Chapter 13: An Impossible Gateway ago
Chapter 14: Blood and Destruction ago
Chapter 15: Wolf in the City ago
Chapter 16: The Road to Doomstar ago
Chapter 17: Crossbows and the Wagon ago
Chapter 18: The Ruined City ago
Chapter 19: The Round Tower ago
Chapter 20: The First Portal ago
Chapter 21: Moral Degeneration ago
Chapter 22: Turning a Blind Eye ago
Chapter 23: Rats in the Basement ago
Chapter 24: Over Hills and Moorlands ago
Chapter 25: Deadly Showdown ago
Chapter 26: Channia at the Riverside ago
Chapter 27: Heroes of Roker Bridge ago
Chapter 28: Dragon Riders ago
Chapter 29: Animal Handling ago
Chapter 30: Into the Forest ago
Chapter 31: A City in the Trees ago
Chapter 32: Running with the Pack ago
Chapter 33: Battle Cries ago
Chapter 34: The Walls ago
Chapter 35: The Secrets of the Gate, part 1 ago
Chapter 36: The Secrets of the Gate, part 2 ago
Chapter 37: Aftermath ago

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