Sole Survivor

by IHW

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

A world of fantasy and magic and a world of modern science and technology will fuse in one year and create a new world where everyone must adapt or die. A sympathizing being issued a test to one hundred people around Earth to grant them the strength to give humanity a fighting chance against the coming storm. Out of the hundred participants, only one survived earning him the title "Sole Survivor". Before the test, this individual wanted to keep to himself. With his new powers, he finds his morals won't allow him to sit idly by as innocents are at risk.

Full story will be split into a trilogy.

Act 1: Sole Survivor, Chapter 1 - Chapter 64

Act 2: Worlds War, Chapter 65 - 

Act 3: ???

18+ for Strong violence, gore, language, some sexuality, nudity, and body horror

Cover Art by RRL user ngt.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Sole Survivor ago
Chapter 2: Blessing ago
Chapter 3: Equipment and Training ago
Chapter 4: First Quest ago
Chapter 5: A Meeting Of Two Worlds ago
Chapter 6: Adaptation ago
Chapter 7: Representative ago
Chapter 8: Taking Stock ago
Chapter 9: Unforgivable ago
Chapter 10: Home ago
Chapter 11: Attack On Giants ago
Chapter 12: Investigation ago
Chapter 13: Two Birds, One Stone ago
Chapter 14: Consequences ago
Chapter 15: Shame ago
Chapter 16: Fulfilled, pt. 1 ago
Chapter 17: Fulfilled, pt. 2 ago
Chapter 18: Fulfilled, pt. 3 ago
Chapter 19: The Agony ago
Chapter 20: Arac Attack, pt.1 ago
Chapter 21: Arac Attack, pt. 2 ago
Chapter 22: Reunion, pt. 1 ago
Chapter 23: Reunion, pt. 2 ago
Chapter 24: Reunion, pt. 3 ago
Chapter 25: Settling In ago
Chapter 26: A Walk In The Park, pt. 1 ago
Chapter 27: A Walk In The Park, pt. 2 ago
Chapter 28: Found ago
Chapter 29: Not The End Of The World ago
Chapter 30: Barbarian's Fury ago
Chapter 31: Light Reading ago
Chapter 32: Global Announcement ago
Chapter 33: Unity ago
Chapter 34: Umbra ago
Chapter 35: Research, pt. 1 ago
Chapter 36: Research, pt. 2 ago
Chapter 37: Deadly Sting ago
Chapter 38: Failure is the Only Option ago
Chapter 39: Aftermath ago
Chapter 40: Birthday Gift ago
Chapter 41: Beyond Humanity's Grasp ago
Chapter 42: Under The Moonlight ago
Chapter 43: The Calm ago
Chapter 44: Ashes To Ashes, pt. 1 ago
Chapter 45: Ashes To Ashes, pt. 2 ago
Chapter 46: Out Of Patience ago
Chapter 47: Complete Destruction ago
Chapter 48: Revelation ago
Chapter 49: Disclosure ago
Chapter 50: Secret Colony ago
Chapter 51: Fallen King ago
Chapter 52: Two Paths ago
Chapter 53: Purge ago
Chapter 54: Dark Origin ago
Chapter 55: New Allies ago
Chapter 56: Blossom ago
Chapter 57: Vault ago
Chapter 58: Devourers ago
Chapter 59: It Came From The Deep ago
Chapter 60: Apocalypse ago
Chapter 61: Assault on Heaven ago
Chapter 62: Eclipse ago
Chapter 63: Relief ago
Chapter 64: The Man Who Loved A God ago
Statuses of MCs going into Arc 2 ago
Arc 1 Timeline and Cut Content ago
Chapter 65: The New World ago
Chapter 66: Skysign ago
Chapter 67: Catching Up ago
Chapter 68: The Guild ago
Chapter 69: Remember The Name ago
Chapter 70: Guild Master ago
Chapter 71: Two Homes ago
Chapter 72: Empire's Claim ago
Chapter 73: Everyone Dies ago
Chapter 74: Quest Accepted ago
Chapter 75: Defection ago
Act 1 Character Glossary ago
Chapter 76: His Little Secret ago
Chapter 77: Your Biggest Fan ago
Chapter 78: Rest ago
Chapter 79: Aggressive Diplomacy ago
Chapter 80: Heavy Reading ago
Chapter 81: Atlas ago
Chapter 82: Magic Tournament ago
Chapter 83: The Difference Between Us ago
Chapter 84: I Am My Father's Daughter ago
Chapter 85: A Bigger Family ago
Chapter 86: Bad Timing ago
Good News ago
Chapter 87: Chasing Shadow ago

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I read the first few chapters, and couldn't find the motivation to continue.

I never knew what the style score was meant for until now. This author seems to focus more on word count than on progressing the story. It's wishy-washy, really draggy, and very long-winded. He checked his status. He took out blah blah ingredients and cooked soup. He read the news. At first it was boring, and then it became irritating as I had to force myself to read through all the redundant text.

This is a pretty generic OP MC story, with nicely formatted blue tables to display all the MC's skills -- which serve to highlight just how OP he gets one chapter in. Not much in terms of plot or originality.

The grammar in this work isn't perfect, but is better than most I've seen and overall considered readable.

Characters, especially the MC, feel flat. This was the part that grated on my nerves the most. Conversations between different characters seem more like they are reading off a script than what they would naturally respond with; their personalities just don't come through. The same goes for their actions.

All in all, it's just the average RR fiction. Good effort, 3/5.



Love the story and the characters. I can’t wait to see where all of this goes. 


I’ll admit though... sometimes the info dumps in the “excerpts” irk me. 

Its like... I love the information, but get annoyed having to chew all of that when the flavor is in the story. 

Its great for world building and for adding information about the recommendations and about Xoth... but sometimes.... I just skip to the meat of the story.


Don't let that discourage anyone though. This story is great, and I highly recommend it. 


Good Story, But I Hate It

I personally dropped the story after chapter 7. I was getting all excited about this OP mc stuff and was glad that I would have a replacement for “Gamer of the Dead” since it looks like the MC of that story isn’t going to be all OP and crap. However, it looks like the MC of this story if going to get a harem of girls all with powers above his, but he’s gonna be the white knight. Took a star off for the white knight bullshit and “betterment of the people” stuff since I dislike it, but the story itself isn’t bad. 


It has a good plot, and it can totally be a really good read for other people. However, for me… It just doesn’t sit well. 


I’d recommend anyone reading this comment to try it out and see how they like it. It has a decently strong MC and game like attributes with blue screens and skills and crap, but you’ll have to like a semi white knight MC that does stuff in the background and doesn’t want acknowledgement, and it looks like he is going to be out-powered in the end by his companions.


I wouldn’t have a problem with his thought process if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t stand building up an MC to be OP and shit, giving him a 2x XP boost and making him godlike, only to foreshadow that he’ll be OUTSTRIPPED BY HIS FEMALE COMPANIONS which are probably going to be his harem members, and the guy is going to be the representative while being protected by his girls which is stupid. If it was going to be like that, I feel like we should have been given a warning. Well, whatever. See how you like it. 


If I find out that he ends up being the strongest out of them all, then I'll come back. As for now, I'm leaving. 


This story is underrated for how good it is

Reviewed at: Chapter 85: A Bigger Family

I like the story a lot. I see a lot of people saying that he accepts what's happening too easily. but hey a cyclops appears in front of you, what are you supposed to do, have an existential crisis about fantasy creatures appearing front of you, or actually fight it. when the proof is trying to kill you it's hard to ignore. It   is accept reality or die. and if the main character dies it wouldn't be much of a story


started well but...

firstly, the MC does not act like a human. he is too quick to accept, trust, adapt and fall in love. he does not question anything that happens to him and accepts the impossible as normal and strange as standard.

secondly, for someone with an int score several times the human limit he does not even exploit his abilities and benefits. things like going to a library when you can absorb knowledge from books or asking the god about training stats. I'm a normal human and even i can think of these in a few seconds.

thirdly, the numerous plotholes. like people being able to understand the MC talking in an alien language or cops acting like idiots for no reason.

Lastly, the insane power of the enemy. not only can he outplay a god but overpower her as well. the gods chosen had to survive a test to get the system and then had to follow its rules. the bad guys minion (not even the demon lord himself) can hand out power like candy and seemingly boost power at will. there is no point in a story where the bad guy and his minions are playing a different game and can do whatever they want.

the board was set. his spell verses her champion, adding minions working behind the scenes, the ability to change the rules and random side characters/love interests makes this story more convoluted and much harder to write well. to use harry potter as an example. Harry was fighting Voldemort with side stories to fill it out. what he did not have to do was fight Voldemort, while exploring the deep ocean rift and learning the force.


Just OK. Needs a rewrite.

The main character is a total Marty Stu. Multimillionaire with social anxiety who is granted fantastic powers by a goddess. A goddess that is oddly attracted to his modern condescension.

Instead of using his MILLIONS of dollars to buy proper monster hunting gear, he purchases motorcross pads and a compound bow? A bow he doesn't use.

Instead of writing a letter, making an anonymous phone call or sending an email, Marty battles the forces of evil alone. But, failing to provide critical intelligence to the worlds governments, many dangerous neutral creatures the environment, slipping past our most Marty of a heroes notice.

When he does notice, he 'uses his advanced intellect to translate' the incrediblely useful info only he has access to.

Then dragon girl Mary Sue turns up. Critical info is shelved, gotta have an arc about doesn't fit into a house or car dragon babe. But don't worry about those 20 foot wings, Disguise skill is somehow also polymorph. Although this doesn't extend to clothing (panties!).

Until later, Disguise does work on clothes. Magic!

I am about halfway through.  Three and a half stars. Needs a rewrite to explain or edit away some of the junk details that make this story really difficult to follow.

Another example, the president of Canada is not head of intelligence operations and doesn't directly contact the CIA. The CSIS, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, does under the 'Five Eyes' (FVEY) or the UKUSA Agreement dating back to WW2.

No need for a 'Unity Agreement' or to ham handedly enter into an accord with Russia and China, the thing is already is a thing. Boots and sources are already on the ground. Always have been. 

All the 'world leader' stuff should be between embittered skeptical intelligence operators who need to 'run this up and carry on the real work'.

This took longer to type than research. Try throwing Canadian intelligence agencies into google and scrolling down to read history and operations.

Anyway, good grammar and only a few typos. Interesting take on the tropes that seem popular here on RRL.

But, needs work.


There really isn't much to say here. It's a LitRPG that has some unique twists, but although it's an original concept it just doesn't do much for me. The main characters really don't inspire the reader to get invested or anything. That, coupled with very long breaks between chapters, makes this a very hard story to retain interest in. That being said, it's still a fine story, just boring at a lot of parts.


*spoilers*  it took the MC over a month to mention the two worlds merging to anyone on earth, and that was only because he got his identity discovered. HE LITERALLY KEPT THE ENTIRE WORLD IN THE DARK ABOUT THE ONCOMING APOCALYPSE FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH! like wtf was he more interested in getting some snake poon, than warning people! like i get it with the whole translation thing about the monster book and that it takes time, but he didn't have to wait and release all the information all at once, nobody does that! when something important happens they update the populace when more information becomes available. you don't see news channels waiting a couple weeks then releasing all the information at once when something like an earthquake happens. he wasted an entire month that humanity could be training for, training their bodies, learning survival techniques etc just so he could play super hero and develop a harem. hell he doesn't even tell the governments so that they can at least come up with some plans about what will happen in a year. i could understand, if he didn't care about humanity but he's clearly the justice obsessed MC type.


this MC put me off the entire novel, and that is such a shame since i love the rest of it, the story is unique and both the style and grammar are very good. i just wished that the MC made more sense.


and before some of you say "he might not trust the government, or he might not have had enough time" HE CAN LITERALLY TELEPORT. just teleport to a journalist or some shit and just relay the known facts.


Amazing story so far, good  length to chapters. Intresting concept (first time for me seeing this type of game world story line).  Only complaint is slow chapters but thats only because I have no pacients actually gap between chapters isnt bad. 


Couldn't make it past 14...

This story has a reasonable plot and potential. Then it makes it into Swiss cheese by maing lots of little holes all the time. Here are 3 of about 20 issues in the first 14 chapters.

They choose corny nicknames so that people won't know who they are. OKAY, but then, while speaking in a language from another world, humans UNDERSTAND THE NICKNAMES! What?

Back sheath for sword. /sigh When will people learn that DOES NOT WORK!

A junior enlisted US Marine called his female NCO Ma'am. That was the end for me. A guy that supposedly respects his NCO basically calling her "Princess" in a snide way is the same as calling her ma'am. It would NEVER happen.

That is just a sample of all the holes that keep popping up and taking what could be an OKAY story and pounding it into something too cheesy for me to keep reading.