Mass Effect: Knight of the Old Republic

Mass Effect: Knight of the Old Republic

by Azureblade

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Darth Revan, Dark Lady of the Sith Empire is betrayed at the moment victory is inevitable! Forced to flee her secure spacestation with an entire Republic fleet in pursuit, she risks it all on an experimental hyperdrive and an unknown course.

In a galaxy far, far away from those events, Commander Jane Shepard wakes up two years after a fatal ambush. While She has not travelled far, the galaxy around her is still alien to her, and the Reapers are still coming.

With only a humano-centric terrorist organization at her back, can she convince everyone that the threat is real? Or will the galaxy be caught unawares by their impending doom?

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Revan in mass effect enough said

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

Revan is probably the coolest protagonist from any Star Wars game and now we get to see a female Revan (the games starring Revan let you customize) join shepherds suicide mission from the second (my favorite) game it's well written and Revans power over both sides of the force is on display I'm already hooked for the next chapter so don't sleep on this if it sounds like your cup of tea.


Itroduction of two worlds to eachother is quite nice idea. Revan and Shepard are both interesting characters. Both worlds have interesting story. It works quite well.

Unfortunately there is problem of focus. Story feels like looking through camera, and pointing it at the sky, in order to look at cars.
We have interaction of Revan and Shepard, interaction of two worlds, of completly different branches of technology, interaction of completly different "superpower" systems, Force, and Biotics.
Why then, for the love of God, are we focusing on some irrelevant sidequests?
"Go here", "Fetch that", "Find person 1", "Find person 2" ... like Why ?? And actually interesting things are ignored.
Will Shepard learn Force? Will Raven learn something from technology of this world? Why this world didnt discover Force? Why Force is different here? Can Revan learn something from Mass Relay technology?
Hell, Shepard doesnt even have to go on any more side quests, all she has to do is make deal with Revan "we give you resources to rebuild ship, you give us technology" and with 10 times better technology Shepard might actually defeat Reapers. But no. Shepart wont ask for technology from Revan. First we need to go on 100 sidequests. We woundnt want to finish too quickly.
50% of the story feels like filler.