Iakesi: They Call Me Homeless, but I Cast Fireball!

Iakesi: They Call Me Homeless, but I Cast Fireball!

by Extra Man

They were the greatest heroes the realms had ever seen, until they died. Death was not the end of their adventures, divine powers call them to be heroes of a new land. A land called... Earth?

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Extra Man

Extra Man

Word Count (11)
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Table of Contents
69 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Level Twenty: Passing On and Property Rights ago
Level Twenty One: Ethics and Elimination ago
Chapter One: On the Trail ago
Level Twenty Two: Arguments and Eateries ago
Level Twenty Three: Dens and Drug Addicts ago
Chapter Two: The Hunt ago
Level Twenty Four: Gold and Glory ago
Level Twenty Five: Armor and Audio ago
Chapter Three: Money Trail ago
Level Twenty Six: Cults and Killing ago
Level Twenty Seven: Recon and Renegades ago
Chapter Four: Moving Shadows ago
Chapter Five: "Girl" Power ago
Chapter Six: Fool's Gold ago
Level Twenty Eight: Slayers and Salaries ago
Level Twenty Nine: Instigators and Investigations ago
Chapter Seven: And Found ago
Chapter Eight: Level Up ago
Level Thirty: Parental Figures and Powerful People ago
Level Thirty: Carnage and Corporations ago
Chapter Nine: Clarity and Continuation ago
Chapter One: Cold Cases ago
Level Twenty: Families and Far Aways ago
Chapter Two: Foreigner ago
Level Twenty One: Timeless Heroes and Trainees ago
Chapter Three: Loot Drop ago
Chapter Four: Castle Gorestrike ago
Chapter Five: Raiding Party ago
Level Ten: Of Maniacs and Motorcycles ago
Chapter Six: Mental Health ago
Chapter Seven: Ride or Die ago
Level Eleven: Of Warriors and Wolfgangs ago
Chapter Eight: Run it Back ago
Chapter Nine: Endgame Equipment ago
Chapter Ten: Team Building Exercise ago
Chapter Eleven: PvP ago
Level Twelve: Dancing and Danger ago
Chapter Twelve: Unmasked ago
Chapter Thirteen: Win Streak ago
Level Thirteen: Of Heroes and High Explosives ago
Chapter Fourteen: Main Character Syndrome ago
Chapter Fifteen: Gold Farming ago
Level Twenty Three: Detectives and Deep Holes ago
Chapter Sixteen: (Shonen) Heroes Win ago
Level Fourteen: Of Legends and Lethality ago
Chapter Seventeen: Spirit Guardians ago
Chapter Eighteen: Vanguard Legion ago
Chapter Nineteen: The Battle for Castle Gorestrike ago
Chapter Twenty: War Face ago
Chapter Twenty One: Another Castle ago
Chapter Twenty Two: Another Princess ago
Chapter Twenty Three: Game On! ago
Level Fifteen: Of Villains and Valiant Heroes ago
Level Twenty Four: Gamers and Great Heroes ago
Level Twenty Five: Trials and Tribulations ago
Level Twenty Six: Conspiracies and Crazy People ago
Level Twenty Seven: Virtuous Warriors and Verdicts ago
Chapter One: New World Order ago
Claire ago
Claire: 2 ago
Golden Opportunities ago
Barnabus ago
Barnabus 2 ago
Roger ago
Fergus ago
Fergus ago
Fergus 3 ago
Stick it Through The Man ago
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Diamond disguised with a bad title

Reviewed at: Chapter Seven: And Found

Okay it's late for me and I binged this  at night but I mean what can I say I didn't fall asleep.. this is good the title is dumb I'm super judgy when well rested so this is a lucky pick.

The style is kinda if unique. While I'm sure you can find similarities in other popular stories that can be said by anything that's relatively good. The story's not a carbon copy of anything else.

The grammar is great which as any long term members will understand is a deal breaker after awhile. The story is easy to read and understand so thank you word smith.

The story is kinda funny it plays it's humor well while not slap stick comedy definitely puts a smirk on your face while reading. 

The plot is easy to follow. The story appears to be following a plot line so fingers crossed this has a proper ending.

Characters are pretty fleshed out as in they have personalities. There is no main character so the author does well making each one feel alive.

Honestly read the 1st three chapters and you'll be hooked. This is honestly a hidden gem. I can not recommend this enough give it a try

Kaleb Bjorkman

The logical progression of a lost murderhobo party in a modern superhero world. So  murderhobo that their names are literally just their classes.

Absolutly hilarious, especially in terms of the use of detect good and evil.

Side characters and enemies are quite well developed too.

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a


First of all don't read this if you want some serious or emotional story.

With that out of the way, this story is great. It's about a group of fantasy adventurers who get reincarnated on a superhero earth (Basically a reverse isekai). They are sent by a goddess to stop a great catastrophe so, with an evil detecting cleric they run into all the tropes from crime bosses, over supervillains to extraterrestrials. 

This isn't high literature, but the simple style and grammar fit in well with the pretty blunt tone of the story. Also it fits really well with the comedy of characters singlemindedly running into each other. So yeah, blunt is the descriptor to go.

The story is definitely the weakest point here. Besides the premise there isn't much of a main story thread. Every goal in this story is incredibly simple: defeat evil, be a good private detective, have a worthy fight, etc. But then the fun in the story doesn't come from a complicated plot anyways. 

Instead it's all about the characters. From the adventurer party all the way to the supervillains every character is unique and in their own way hilarious. The only aspect in which they collectively suffer is that, mostly because of the simple story they have an IQ below 100 and can think critically if their lives depended on it. Then again they don't really need those to shine. 
Here, even a restaurant owner gets more backstory and character than some main characters in other novels. Everybody plays of each other and their interactions with each other make this story worth a read. And that doesn't even consider their interactions with the wider world.

If you want to turn off your brain for a while and have some fun this is the story for you.

Tldr: Don't think too hard, ignore the simple story and enjoy the amazing characters.



This is the lightheaded tale of mercenary meatheads that have traveled from a fantasy world to a supernatural modern day earth.

The style of this story is very reminiscent of 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' and I definitely recommend this story to those who enjoyed any of the three Bill and Ted movies.