Tales of The Riverfolk Company

Tales of The Riverfolk Company

by Weavervale

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Volume One: Chip finally has come of age and as usual for an otter of his age, he wants to work for the Riverfolk Community Trust and Mercenary Company. He has been trying to pick up the trade from his uncle, selling fish to fox and bird nobles at the Yellowrock Bazaar, but when a few new competitors enter the scene during the festival competition, can this otter pull out all the stops and make a killing selling fast food?

Written for Fast Food Frontpage Competition, this novel was fish on a stick, and don't take it as anything else. It will be slowly edited for publication, but this version will stay up.

Volume Two: The Contest is over and now, Chip and his new raft have some choices to make. The first stop is the annual otter merit placement results, where those that turn thirteen pick their jobs for the next ten years. After that, will Chip and his wife Sam follow their ranger husband Sela, or his Druid River or get bogged down in their own problems? Read and find out as Chip starts his search for some big fish.

Tales of the Riverfolk Updates now updates weekly, every Friday, starting on December 24th.

Cover art is by: http://phylodox.com

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Table of Contents
72 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Don’t put the cart before… ago
2. I want to go to the festival ago
3. End of the first day ago
4. Raft versus Float ago
5. Because one is for slashing and one is for stabbing ago
7. Sweet Isekai sauce ago
8. So I’m well aware this is a bad boy romance novel, and I’ve got a job to do ago
9. Conspiracy ago
10. A river is a body of water that flows over land and into my open heart ago
11. An otter he can’t refuse ago
12. When a love triangle becomes a rhombus ago
13. The planning fallacy meets the himbo in a meet cute ago
14. There are two types of otters in this world. Those that can extrapolate from incomplete family s ago
15. Oh what I wouldn’t give for a holocaust cloak with a cowl ago
16. Chicken. The sign used to say chicken. ago
17. He's a melange fox, so black on red. ago
19. Juicy details? I'll take some Corvid gossip! ago
20. Is the juice worth the squeeze? ago
21. In which we see that his brain is a dense as his muscled forearms ago
22. Okay, so it's actually her and not some simalcrum, right? ago
23. For reasons River has no idea, membership is required to go to the casino ago
24. Drug deals, pt 1 ago
25. Drug Deals, pt 2 ago
26. The Dinner, Pt 1 ago
27. The Dinner, pt 2 ago
28. The Dinner, pt 3 ago
29. The Dinner, Pt 4 ago
30. The First Food Fight, Prelude: Sam ago
31: Prelude, The Fast Food Fight: Sela ago
32: Prelude, The First Food Fight: River ago
33. The First Food Fight, Pt 1: Mise en Place ago
34. The First Food Fight, pt 2: Energy Transferred ago
35: The First Food Fight, pt 3: spectators, specifically ago
36: The First Food Fight, pt 4: Judge and MC ago
37: The First Food Fight, pt 5: Roll for it ago
38: The First Food Fight, pt 6: The bake ago
39. The First Food Fight, Pt 7: Hurry up and Judge! ago
40. The First Food Fight, Pt 8: The winner is... ago
41. Aftermath, The First Food Fight: Chip ago
42. Aftermath, The First Food Fight: Agent Capybara ago
43. Shaping exercises, pt 1 ago
44. Shaping Exercises, pt 2 ago
45. Shaping Exercises, pt 3 ago
46. Shaping Exercises, pt 4 ago
47. Prelude, The Contest ago
48. The Contest, pt 1: Execute the plan ago
49. The Contest, pt 2: Mount Up ago
50. The Contest, pt 3: BBB ago
51. The Contest, pt 4: A Surprising Parapet ago
52. The Contest, pt 5: But can he? ago
53. The Contest, pt 6: What an otter needs ago
54. The Contest, pt 7: Skip to the part where he wins(or doesn't) ago
55. Aftermath, The Contest: Uncle Brit and ... ago
56. Aftermath, The Contest: The Raft and The River ago
57. Epilogue ago
Diary Divinium ago
1. Otter Merit List ago
2. Ortho ago
3. Burrows ago
4. Squad Leader ago
5. Inside the burrows ago
6. Beast in the Burrows ago
7. Lonely Cairn ago
8. It's not a tournament but don't lose ago
9. On the other side ago
10. Weary Warriors   ago
11. Fish Squad ago
12. Presents ago
13. Keep this a secret ago
Programming Note ago

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This is a fun read about two foxes, Chip and Uncle Brit, as they build a food business together. It's set in a medieval type setting where the entreprenurial merchants set up a stand in the bazaar, and have other adventures. As we watch them build a business, we also learn more about them, their family, and other animal characters they interact with. I really liked the food vendor theme, and look forward to reading what happens next.

The world could be interpreted as a world where humans have gone missing and small critters have taken some way of life from them. At times, the story would form different and adorable ideas in my mind. One of them was like I was looking at videos of small animals doing strange and funny things together. The other formed something similar to an animated show where it shows a world of characters, all with great and many expressions, would do their own things surrounded by a multitude of chaotic yet orderly mass of characters. They would use the many things left in the world to the best they could understand them and always bring fresh new vision to the world.

This story also give wonder for the creator other story since I think they are in the same world. 


Okay so I go around and ask for otter to be out into stories, But sometimes, I come across a story with that actually already has them in it. Those are some pretty awesome times, and I like to think that I have influence on them.


I don't have much to say about the story, I'm just reading it cuz of Otters, and I need at least 50 words for the review

Mad Sadie

Not to be confused with fish sticks

Reviewed at: 2. I want to go to the festival

Have you ever dreamed of reading a story about a young otter selling fish on sticks to foxes in order to win a spot at a festival?!

...Well why not? Granted, that's an oddly specific dream but-

Anyway! Yes! This is a cute story about a young otter, trying to fulfill his dreams of food making for the masses. Doesn't seem particulary heavy, but once in a while a good piece of fluff is what you need, right? Everyone should read it!

(Half a star knocked off for a few typos here and there. Nothing horrible, but the author would benefit from re-reading the story before posting.)

Rhea Bring

Highly unique and quite fun.

Reviewed at: 2. Ortho

Reviewing only Volume 2, Chip and Fish, at this point. If time permits, will update as I read Volume 1.

At its core, this seems to be light-hearted fun. There are otters searching for their places in life, a hint of mystery, and cockroaches as mounts. Imaginative and refreshing, this is a tale to read when something fluffy and humorous is on your agenda. There is always a need for this when life gets dark.

Now then, as this is only the second chapter I've read, I haven't become well acquainted with the characters or the plot. But I'm impressed by what I see. The characters are endearing and it seems we are only scraping the surface of a deep world rich in detail. 

Style and structure. I like the style. It flows well and is easy to read. Structure is nice. Typos were nonexistent, at least as far as I could find on this volume. There were a few instances of confusion for me, mostly world aspects, but I feel those will be answered later in the story as I get more accustomed to this world.

It was clean as far as language and free of gore so far. There are mentions of a (slight spoiler) 

future husband and wife for the MC otter, but no provocative language and nothing to make me pause should I read this to my nephews. Again, very clean.


All that said, it hasn't entirely hooked me yet, but this could just be because of the light-hearted style. Still, this is a fun read with bite-sized chapters I will come back to check on. It's just the right blend of entertaining and adventurous in a way that makes you smile and laugh and forget about your own troubles for a time. 

Read and enjoy!


This book is a neat little slice of life story about an otter apprentice fish merchant selling fish on sticks with his uncle.

The first thing that i noticed was the world building, its laid out well, popping up here and there through conversation. Whether it be beaver and otter realationships, how currency and credit works, or job classes of each animal. I enjoyed every new entry in the world building.

As far as our protag, Chip, is concerned, he's a fun lil guy, a hopeless romantic crushing on a "hot otter guy". I appreciate any lgbtq character in a story.

My complaint is that grammar is a bit spotty in places. A proof read should fix that.

Anyone who is a fan of Redwall will be delighted by this story!


A fun and easygoing read about Chip the Otter living his life to the best of his ability. The fact that this is about cooking (for the mosr part) harkens me back to some of the anime I like to watch (Cooking Boy, Restaurant to another world, etcetera). I'm loving the diferent characters/species and the interactions there of.

This is a fun light read that I think most people will enjoy!

Zach Skye

Can't wait for volume 2

Reviewed at: Diary Divinium

Overall: 5/5

I enjoyed reading this book, and the rest of this review will revolve around the basis that this is a short story, so take that in mind. Like the title says, I can't wait until the second book comes out, despite never having read the main fiction this stems off of- I'm pleased to say that I don't think lack of knowledge regarding that adversely affected my reading of this.


I didn't really run into many issues with prose, I liked how it was written and how the words flowed together in this story, I think the author put attention in to detail about it, particularly with the animals. Overall, a fine job on this and nothing to nitpick about.


I felt that the pacing was off for a short story, and some of the side plots could have been outright removed ore handled differently to tighten it, with perhaps more being given to the main plot and basis of it. That said- It's royal road, and no one should expect a tightened polished short story on this site when they come across a book. 

I just wish maybe a little bit more focus could have been on the food, but in that respect, I might be biased. I hope to see more of this in the second volume!


A few missing letters, wrong tenses, etc. Nothing major to be concerned about, and nothing inordinately detracting from the experience that would make this category a redflag to a potential reader


Good character growth and motives for the different characters. I'll be honest when I said that I didn't see the romance tag on this story when I started reading, but a lot of focus is given to that which fits the genre. I'm sure folks will like that! It does flesh out some things about otters I hadn't known such as otter polygamy. It's good to see that represented in fiction, especially with a romance tag since I'm very used to seeing simple male/female pairings. 


It's Not Gourmet Food, But it's Quite Satisfying

Reviewed at: 25. Drug Deals, pt 2

Fish on a Stick isn't fancy, but it's quite a bit of fun. It's like that greasy burger you get at 2 in the morning after a night out with friends. Imaginative and clever, this story made me laugh out loud.

Style Score 5/5: Written in an easy going style that fits the story perfectly. Lots of humorous touches takes readers for a fun ride without over taxing their brains.

Story 5/5: On the surface, this merely appears to be a story about a cooking competition. However, there are plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep the reader guessing as to what's going to happen next.

Grammar 4/5: A number of typos litter the story. Although they don't tarnish the story itself, it was something I noticed.

Character 5/5: A splendid group of characters is what makes Fish on a Stick such a good story. Chip and his cohorts work so well together and play off each other to produce much of the humor in the story. The story provides enough background and personality for each character to make them stand out.

Overall 5/5: Despite the grammar issues, this is one great story. A fun and entertaining plot, an imaginative world, and great characters all work together to make this "trashy" story outshine more gourmet offerings.


'Fish on a stick' is a pretty cute fastfood trash story perfect for the stressed mind. Tired of the high stakes of gods, isekai heroes and system apocalypse plot? Have a story about a young otter who sells fish on sticks and whose main concern in life is about perfecting the sauce.