God of the Feast (A dark litrpg/cultivation, portal fantasy)

God of the Feast (A dark litrpg/cultivation, portal fantasy)

by Sinky

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Some recipes are to die for...


...so Clive discovers on a night to remember.
From hopeful new restaurant owner, to desperately fleeing demons and all manner of creatures. To survive, he’s going to need some serious help from friends, both old and new as he is portaled into a deeply troubled world full of magic and prejudice. 

There is greatness, there is wonder, yet there is shame and despair in equal measure.

Despite attempts to be virtuous, more often than not it is anger, fear and lust that drive our all too human protagonists.

They are weak in a world full of strength and all they have is their determ… belligerence to stay alive.

While power will come, it will not always come easy.

Welcome, to the God of the Feast.

Chapter Schedule: one chapter per day, Monday to Friday.

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I read the first one and got hooked. I like the way the book is set up. The author really brings the mc to life. I do hope this is a long series because I will be sad the day it ends. I will be checking out some of the other works from the author and hope they are just as good.


This is a fun read. I enjoy reading about all the characters and the world is developed and makes sense. It's one of those serials where you can't wait for the next chapter to come out.  I think this is one of the better stories on Royalroad. I'm surprised more people haven't picked this up. I hope this series continues for a while and I have downloaded the kindle version that just came out.  Keep up the great job author!

Dimitrios Gkirgkiris

You know it's good when you see a Baatazu demon on chapter 1!
I love the premise and Clive is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of MCs in other stories who are the typical edgelords.
Formatting can also be kinda hit or miss with LitRPG but this one's solid.
I can't wait to see where this is going ^_^


Honestly, I came to this novel like I do on any other novel on this site with a big grain of salt. And I can tell you I ate that piece of salt and I'm sitting here for the rest of this novel. Because this novel is just a chef kiss of everything I didn't even know I wanted!

If your looking for a good read then you Definitely found the right place, and his upload speed is pretty good as well so that's a big plus as well heh. 


I followed Kevin from condition evolution to here - his writing always makes me laugh. I'd absolutely give this one a read and see if you like it. 

The best thing about this writing in my opinion is the humor, there's just something about it that kills me. 

I hope you keep the series going for a long while



One of the best reads on the site

Reviewed at: Chapter 49 Catalyst

As a previous reviewer said, this novel quickly becomes the highlight of the day when it is updated. This is due in equal parts to writing style, and the way the characters and story is developed. 


The story seems well planned out. Perceived danger to the main character & Co progresses nicely with character/faction power growth, while the author lays the groundwork in foreshadowing future threats and increases in power. 

The skill/power development of the main character is sufficiently new and inventive to be interesting, while still giving you the feeling that the author knows where further progress i headed. 

The author does a good jobb of keeping the reader aware of the big-picture plot developments and threats while still keeping most of the focus on more current affairs. You wont open a new chapter on Wednesday and be greeted with a "meanwhile elsewhere" chapter in stead of the continuation from Tuesday that you were looking forward to. 


The story's characters are in my opinion all well written. Each character is unique and consistent in their personality, while still showing growth. So far in the story several characters have shifted from antagonists to allies and vice versa, and this has been done very well. Characters shift in organic ways as oposed to having sudden changes of heart when the story calls for it. Another sign of a well planned novel. 



The story is very character-focused. Big things are happening everywhere at all times, but the reader learns most things through character interactions instead of naration, flashbacks, "meanwhile-elsewhere's" etc. which does a lot to keep the story flowing without the reader being joltet from one scene to the next. 



One comment and one comment only:

Proofreading for open (and double-closed) quotation marks please!

Otherwise spotless as far as i can tell. 



Some stories need to sit in storage for a while so we can binge read a larger number of chapters. For myself this is so I can get some payout for sitting down and getting back into the flow of the story in question. This is not one of those stories. Each chapter is of a decent size both in terms of word count and action. Because of the aforementioned excellent style, story and characters reading new chapters as soon as they come out is simply a delight. 

One of my all time favourites. Recommend it wholeheartedly .


Pretty wild ride. 

People from our moder sensibities thrown into a MASSIVELY different setting. If you thought you knew violent culture shock, you are probably right. 

But since in that case you are probably in a cell in some Asian country, you cannot disprove so this is the safest alternative!!! 

Give it a try!! 

Fearful Symmetry

Pack of alcoholic football hooligans gets isekaied.  It's surprisingly entertaining.

The main characters are well realized and engaging.  They're also often hungover when they are not drunk, which works out for them about as well as you would expect.  They are clearly people, with both strengths and flaws.  This is the strongest adjective of the writing, and it is very well done.

Grammar is solid - I didn't notice any typos or awkward constrictions in the first 66 chapters.  Style is clear and concise and never distracts from the story.

Now for the bad: the leveling system is horrifically unbalanced to the point that it detracts from everything else. It takes the main character a few weeks to become equal or superior to tribal warriors who have spent their entire lives fighting and killing, and yet no one else is using the same method he did despite the fact that it is one of 12 or so options in the status screen everyone has available. 

The book also leans heavily into racial essentialism - demons are conniving, dwarves are gruff, followers of God A are arrogant and judgmental, etc.  This doesn't bother everybody, but it bothers me, and it is especially noticeable when compared to the more the dimensional characters.


There are two advanced reviews in here, one that stops at chapter 10. And another that does at chapter 117. One is my first thoughts and the other is me going in deeply into the 1.2k words written so far.


Want to know whether this might be for you? Check out review numero uno. Want to check out whether this is still good 100 chapters later and worth the time? Check out review 2: electric boogaloo.



Review I (Chapter 10):


This story scratches a few itches I didn't even know I had. It's a banger. Stylisitically it reminds me a lot of Defiance of the Fall (the first arc), Equilibrium (sad that it got canned so early), and Primal Hunter.


The prose is quite good if a bit simplistic. But that may because I've only read until chapter 10. With the introduction of magic and other things, it might change. But that's neither good nor bad, and more just personal taste. I like reading poetic shit a lot, so that's my kind of thing (think Kingkiller Chronicles or A Song of Ice and Fire. This ain't that, but it doesn't need to be.)


To write a story in simple prose is not a bad thing, no matter how much highschool teachers plead for longer word-choices and conjunctions. Simplicity done well is refreshing and makes reading through quite addicting and easy. I've read the Catalyst Series by C.J. Aaron and it's a goddamn well-written thing. But it is a slog at times with what is essentially a paragraph vomit of dense words. Still love it, but gotta enjoy that stuff in short bites before I get the mental equivalent of a stomach ache.


I myself write fiction that is as dense as uranium-233, so I am in wonder at the way the prose just pulls me in without the need for words like "badazzlement" or "coterminus." Or whatever else big wordy words are out there. Doesn't mean that either is better or worse, just different tastes. Like the difference between pizza and ice-cream.


With God of the Feast, I can just read through with a breeze. And I cannot wait to read more. My hands are shaking right now cuz I just need my fix. And I needs it baaad.


The story is fun and funny. I have laughed my arse off out loud a couple of times already. Just as funny as The Noobtown Mayor series but much more refined in a way. Less slapstick and more just gritty realism that you just can't help but empathize with.


The characters are realistic and their dynamic is just chef's kiss. Perfect example of show and don't tell. Feels like I've known 'em forever.


I am curious what Daz did to that sheep, but at the same time I am not. Curious-George lookin' arse I am, but even Georgie over here is scared.


Jokes aside, the world-building's good too. Haven't had much time with it, but I will update my review as I read. When I reach chapter 30 or so, I'll add in more stuff 'bout that.


How is this just 4 stars? Wut, how? What foul sorcery is this? The grammar is at times a bit iffy, but com'on. This is a Royal Road fiction, not some published kindle novel. Of course there's gonna be some typos. But even with the errors, I read through with no problem whatsoever. It's mostly just forgotten contractions, or more aptly, apostrophes. Your eyes will glaze over 'em like they're buttered up and ready for the oven.


But yeah, if you just want to read something and get into it easily, this here is for you. Com'on and enjoy the feast!


Gods, why is it so hot here? Oh, the hellfire. That's why.



Review II (As of Chapter 117):


One hundred more chapters in. FYI, I am a patron to Sinky's Patreon. I loved the story and could not wait for more, so I subbed up and read through it like a goddamn wildfire let loose. When I wrote review 1, I was not subbed.


Does the quality continue to be the same or improve or lessen? A bit of number one, a pound of number two, and a zeroth of number three. The world-building is simply phenomenal. Especially the magic and the cultures as they are slowly peeled back and laid bare for the reader.


You like cultivation stories? This here is that, but with less emphasis on specific qi and energy gathering and more on understanding the nature of the world and yourself. Think of it like the concept of Dao without any actual flavor of qi. At least, that is it so far. Might change, might not. So if you really want a story with different types of energy (e.g. think Cradle or Painting the Mists) this is not it. But, if you do like a little dash of existential contemplation, this is it.


The characters do have quite good depth to them, but not all since a lot of the narrative time is devoted to Clive's point of view. This isn't a constantly changing roullete of POVs like in A Song of Ice and Fire, but instead a more grounded first-person view. A bit like the Beggining After the End by TurtleMe in that sense.


Grammar is a bit iffy at times, but the constant updates more than make up for the occasional slips. Seriously, a chapter a day, Monday through Friday. Quite good to scratch that itch.


The style is the same throughout, though I can't say much more. I'd have to return to chapter 1 and then cross-reference chapter 100 to see any distinct changes in style, such as prose and sentence structure and general flow.


The writing is still snappy and funny; didn't know that water could be expelled through the nose like some sort of crowd-dispersal weapon. Yet, there I was, shooting a mouthful of water a good meter away. DO NOT DRINK WATER WHILE YOU READ THIS. Or do, would be funny.


Still an overall score of 5/5. Again, remember that any flaws in this fiction is due to two things: time constraint and web novel format. Since this is a serial, the author can't just as easily go back and edit everything without losing moment. Especially if it is a job to them and a source of income. Slow writing may mean less (or no) food on the table.


Starts weird, get great, immersive and v practical

Reviewed at: Chapter 34 Clive’s Place

Considering the quantity of Isekai out there, its hard to find stuff that gets you interested, immersed and then want more of. One of them currently is this beaut.

It started a bit weird and dove right into a bit of complications but the transition from there was pretty smooth. World building progressing from there went well, being set in the medieval magic filled world. Storyline is pretty simple and interesting at the same time and though most emotional scenes open a bit ridiculous there is as much humanity in them as one could practically expect, so that’s a great plus point for the style and story of this series.
The system does feel pretty OP and the possibilities to get OP seem very easy. But then again installing Anti plot armor of sorts to nerf those from happening, which so far happened looks to take this story a long way. And it felt more entertaining this way considering how many stories fail because of quick story progression.
Excellent grammar with easy to understand sentence formations and simpler words will let anyone with novice English skills enjoy pretty much everything the author wants the reader to understand.
Characters have very practical behavioral patterns except for of course some rare moments like in any expected fantasy stories. Some situations are questionable but it’s a great read that’s gets pretty immersive pretty soon.

TL;DR; Def a good read, you’ll like it very quickly despite some very minor situations that might irk a few and would come back for more.