God of the Feast

God of the Feast

by Sinky

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Some recipes are to die for...

...so Clive discovers on a night to remember.
From hopeful new restaurant owner to desperately fleeing demons and all manner of creatures through a strange new world.
To survive, he’s going to need some serious help from friends both old and new.

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Word Count (VIII)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Night to remember ago
Chapter 2 Rise and Shine ago
Chapter 3 Who Armed The Dog? ago
Chapter 4 With Friends like that, Who Needs Enemies ago
Chapter 5 Who’s the Daddy Now! ago
Chapter 6 Sock Rocket ago
Chapter 7 Statistically, it doesn’t look good. ago
Chapter 8 Shinz... shok... Impressive Robes. ago
Chapter 9 Armee of Darkness ago
Chapter 10 You Neuma name. ago
Chapter 11 On the Brightside. ago
Chapter 12 Who put the T in Meditation ago
Chapter 13 Denied by Devotion ago
Chapter 14 Some People are Trolls ago
Chapter 15 To Do or not to Do’Urden ago
Chapter 16 The Desperate and the Pitiful… ago
Chapter 17 Hoodie of Hide and Seek ago
Chapter 18 Last night in Laurel ago
Chapter 19 Crossed Wires ago
Chapter 20 Sachet of Daztchup ago
Chapter 21 The Blame Game ago
Chapter 22 Farmers Market ago
Chapter 23 The Power of Devotion ago
Chapter 24 Choices ago
Chapter 25 The Hills Have Eyes ago
Chapter 26 Is this Okay ago
Chapter 27 The Burden of Dominance ago
Chapter 28 There May be Trouble Ahead ago
Chapter 29 Getting to Know You ago
Chapter 30 The Strongest Man on the Planet ago
Chapter 31 Is a Weirdo ago
Chapter 32 The Interview ago
 Chapter 33 Just the Two of Us ago
Chapter 34 Clive’s Place ago

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Dimitrios Gkirgkiris

You know it's good when you see a Baatazu demon on chapter 1!
I love the premise and Clive is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of MCs in other stories who are the typical edgelords.
Formatting can also be kinda hit or miss with LitRPG but this one's solid.
I can't wait to see where this is going ^_^


Well written, well plotted and very funny.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 Who put the T in Meditation

This is a very well written and very funny story. For me the star of the show is how the MC Clive and his mates take the p#ss out of each other, and make jokes even when they are in tight situations with the bad guys, typical British humour and very funny. The story is still developing at this point, but is coming together well and is nicely paced. The characters are finding their feet and are working well together. Overall, this is looking like a great read and is definitely one to follow.


Intense RPG apocalypse story and humorous

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 Sock Rocket

Very easy to get into this story. We see conflict right away with enough worldbuilding and high stakes to keep me interested in what will happen next and how the main character will survive. Interesting twists on the apocalypse rpg with the quest being a mysterious recipe book. I really like the main character. He's not perfect but is a fighter and will likely prove himself resourceful. It's interesting that they can't see their stats right away, but then can read upgrades. Funny moments in the dialogue and in the exchange with friends about the sock weapon. Chapter length lends well to binge reading. I like the demon freak ninja because he seems like a credible threat, has cool powers and is also kinda scary. Nice descriptions throughout including the demons face. I am intrigued at when we will see the woman again and how the tension will remain with how powerful she is at that high level. So far so good as she was just there shortly, but I wouldn't want her saving them too frequently/ though I'm sure that's not the plan. The setup has solid traditional role playing game post apocalyptic tropes for beginner skills but is also unique as they have to be creative with what they have. I like that they can advance quickly at the start of the story based on prior experience in some areas. That will help move it along quickly to some epic butt kicking , or butt sock rocking, if I may. 

Jez Cajiao

I'm enjoying the story so far, can't wait to see what Clive gets up to in the future, so I've signed up to get the updates!

I especialy liked the humour, the seriousness is broken up by it and it makes the story flow much better!


Good luck Sinky! 


I followed Kevin from condition evolution to here - his writing always makes me laugh. I'd absolutely give this one a read and see if you like it. 

The best thing about this writing in my opinion is the humor, there's just something about it that kills me. 

I hope you keep the series going for a long while