Dear Diary,

Have I mentioned how much I hate slimes? Because I reeeeeeely hate slimes.

We decided to separate to map out the dungeon, because splitting the party is always a great idea. And, to be fair, it worked. Aya and Mika found the door. The rest of us ended up dissolved by slimes.

Well, they ended up dissolved by slimes, too, since the only way to get back is to die. But they got dissolved last.

Anyways, there are nine slimes between us and the next door. Two of them are fire-resistant, while three of them are ice-resistant. Now that we’ll be going through as a group, with all our magic and enchanted swords, we should be able to kill them fairly easily. If we don’t make it tomorrow, we’ll spend a full day working on our spells, then go at it again.

In the group, I'm the one who feels strongest about slimes, but everyone agrees they suck. No one wants to die by them any more times than strictly necessary.

Meanwhile, my marble Mimo is back to doing poorly. I don’t think I’ll be getting any championship medals this year. Which, since there are three medals and only five contestants, is kinda super sad. But Staab says he wants to join next year, so there’ll be an even chance at getting a medal, and losing won’t seem quite as depressing. Yay!

Speaking of Staab, he and Lilly seem to be getting along super well lately. They have the same sense of humor, which is good. Lilly kinda… well, she’s the smartest one in the group. Book-smartest, I mean. Before dying and becoming a catgirl, she was in college to be a teacher, and was learning just about everything. And now she works with spells and magic, which deals with words and phrasing and math. She always thought she was slightly better than the rest of us, especially when she made a joke or reference that flew way over our heads.

I don’t know what Staab did before dying, but he gets her references. Right now I think they’re still just friends, but given how often they exchange knowing looks, I don’t think they’ll stay that way long.

This is the first romance in the group, so Lilly has alllllll our attention. It’s kinda hard to start a relationship with someone when you only see them once every month and a half or so. Sure, people have flirted with us, but it’s never been anything serious. The only one who flirts back is Kimi. I mostly find it annoying. And in the first cycle we specifically decided there wouldn’t be any relationships between us, because if it ended badly we’d still be stuck together for who knows how long, and we don’t need that kind of drama.

But enough about that. I’m gonna focus all my mental energy on telling the universe I need a breakfast menu in the burger shack. Because that would get me (at the very least) eggs, and then I could make soufflés! Or not, because soufflés are hekkin hard to make. But I could make a quiche! Quiches are good. And it might get me flour, which I could then use to make cakes. If not flour, then pancake mix, which can still be used in lots of cake-like things.

Cooking is fun, don’t judge me.

Anyways, it’s late.

Goodnight, dungeon!



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