Tales of Demons and Dragons - An Original Xianxia GameLit

Tales of Demons and Dragons - An Original Xianxia GameLit

by _Fowl_

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

One or more chapters per day

Directly Inspired by Tales of Demons and Gods, with an Italian (European) spin and magic on top of cultivation.

Mix of light comedy and very dark parts. Darker chapters are marked with a disclaimer.


Jacob reincarnates in his 15 years old body. It's just a few minutes before the Change that brought Demonic Beasts swarming all over Earth. In a matter of hours, all the big Capital Cities are razed to the ground. Dragons invaded Rome; Hydras assaulted Venice. Even nastier monsters lurk in the dark. Sadly, his talent is abysmal, and virtually everyone is stronger than him. And he knows that Demonic Beasts are not his only concern, for humans can be far more malevolent at times. 

St. Peter,  Jacob's small mountain hometown in Abruzzo, houses only a few hundred. And since bigger monsters appear in more populated cities, they are relatively safe, or so he thought. But, he soon realizes that even if he went back in time, not everything is the same. And one thing is for sure: he is not the same. His soulmate is now in front of him once again, but things are different. Maybe too different.

Follow Jacob in his struggles to protect everyone, change his talent, acquire strength, confront lost loves, and maybe meet new ones. This reincarnation story shows that people who can go back to their past may not be as successful as they thought. 

I will write no harem in this story. The protagonist may be involved with more than one girl, but not every female will fall at his feet. 

Swearing will be censored whenever possible since some people do not like explicit forms. However, the censoring will be minimal, like "Fuc**ng." 

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4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Reborn ago
Chapter 2 - Talent ago
Chapter 3 - Demonic Beasts ago
Chapter 4 - Forbidden Technique ago
Chapter 5 - Alpha Demonic Wolf ago
Chapter 6 - Betrayal ago
Chapter 7 - Auntie ago
Chapter 8 - Mount Tai ago
Chapter 9 - Hell Devouring Cultivation Technique ago
Chapter 10 - Three-Colored Stalk ago
Chapter 11 - Murder ago
Chapter 12 - Murderer ago
Chapter 13 - Juliet ago
Chapter 14 - Ancestral Bond ago
Chapter 15 - Out of Danger ago
Chapter 16 – Would you mind getting on your knees? ago
Chapter 17 - A True Master ago
Chapter 18 - None of your damn fuc**ng business ago
Chapter 19 - I will gut you like a pig ago
Chapter 20 - Pasta ago
Chapter 21 - Fifth Level Of The Cockroach Realm ago
Chapter 22 - Helena ago
Chapter 23 - Hellspawn Chameleon ago
Chapter 24 - Cowboy Style ago
Chapter 25 - Frederick ago
Chapter 26 - Sacred Phoenix Body Transcension ago
Chapter 27 - Stir some sh*t up ago
Chapter 28 - The Future ago
Chapter 29 - Kindness ago
Chapter 30 - Francis ago
Chapter 31 - Goodbye ago
Chapter 32 - A little gay ago
Chapter 33 - Strategize ago
Chapter 34 - Engines ago
Chapter 35 - Hillary Clinton and George Soros ago
Chapter 36 - Charybdes ago
Chapter 37 - Training ago
Chapter 38 - Born to Kill ago
Chapter 39 - Carnage ago
Chapter 40 - First Room ago
Chapter 41 - Second Room ago
Chapter 42 - Motherf**ker ago
Chapter 43 - Cockroach Pills ago
Chapter 44 - Stalling ago
Chapter 45 - Inadequate ago
Chapter 46 - Fifteen Minutes ago
Chapter 47 - Swordsmanship ago
Chapter 48 - Healing ago
Chapter 49 - Questions ago
Chapter 50 - 90s ago
Chapter 51 - Plans ago
Chapter 52 - Halberd ago
Chapter 53 - Magic Weapon ago
Chapter 54 - Interrogation ago
Chapter 55 - Hell's Spawn ago
Chapter 56 - Joseph's Past and Future ago
Chapter 57 - The Quiet Before the Storm ago
Chapter 58 - Cultivation and Pasta (+ DAILY MISSIONS) ago
Chapter 59 - War Room ago
Chapter 60 - A Dance and a Palm ago
Chapter 61 - Alchemy and... ago
Chapter 62 - Pasta? ago
Chapter 63 - There is Always Going to be Darkness (+ MISSIONS) ago
Chapter 64 - Don't let it touch you ago
Chapter 65 - Bloody Lie ago
Chapter 66 - Not everyone worries in the same way ago
Chapter 67 - Burn, Baby, Burn ago
Chapter 68 - Round One (+ MISSIONS) ago
Chapter 69 - Pentagram ago
Chapter 70 - Hunter Perks ago
Chapter 71 - 6th Stage of the Cockroach realm ago
Chapter 72 - Twin Spears Wielding (+ MISSIONS) ago
Chapter 73 - Bum Out ago
Chapter 74 - Dread ago
Chapter 75 - Do not lose hope ago
Chapter 76 - Breakthroughs ago
Chapter 77 - Evil ago
Chapter 78 - Golden Hero ago
Chapter 79 - Bad Omens ago
Chapter 80 - Grandmaster ago
Chapter 81 - How to learn forbidden techniques ago
Chapter 82 - Jinxed it ago
Chapter 83 - Tales of Heroes ago
Chapter 84 - Another Frederick ago
Chapter 85 - Round Two ago
Chapter 86 - Fire ago
Chapter 87 - Phoenix's Blood ago
Chapter 88 - Goodbye ago
Chapter 89 - Settling Down ago
Chapter 90 - Lasagna ago
Chapter 91 - Walls ago
Chapter 92 - Lost and Found ago
Chapter 93 - Stone ago
Chapter 94 - King Arthur ago
Chapter 95 - Faceslapping ago
Chapter 96 - Anger ago
Chapter 97 - Kevin ago
Chapter 98 - Women ago
Chapter 99 - Sic semper tyrannis ago
Chapter 100 - More Ancient Ruins ago
Chapter 101 - Sparring ago
Interlude to Volume 2 - The Necromancer: The Seventh ago
Chapter 102 - Control ago
Chapter 103 - Oink ago
Chapter 104 - Talks ago
Chapter 105 - No Future ago
Chapter 106 - Jacob? ago
Chapter 107 - Girlfriend/Devil ago
Chapter 108 - That's what you get for getting in bed with the Devil ago
Chapter 109 - I missed you ago
Chapter 110 - Soul Contract ago
Chapter 111 - Alchemy [Cooking] ago
Chapter 112 - Humanity's Peak Invention ago
Chapter 113 - Beauty Sleep ago
Chapter 114 - A Day of Change ago
Chapter 115 - Dual Cultivation ago
Chapter 116 - Future ago
Chapter 117 - Epagogia's M.O. ago
Chapter 118 - In Pulvem Reverteris ago
Chapter 119 - Baptism in Blood ago
Chapter 120 - Not Nice ago
Chapter 121 - Black Tyrant ago
Chapter 122 - Fights ago
Chapter 123 - No Mercy ago
Chapter 124 - Manipulation ago
Chapter 125 - Choice ago
Chapter 126 - Golden Child ago
Chapter 127 - Wake Up Call ago
Chapter 128 - I Knew It! ago
Chapter 129 - Horde ago
Chapter 130 - New heights ago
Chapter 131 - This Great Kevin ago
Chapter 132 - Pack ago
Chapter 133 - Dark Thoughts + CENSORING POLL ago
Chapter 134 - Soul Weapon ago
Chapter 135 - Big Cut ago
The Necromancer - Chapter One - Ellipses ago
The Necromancer - Chapter Two - Hot Shower ago
The Necromancer - Chapter Three - Meeting ago
The Necromancer - Chapter Four - Monster ago
Chapter 136 - Dimensional Storage ago
Chapter 137 - Test ago
Chapter 138 - A Lot to Learn ago
Chapter 139 - Cultivators and Food ago
Chapter 140 - Flavius ago
Chapter 141 - Pretty Boy ago
Chapter 142 - Questions ago
Chapter 143 - Sex? ago
Chapter 144 - Worries ago
Chapter 145 - Parchment ago
Chapter 146 - Bed Manners ago
Chapter 147 - Kung-Fu Fighting ago
Chapter 148 - Tommy's Martial Style ago
Chapter 149 - First Martial Saint ago
Chapter 150 - Friendly Spar ago
Chapter 151 - Disciples ago
Chapter 152 - Love Problems ago
Chapter 153 - Francis's Mom ago
Chapter 154 -Puppies ago
Chapter 155 - Black Flames ago
Chapter 156 - Be Careful ago
Chapter 157 - Rape Jokes ago
Chapter 158 - Master ago
Chapter 159 - Vermillion Tyrant ago
Chapter 161 - Hell's Guardian (+ MISSIONS) ago
Chapter 162 - Time Expert ago
The Volcano Queen - Chapter 1 ago
The Volcano Queen - Chapter 2 - Feeling Weird ago
The Volcano Queen – Chapter Three – The Temple ago
Chapter 163 - Leader ago
Chapter 164 - Party Trick ago
Chapter 165 - Fight Among Masters ago
Chapter 166 - We Have a Problem - END OF VOLUME 2 ago
Interlude to Volume 3 - The Divine Archer ago
Chapter 167 - Charisma ago
Chapter 168 - That would be you ago
Chapter 169 - Too much energy ago
Chapter 170 - Talk Strategy ago
Chapter 171 - A Hero's Tears ago

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Goat Man

I'm very blunt and my review will focus primarily on the negatives but you should know that despite them I am still enjoying this novel.

First off the strory feels painfully slow sometimes, I get that some things need to be dragged out but the first day doesn't end until chapter 32 which makes it feel dragged out.  Though this may be due to short chapters.

Secondly the MC fluctuates between acting like a 15 year old and his older self this isn't even the end of it as despite his large amount of experience it often feels as though he's an idiot getting led by pure emotion rather than the more rational thinking someone of his age and circumstance would have. 

Thirdly obsticales are often thrown at him for what feels like no other reason than to make the MC struggle not to push the story forward. Though it should be noted that this is not with most of the obstacles just the ones that rely on bad luck.



Characters other than the MC have personalitys and motivations.

There's some really good points in the novel around the changing relationships between him and his old friends.

 The MC isn't the typical murder hobo MC found in most of these types of novels.

The MCs lack of talent whilst annoying provides a good way of limiting his power early on in the novel.


So _Fowl_ has clearly read Tales of Demons and Gods (one of my early favorites) and then got inspired to write something in a similar style, but with a modern apocalyptic European twist.

For the most part, its pretty successful and makes for an entertaining read, where the MC has OP reincarnator knowledge but remains on par with his peers due to his very frail and sickly original body.

The MC does have a few odd reactions to things , but I suppose that returning to a sickly hormonal teenage body surrounded by very alpha teen characters might cause some internal confusion

Things I would recommend for an edit would include a grammar review, breaking up the first day into several days (too many things happen to fit into that space of time)  and maybe expanding on the dialogue a little. There is also much emphasis placed on the MC being injured by pushing himself beyond his limits to do OP stuff, yet he never seems held back by that, so more time to heal plz. Also the chapters are really short.

I do like the character evolution, particularly the butterfly effect he has on assumed allies and enemies, with a nice switcharoonie in there.

Overall, this novel has a lot of promise and with a little editing could go a long way. Worth a read.


Tales of Demon and Gods was my first cultivation, and I like what you are trying to make. 

Everything is looking awesome at the moment. 

Grammar is good, 

Magic and Qi together looks interesting, 

MC is a bit too weak but we know he will thrive. 

Time to binge read!!! 


Grammar is decent, not the greatest but very readable, theres a few choice bits that i stumble over but overall decent.

Story line is pretty good too, with just enough suspense that i'm looking forward to the next chapter but nothing that i would consider a cliffhanger, as of now. 

the authors notes are just as good a read as the actual story so theres that too.

Its very similiar to Tales of Demons and Gods webnovel so if you're familiar with that story (and its tropes) and enjoy it then this will be a good read as well. One of my favorite things about it is the actual character development in the MC as well as the side characters that show both mental growth as well as power growth.

Bacon Macleod

A good apocalyptic xianxia, depsite the issues

Reviewed at: Chapter 90 - Lasagna

Look, the writer is italian and the quality sentence by sentence could be better.


However, IDGAF. This is basically a OG xianxia written in better, way less broken, english and with a sensible plot. its fun, its easy reading, I like it.


Its not a filet mignon, but its a damn fuckin good margharitta pizza if you pick up what im putting down

Mundus Gubernavi

Well as my rates are here.

My reviews are found in comment sections.

So feel free to read the story and some of my rants on some flaws and story direction.

Its good with good side chars, but unlikable mc(imo).

Why i dont like the mc? Read the story and you'll know it.

Some dillusiinal side chars are a gem though.

Well enough of that. JUST READ THE STORY DAMMIT!!!


Refreshing cataclysm /reincarnation story.


This has been just delightful 

For a nano writing piece it is incredible and it manages to be engaging and surprising. 

He meets old loves and risks new ones, all the while trying to be true to himself and his real age  

He was the last human left after everyone else died and ends up in the past as he flees his own death to try and save humanity  


I am glad I encountered it. 

Many of theses are really not worth your time. This one is. 

It definitely has some sly humor, but manages to feel real and intense at the same time. 

It starts with the main character having traveled back in his own timeline. He makes mistakes and missteps, but none of them are contrived and he manages to hold the type of perspective I would expect of such a character. 

The story builds as his return ripples out, changing how he interacts with others and the paths they take.  Karma has other ripples and he makes new discoveries as well.

Pesto even plays a part  

A hopeless fight, but with hope. A repeat of past history where too much has changed by recreating it. 

Not much more to say without spoilers. But this is worth your time. 

The author interacts at time with the readers, but only on the comments and with good humor. 


Cute, funny, laid-back. I'm excited to read it every night before bed after a long day at work. It's a nice relax for my brain and the story is actually pretty enticing. I think it's clear the author has a lot of experience with writing, and so the few grammar errors ca be totally over-looked. Thanks for uploading! 


Overall it is very good as the spelling is okay the update speed is amazing while keeping good quality and despite low commenting rate the author keeps uploading rapidly so overall amazing! But some advice I would give is to stop uploading so rapidly make a stockpile of chapters to rely on and slow down so you don't get burned out


Good read, fun hearty romp through a cultivation and magic universe, reset is well managed and the author has really thought about the impact of knowing the future has on the past. author also interacts and responds to comments. 


Well worth a read , could do with a once over with a proofreader but nothing major