The Nine Tails of Alchemy Series (gamelit)

The Nine Tails of Alchemy Series (gamelit)

by Outback Quill

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

The First Tail, 

The year is 2375, and the world has been drained of most of its natural resources, in order to preserve their dying planet the government puts into action the digital life initiative. Those deemed of low economic value, are stripped of their physical bodies, leaving them to become digital beings who live out their lives in the virtual cities. 

Top of her class, and seemingly on the fast track to university, Kadia is horrified to find herself issued with a notice of digitalization. In an instance, her life begins to fall apart around her, with the knowledge that her family had sacrificed her in exchange for her half brother. 

Kadia wasn’t someone who had any interest in the virtual worlds, unlike her brother who spent his days lazying about in a VR capsule, she was busying studying and preparing for her future as a pharmaceutical scientist. After her digitalization, Kadia is reborn into the virtual world Kaledon the newest and most realistic fantasy world on the market, where she finds her dreams and passion rekindled when she picks up a mortar and pestle. 

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some total kretin


Reviewed at: Chapter twenty seven

TL;DR: It's a chick wish fullfillment self-insert LitRPG much more focused on the social aspects of gaming, so expect the parts of sword art online/log horizon not about fighting. The premise is weak, but if you get over the starting cringe it is readable and somewhat good. It certainly caught my attention.

Soo, another book by outback quill, huh? I am starting to get a hang of the stories she writes now, though. You know, strong female heroine (self-insert) really really wish fullfillment, episodic in nature compiling a whole, with probably some delicious hunky boy(s) somewhere in the near future. 

The plot is written in episodic form, giving a space of several chapters to an event some unspecified amount of time after the previous episode happened and we always learn something new and something that has changed while going through the properly dialogued episode du-jour.

The whole style is dialogue-centric and if you really start thinking about the system, you realize the reason it isn't featured more is it is not thought through. It is, after all, giving our heroine amazing powers without any levels, indicators or just scaling.

In the end I decided to think about it as more of a clasical fantasy with the LitRPG aspects hastily and shoddily bolted on so that the premise makes sense and the players can think about it as a game.

In the end it was fun to read and I got over the first twenty-something chapters in one afternoon.

Also, it's more of the classical kind of wish fullfillment, where large windfalls of money fall from unexpectedly won court cases and gods give vague blessings.

Oh, and I like the tidbits on famous alchemists and farmacology, it fits nicely into the story. 


Decent writing but no staying power

Reviewed at: Chapter twenty three

Protagonist is veering towards a Mary Sue, with everything needed given to her for free. As of ~chapter 25 she has yet to struggle with anything except the Tragic Backstory. 

Writing is decent and I read up to the current content. So its fine, I'm just not interested enough to keep reading. Will greatly appeal to some though.


This story to put it simply, is absolutely amazing. I binged it in about a day or two, it was just so good I couldn't put it down.


It isn't often we get to see everything from the point of view of an alchemist, but stories like this are always my favorite. The MC doesn't go out and slice through her problems, she has to slowly come up with new solutions and methods. The MC is also a delight, and very realistic. She doesn't take being forced into a game world well at first, as she shouldn't its a traumatizing experience. But despite that we see her trying to forge a new life for herself. 


The style of the story is great, its not so slow you get bored but not so fast you're left wanting. The characters are all multi deminsional and you don't have a hard time distinguishing them based on their individual personalities. 


The grammar is good, there's an occasional typo but nothing so bad it makes the story unreadable. 

The story is overall amazing, while the character sort of gets handed some small cheats she still has to struggle to figure out solutions for her problems. Which I love. While an OP character is fun to read its also incredibly satisfying to read about a character that fails and has to work for success. And Kadia is willing to work for every inch of progression she can get. She's a wonderful protagonist, smart in a way that's not simply told to us but shown to us time and again. 


All in all a wonderful story that can and will suck you right in.


Overall I really like what I’m reading!! I am very interested in the story’s premise. It starts off fast and exciting and slows down in-game as the MCs world is developed. I appreciate the depth and detail that goes into the MCs motivations and background knowledge, although her initial reactions seem a bit muted and it would make more sense if her internal dialogue showed us her reasoning to generally stay calm and making the best of her situation by focusing on her passion. Which seems to be exactly what she does. There IS drama though, and it is believable and feels real. Other characters are also fleshed out and seem to have a personality although the dialogue can be a bit wordy and could seem more natural. But that’s just the writing style - it is thorough and I appreciate being able to see the entirety of an experience in detail. Very high quality RR experience so far, excited to keep up with it.


I'm excited about this story!

Reviewed at: Chapter fifteen

This story has a interesting premise you have a girl who was betrayed by her parents and living in a digital world (which would be awesome imo) and dealing with the repercussions of that. 


It's not 5 stars due to being a bit wordy with the descriptions of what's going on but other than that I haven't seen any major spelling nor grammar errors.


All in all looking forward to seeing where this goes.


I've enjoyed reading this and while the real world seems to have a darker tone the game world is a lot lighter and fun. I'm interested to see where this ends up going as there seem to be hints towards maybe an exploration arch. It can be a bit wordy but I like how I can get a whole view of what is happening. I'm not normally much of a reviewer or commenter as I just prefer to read but wanted to let the author know im enjoying her work. Please dont get discouraged by some bad reviews. Different people like different things.  


I know I've said it before in other reviews, but I really love when science is done well in a story, especially the wet sciences.

This one is no exception.

Yes, technically it's alchemy, but, here, we have an aspiring pharmacist, now alchemy in a virtual world putting to use knowledge of the history of chemistry, as well as good, scientific method. Yes, it's using magic and magic, alchemical ingredients, but the process is true to the scientific method, in all it's meticulousness.

If course, it doesn't hurt that the characters are relatable, the interplay been characters is realistic and humorous, and the plot is good, too. The grammar is above expectations for most self-published webnovels, too, which is an added bonus.

All in all, well worth the read!

(Blah blah blah, word content minimum, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 200 effing words blah blah blah no efficiency of words blah blah blah blah blah who waffles around with this many words blah blah blah blah blah Wing, you need to change this -it used to be 50 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah i can't even come up with more words blah blah blah blah hasn't anyone heard of economy of words blah blah blah blah blah why use 50 words when you can use 10 blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I'm so sorry, ms author ma'am blah blah blah blah)


Standard Trapped In A Game Premise

Reviewed at: Chapter seventeen

I don't typically read female wish fulfillment for obvious reasons. However the author here avoided the main issues I have with it which mainly involve romance stuff, indeed the story even lacks the romance tag. The one benefit of male wish fulfillment is that typically the sex/romance part isn't significant enough to intrude on the parts of the story I enjoy. This has been essentially replicated here by not having any, although there is always the risk the author adds it later. A few of the male characters engage in ambiguous behavior which could be part of a setup in the future.

About 10 years ago I did a lot of development work on an indie mass-co-op MMO which had a very realistic alchemy sytem. So I really enjoy stories that have involved alchemy/chemistry/potions/herbalism. The system in this story isn't quite as detailed currently but it is still pretty up there since the protagonist is a chemist.

Regarding the title this story suffers from all the plot nonsense of trapped stories. It is really unavoidable since there isn't a reason that really works. Indeed most mmo litrpgs have very similar background plot issues regarding this. This problem is so common and necessary practically that I don't typically lower the score much.

Similarly it is obviously a wish fulfillment story and it doesn't make a ton of sense to penalize the rating purely on the genre. I am a bit worried that the author will focus too much on the real world story. A lot of people blather about "stakes" but I don't care about that so real world stories mostly distract me from cool video game stuff.

Hopefully the story adds some depth to the basic outline as it goes on. It has potential but it hasn't fulfilled it yet. I'd probably keep reading as long as there isn't a relationship plotline.


The concept for this story has potential but is ruined by things such as:

-characters just accepting massively important deals without little thought

-characters accepting situations far too quickly. For example, let's spend a fortune on someone within a few hours of metting them because we used to know her a year ago

-author trying to make the character as op as possible, getting everything for free doesn't add to the story

-the abomination of trying to combine fantasy science and 'real science' while also calling them seperate. I am perfectly fine with magic systems etc, but the way it was done is horrible

-a picture of my (2d) anime wifu brings me more emotion than any of the characters. They are incredibly shallow

-some other stuff probably


Couldn't stomach the stupidity

Reviewed at: Chapter two

A star for grammar and having a concept. Stars removed for not having a world that makes sense and not having actual characters. 

I was really disappointed, couldn't make it more than a couple of chapters in because people don't work like that. If it was a new author who was learning I'd keep it to myself because they'd likely improve.