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Life has always been a battle, but for some people that's especially true. Not everyone can take living another day for granted. And that was before the world started ending. Now that the [Trial] is here, and everything is going up in flames... well, life isn't getting easier. That's for certain.

Trapped in the [Trial], John is faced with a painful reality: If he wants to live, he has no choice but to climb. And if he wants to survive for the long term, he needs to keep on climbing. Even if that means heading directly into danger.


Dungeon/Tower climbing premise with a progression LITRPG focus. Not extremely fast-paced. Not a Super-OP MC. Intended for those with (or those who can relate with) chronic health problems.

Being written in the hopes of completing Book 1 before November 14th (World Diabetes Day)

New Chapters release on Monday

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Slow paced story of survival

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

So this is a system intro + apocalypse + tower climber LitRPG, which are normally fast paced races to OP-ness, but its a much more slow take on the genre which makes it somewhat refreshing and interesting.

The author slowed it down by making it much more about survival and adapation due to the MC's health condition and his struggles to not only climb the tower but to just make it through.  Which normally would be rather ho hum and boring but works out rather well due to a very realistic and practical presentation of the MC's actions when dealing with adversity.  So far there haven't really been any huge epic battles the MC has participated in (quite the opposite!) but there has still been plenty of suspense, danger, and interesting world building as well as some character growth going on.

There are stat points and levels but its not really a "crunchy" story per se.  There doesn't seem to be hit points or stat bars.  So far in story people and monsters can't take hits to the head and just shrug it off and keep fighting without issue:  if a single blow to the head would kill you IRL, no matter how strong you are, it'll kill you in the tower too.  Not much of anything regarding major magic so far but its still early in the tower for our MC.

A minor nitpick:  while some of the introspection chapters are understandable and actually fairly realistic (the MC is often locked up in self doubt and frustration early on) its a little repetitive and boring to read at times.  Just power through those chapters, it gets much better as you go.

If you like a fast paced story you won't like this at all but if you're looking for a change of pace this could be for you.

Grammar and such are fine for a free web serial. 

Mostly just wish there were more releases but so far the author has been able to do pretty good there too so I'm just being greedy.


Insulin doesn't grow on trees

Reviewed at: Chapter 21.1

Overall: A System Apocolypse litRPG story with several welcome twists, starring a main character with a time limit on their life: their insulin supply. I recommend this story to anyone who is a fan of the genre. 

Story: A reasonably standard system comes to Earth, with twists! While monsters and rifts have appeared everywhere on Earth, the system is only taking 1000 people per week to gain superpowers via a litRPG levelling system/tower climbing teleportation adventure. The rest have to try and make do vs superpowered monsters, though some people have come out of the tower with powers to help. The protagonist has diabetes and is generally a shut in, so as the apocolypse unfolds they are holed up at home trying to avoid adventure... until they are selected for the tower.

The system itself seems standard, with the 6 dnd type attributes that increase with hard use, each getting 1 skill associated with them, an unknown at this point but in the status screen class, and perks to screw with everything.

Just as of the last chapter I've read there have been some nice twists, so even though the early chapters are somewhat light on story and conflict, I'm hopeful things will progress well, so 4 stars.

Characters: I'm giving an entire extra star because the main character has diabetes. That stress and danger of the illness informs a lot of their choices and gives them more personality than protagonists in these stories often have. I'm also giving credit for their reaction to leaving their home: that was well written and gave good insight into the character.

However, there is only one character so far at all, which makes it hard to give a high character score. With only one character there is no dialog, no interpersonal tension, no anything related to multiple characters at all.

There are indications there are going to be more characters very soon though, so I'll edit this review to reflect that when it happens.

Style: [Edit] Chapters after this review were posted have been much better! I've upped the score to 4 stars.

Single line paragraphs with short sentences.

Just aren't good to read.


This is the biggest and easiest improvement the story could use: just stop pressing the return key and write in paragraphs. There is occasionally an issue with repetition of concepts, the starting few chapters drag on a bit, and it could use more showing and less telling, but overall flow is good without too much filler. Descriptions let me know what is around but they don't drag on, and I'd rate the glorious few chapters with paragraphs as 4 stars in style.

Grammar: Generally solid, with the occasional typo or sentence fragment, but nothing that stopped me from understanding clearly what was going on. 5 stars by the standards here.

bored oblivion

I just really like this story dont know exactly what makes it appeal to me so much but my guess is partly how hard the main character works to survive in spite of the situation they are in. Any power that they have accumulated feels like they earned it. They grow not just in power but also as a character. There weakness just doesn't instantly go away instead being a real thing that continues to hold them back and make them work harder to overcome it.

looking froward to more chapters fingers crossed that it actually finishes too many great novels on this site just go on hiatus


I was intrigued when it mentioned diabetes day, and started reading. As a type 1 myself, it's always in the back of your mind that if the supply chain dies, so do I. There is no "prepping and fighting your way back to civilization", at best it's "doing what I can for everyone else until the insulin (or needles) runs out". So far, the story captures that sense of resignation/acceptance that comes along with having a lay-about pancreas, and I think this will be enjoyable (assuming he finds a substitute).


Reviews must have a title

Reviewed at: Chapter 25

I really really like this story. A lot of people probably won't, and that's perfectly okay. This is the story of John, who has Type 1 Diabetes. Litrpg apocalypse occurs and, well, no more insulin. He's in the starting area with three months to live, Glhf. It's not fair, he's not a min-maxer, he's just trying to live.


Style: if you like stories by Wercwercwerc you'll enjoy this style as well. Highly introspective from a first person point of view, and you get to know the MC intimately. If you liked Gilded Hero's style, perfect! If you didn't, uh, rip I guess?


Story: is as I said above. It takes an overdone trope and turns it on its head completely by adding one limitation. The main character no longer can wait forever and grind stats and skills. The MC is very much on a timer, and this shows by the constant dread that's hanging over your head as you're reading. It's really really well done, along with the execution of the baseline trope also coming out amazingly. I'd honestly read this book if it had an OPMC, but I much prefer it without one.


I noticed no grammar mistakes, but I'm very tolerant of them, so take that with a small grain of salt.


Character score is... Weird. On one hand, everything that is conveyed is done masterfully, on the other, well... John is a blank slate character that only has a vaguely alluded to past, working harsh hours, little to no family support, and a dead grandfather are just about all we know. That's not to say he's a bad character at all, but he hasn't really been fleshed out yet. He is also (effectively) the only important character in the story thus far, so as more characters are introduced, I'll come back and update this if I remember

Mista Red

a bit old school but fresh,also a little too slow

Reviewed at: Chapter 27

I'm going to be rambling quite a bit because english and formatting are hard but here goes:

the premise is pretty basic and sorta close to what the premise of "the tutorial is too hard"was.the world is ending but the "trial" is there to take everyone and put them in terrible danger so they can become superhumans and it does so by putting them into scenarios on each floor;there are a few twists though,the main one is that

our protagonist is diabetic and needs a daily dose of insulin to survive


,another is that the tone is somewhat grim(and oddly reminds me of the gilded hero in some regards)and the story is at least most of the time pretty introspective,it focuses a lot more on our main character and his struggles than on fighting or exploring the system with only the recent chapters giving us a deeper look into what the whole thing looks like.

there are other differences which both improve the story and hinder it in some ways(or at least teste my limited attention span),the story takes things slow,our mc thinks through things and because of his limitations he has that much more to overcome just to be able to get to the baseline of the protagonists you'd usually see(though again,reminds me of TTITH in that sense) and this is honestly a breath of fresh hair compared to op protag kun#5568 getting ALL the good stuff.

but there are problems that sort of occur because of this and I'm not sure if they are really problems or all the op fast based protagonists have lowered my attention span,the first and most noticable bit is that the story is slow,like really slow compared to what I'm used to on RR;it allowes for me to get to know some characters quite a bit despite not seeing all that much of them(

the priest being one example,despite being at first glance just a nameless rando,I feel like he's going to be remembered for a long time because of the time we and our mc spent with him and how much he seems to have helped him

)but it also becomes a little too much sometimes and drags things out,though as I said the story is picking up for what I'm guessing is going to be the climax of it's initial arc though I almost wish it didn't so we could have had more time in the third floor exploring it as it feels a little rushed compared to what was before it.(it basically feels like the opposite of the second floor,fast and fun but slightly limited in how much it shows early on).

the second big thing that people might have issues with is our protagonist,he's very cautios,he's not op,in fact he's the opposite of it and it's only through his caution and well,cowardice that he survives and while it's pretty intresting to see it can get a little frustrating watching him hide in a corner and watch the world burn around him(despite the fact that I'd likely do the same myself)and while it's handled pretty well most of the time there are times which I'm just waiting for him to do something already.


overall I think if the story improves by a little it'll be one of the best stories I've read in the last few months.


Like, this MC does not get a break. How did the hell are they still going with all that sh*t being thrown there way? Dedication is truer in some more than others I suppose. While still having that persistence to not just curl up and die, they still show off traits that make them relatable. The author might have fallen to the weaker sides, but character is something they were more than good at. For that, I applaud them. 



An Absolutely Splendid Novel So far.

A first-person perspective story about a man with a crippling chronic disease this book really takes a perspective that I haven't seen most take. The logic behind the motivations and ideas of the main character is compelling and understandable.  Im even loving the monklike progression that's going on here, something that I haven't seen explored too much. I just hope that in the end the story doesn't take a strange twist from what it is atm and turn into the whole " OMG HE WENT THROUGH THIS AND NOW HES SOOO OP WATCH HIM BECOME GOD OR SOMETHING " fantasy. 

Grammar wise this story has been incredibly consistent and smooth to read. I love the style myself. I have only found one spelling mistake within the first 20 chapters and that goes a long way in my book. 

Character-wise, so far Im in love with the world presented by the author. Although the first arc was really devoid of any real supporting characters the priest introduced in the second arc is * Muah ! And from what we've been introduced to the third arc has a creepyish vibe that Im expecting a lot out of. 

Overall Id rate this a good 9/10 cats, Great Job Author !!! 



There is a lot going on here that is standard fare for a story on this website. I am relatively uninterested in talking about that. The emotional core of this story is  struggle. About learning to live and grow in spite of dire circumstances, about coping with real, genuine hardships that aren't thrown to the sidelines the moment the MC gets a taste of power, and about pushing forwards in the face of overwhelming adversity. In that respect, I think this story has managed to ground itself in the realities of dealing with chronic illness, in the sacrifices one needs to make to survive when continued health is not a guarantee. Anybody who has dealt with, or knows somebody who deals with disability, mental illness, or chronic health conditions should resonante with the themes here. I certainly have. 

More generally, its a well written and thoughtful take on a formula that so often puts us in the shoes of hypercompetent, impossibly luckly, and generic characters who win by virtue of finding shortcuts. There are no shortcuts here, just the slow and difficult work of self-improvement and survival in a world that is very rarely fair. It makes all the progression feel well earned.


A real good adventure

Reviewed at: Chapter 6

This is a well written and edited story. The flow is good and carries you along to a place where you should have stopped reading and gone to sleep, but one more chapter wont hurt will it...

It is a tower climbing story attempted from a different perspective, bit more gritty than the usual affair as we follow our mc through his climb. Has to work for his gains in a methodical no cheat manner. 

Its his internal narrative is what makes this stand out and keep you turning the pages. Thoroughly recommend reading