Lineage Saga (Army/Kingdom Building Fantasy)

Lineage Saga (Army/Kingdom Building Fantasy)

by TheEternalScholar

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

The continent of Erdenia is in flux, nations large and small move to swallow their neighbors. Roving bands of marauders pillage the countryside, and the seas are choked with piracy. Against this backdrop upon the central island of Syroneika exists the Mercan League, an alliance of city states ruled by the Archon from his seat in the Capital, Merlabria. Yet all is not well beneath the surface.     

The Archon’s health is waning, while the House of Mercan appears on the verge of conflict. Both princes vie for the Archonship, with the aristocracy close behind looking to settle old scores. In the immediate west the Althai Federation is in a state of civil war, the conflict spilling over the border into the League, while nobles’ squabble over petty slights.

In this time of growing conflict, the Archon has summoned the warlord of the southern frontier, bulwark against the horrors of the dark forest, and former Grand Scholar of the court. Behind the scenes pieces are in play, and the Scholar possesses numerous enemies, many still envious of his meteoric rise to power. A simple trip to the capital may be more than it appears.

However, the branches of fate are fickle things, a single encounter could change the course of history. Or perhaps that is simply the will of fate, and nothing has changed at all, who could know? Could the meeting between a simple slave and a warlord truly be fate’s bough? And if so, where could that lead?

Read this if you like:

Army Building

Grounded Combat

War and Strategy

Gritty Violence in a Dark unforgiving world

Realistic and engaging characters

Medieval/Classical Economics and R&D

Do not read if:

Looking for OP MC (power gain is gradual)

Last minute Deus Ex Machina moments

Can't stand Slow Development and extensive world building

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Cover Art created by: Illusstation

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Updates Monday-Thursday (Guaranteed) [more chapter releases per week are possible depending on buffer and as rewards for events I announce]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: The Venom Fist ago
World Map: Continent of Erdenia ago
Chapter 2: In the blink of an eye ago
Chapter 3: The First Step ago
Chapter 4: A pinch of hemlock ago
Book 1 Map ago
Chapter 5: Meeting the Crew ago
Chapter 6: Putting down the strays ago
Chapter 7: Overlook ago
Chapter 8: The Little Witch and the Amazon ago
Chapter 9: Making an Entrance ago
Chapter 10: Tightening the Screws ago
Chapter 11: The Gauntlet ago
Chapter 12: The Bronze Leopard ago
Chapter 13: Towards Myrmien ago
Chapter 14: City of Thieves ago
Chapter 15: Let the Show Begin ago
Chapter 16: First Blood ago
Chapter 17: Of Beasts and Men ago
Chapter 18: Competing Powers ago
Chapter 19: Pursuit Predation ago
Chapter 20: The Toad ago
Chapter 21: Slip and Fall ago
New Special Edition Book Cover ago
Chapter 22: Gentleman's Wager ago
Chapter 23: Birds of a Feather ago
Chapter 24: Honor Bound ago
Chapter 25: The Healer's Knife ago
Chapter 26: Highway Robbery ago
Chapter 27: Preparing for Departure ago
Chapter 28: Unexpected Visitors ago
Chapter 29: Past, Present and Future ago
Chapter 30: Moonlit Excursion ago
Chapter 31: Berserker's High ago
Chapter 32: Shadows in the Night ago
Chapter 33: Organizing the Pursuit ago
Chapter 34: The Butcher of Black Rock ago
Chapter 35: Darkness behind the curtain ago
Let's play a Little Game ago
Chapter 36: Pack Hunting ago
Chapter 37: Brother and Sister ago
Chapter 38: A Difference of Opinion ago
The Clock is ticking friends ago
Chapter 39: Camp Disturbance ago
Chapter 40: Night of the Howling Moons ago
Chapter 41: Duel of Giants ago
Chapter 42: A Witch's time is never free ago
Chapter 43: Wrath hath no equal... ago
Chapter 44: Catch and Release ago
Chapter 45: Reuniting with old Acquaintances ago
Chapter 46: Baby Steps and the Witch's Smile ago
Chapter 47: Internal Discord ago
Chapter 48: A Prelude to Battle ago
Chapter 49: When the Soldiers go Marching In ago
Chapter 50: Hammer and Anvil ago
Chapter 51: Uphill Slaughter ago
Chapter 52: Under a hail of arrows ago
Chapter 53: Never treat War as a game ago
Chapter 54: Suppressing the Beast ago
Chapter 55: Transformation ago
Chapter 56: In the eyes of the Gods ago
Chapter 57: Prepare for some pain ago
Chapter 58: Shattered Resolve ago
Chapter 59: Into the Hall of the Ancients ago
Chapter 60: Autopsy Report ago
Chapter 61: Waking an Old Friend ago
Chapter 62: A Final Farewell ago
Chapter 63: The Orchids Twisted Roots ago
Chapter 64: Core of an Erehema ago
Chapter 65: Welcome to the Family ago
Epilogue 1: The Golden Prince ago
Epilogue 2: House of the Golden Chalice ago
B2 Chapter 1: Piracy on the High Seas ago
B2 Chapter 2: Blazing Fury ago
B2 Chapter 3: Power to the Powerless ago
B2 Chapter 4: The Red Giant ago
B2 Chapter 5: Through the Looking Glass ago
B2 Chapter 6: A painful Road forward ago
B2 Chapter 7: Port Ealar ago

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Style: The prose of the story is spot on. Gives plenty of description without being too wordy. The reader gets a strong idea of what's going on, what the characters are thinking and feeling as well as an understanding of characters' positioning/movements during action scenes. Very easy to follow and understand overall and not a chore to read. 

Grammar: Only a few typos here and there, and the author promptly rectifies them. Perfect score here.

Story: Despite the fantasy setting, quite a bit of historical knowledge went into creating the world. Anyone that is a fan of ancient Rome will feel quite at home (both in the story and in the comment section). The author clearly has a love for that period in history, and it is more than evident within the writing. 

Character: The characters fit within the story. They act as one would except from an ancient-Roman style society. The characters are tough, stern and brutal. The concern and care for life isn't present among much of the main cast (which consists of gladiators and soldiers-for-hire), so they have no qualms with taking lives. However, that doesn't mean there isn't any compassion amongst the cast. As seen early on the story, even the most vicious of gladiators can have a soft spot.

Overall: An engaging read for anyone that is interested in ancient history. It's also very likely that you'll learn a lot just by hanging around in the comments section. 


Excellent read looking forward for more

Reviewed at: B2 Chapter 7: Port Ealar

I enjoy this story very much, coupled with high number of releases make it one of my favorites stories and one that I look forward to every day. I hope that the kingdom building aspect will be as detailed as the world building.


Keep up the good work I hope to see more work from this author.




What a brilliant peice of work, well written throughout, great characters and storyline no filler chapters and a great pace, enough world building and character back stories to keep you informed without there being dry chapters/ info dumps. The world and setting is well done and no all powerful mc, well worth the read and I'm glad the author did a complete rewrite so that it's paced nicely. 


I have read the first version of the story which was good enough , the type of story that I usually enjoy , this version is clearly an improvement . I am eagerly waiting for the rewritten chapters to be posted so we can move on with the plot to something . As of now , I don´t have anything bad to say , it is a solid story.


Great concept and world building

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Towards Myrmien

Overall, I love it so far! It has interesting characters and the story is captivating. The author is detailed and thorough. You can tell they put a lot of effort and thought into each chapter. I am excited to see where the story goes from here. Keep up the great work The Eternal Scholar!

the space dog

It is good but it feels like we are coming in to a already going story we don't know enough about the characters to get much impact from there actions and relationships over time this can be fixed when we know the characters better. 

as a side note when we get to the scholar's territory I hope you show some of the flaws of The scholar and of his Territory because with the world you are building does not make sense for everything to be fine and peachy


The Gladiator, The Warlord, The Scholar

Reviewed at: Chapter 24: Honor Bound

Style - Story is well written, well structured, understandable and without any obvious stylistic errors, I could notice. Very slow, due to necessity to establish the original setting, but plenty of action. 5-Star review

Grammar - I'll find out what grammar is, soon, I promise! As English is not my first language, I don't judge any story by its grammar. (5-Star by default)

Story - it's a very classic fantasy story with a setting heavily inspired either by Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. I am very hesitant to call it a fantasy as I didn't notice any supernatural elements fantasy is bound to have and would go as far as calling this an alternate history instead. The story is progressing very naturally trying to slowly build up your understanding of the completely original setting, with characters that are a natural part of the said realistic, historical setting. No RPG elements, no Portal Fantasy, bonus points for that. 5-Stars. 

Characters - I think characters are actually well written, realistic, and fit into the tone and context of the setting. I should give them 5-stars as well because there is nothing wrong with that part per se, but I am not going to. Because I find them uninteresting, they are fairly mundane characters with a relatively realistic historical setting, which doesn't catch my interest. 

Overall, I would suggest this story for any fans of faux historical novels where characters, places, and events are completely fictional, but otherwise operate as a historical setting would, without any supernatural flash attached to it. It would be 5-stars for them, I am certain. 


Completly voluntary review no threats included

Reviewed at: Chapter 37: Brother and Sister

Sweats looking at the gun. Tied to the chair looks at the paper that lies on his knees and then starts reading at loud. My completely unsolicited review of the Lineage saga story states. The characters are well-written and  world building is great. It brings the vibe of Ancient Greece where city states quarreled with each other, forgetting they are small fish in a big pond. I give it 4 stars....hears as bullets are loaded into the chambers... I GIVE IT FIVE-STAR POINTS!



Why not, clearly not bribed!

Reviewed at: ONLY 2 MORE TO GO

Great world so far, looking for more view into the supernatural part of the world, and to see how will our characters progress forward.

Grammar is a strong point of the story, but the consistent releases are even more important, but what attracted me more are the vivid descriptions of the world. Looking for more chapters down the line!



I like the world building and drafting of the characters. The realistic world without OP protagonist is author's strongest selling  point. though Battle  scenes  could  be better and i would like more grey characters.

My main issue is scholar's caravan which has not any casualties in all the clashes. They are in hostile  lands but seems like a merry bond of adventurers.