How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?

How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?

by DarkClaymore

After finishing his first degree in Computer Science, Nick now searches for a job in the hi-tech industry. His attention is drawn to Anomalia, the company developing the most advanced androids in the world.

Blessed with the curse of finding uncanny flaws in every product, Nick aims to become a “Quality Assurance” tester. It’s a safe job, where he can spend his time interacting with lifeless products and doesn’t have to worry about being socially inept.

Little did he know, that becoming a QA tester in Anomalia will suddenly turn him into a father. Not to mention, his cheeky android daughter hates his guts... but also unconditionally loves him!?



Cover art by Fluffy Flower

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Table of Contents
46 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Test 1: Anomalia’s Interview ago
Test 2: Meet Ms. Anxiety ago
Test 3: Home Sweet Home ago
Test 4: Playing Games ago
Test 5: They Call Back ago
Test 6: Rika, the Anxiety Queen ago
Test 7: How is this a QA test...? ago
Test 8: How do you QA test a human!? ago
Test 9: Exam's Conclusion ago
Test 10: Roberta ago
Extra Test: Anxiety Factor ago
Test 11: Results...! ago
Test 12: Eric ago
Test 13: QA Room ago
Test 14: The Little Model ago
Test 15: I'm Your Father ago
Test 16: Naming ago
Test 17: Gaming ago
Test 18: Learning ago
Test 19: Shut Down ago
Test 20: Toys ago
Test 21: Office Risks ago
Test 22: Documents vs. Daughter ago
Test 23: Playing Lego ago
Test 24: User Manual ago
Test 25: Lego Mastering ago
Test 26: Product Requirements Document ago
Test 27: Tsundere Meter ago
Test 28: Enforced Preferences ago
Test 29: What Does My Daughter Want? ago
Test 30: Anomalia Server ago
Test 31: Original Creation...!? ago
Test 32: Bug Reporting ago
Test 33: My Daughter ago
Test 34: Preparing a Lego Set ago
Test 35: Mall Shopping ago
Test 36: Weekend ago
Test 37: Papa...? ago
Test 38: New Build ago
Test 39: Rewind ago
Test 40: Jenga Fails ago
Test 41: Smashed Memories ago
Test 42: 4$ of Love ago
Afterword ago
Announcement: My new fic ago
Announcement: Classmancers, my new story about MOBA Esport ago

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Should have more readers for how good it is

Should at least be in the top 10 monthly fictions. Much better than some on there right now. Great fiction, wish more people would read it.


Unlike most stories on this website, this is NOT a fantasy. This, along with the story about ghosts( are both great reads with great resemblance to real light novels. This story gives off a very relaxed, slice-of-lifey feel. It follows your average guy who somehow or another manages to always find some kind of fault in a product. So what does he do? Like any sane man with that kind if luck(?), he makes a career out of it by QA(Quality Assurance) testing products. This story in particular focuses on the titular character, the tsundere android girl. She's really cute. 


tl;dr: Cute story, believable cast, well-written and well-paced

I'm always looking forward to another chapter with Lily-chan.


Clear character development, clear writing style, and an enjoyable read.  Took off one star in story because of the lack of a clear antagonist, even though that is part of the charm of this work.  Took one Star off Character due to the lack of character development from co-workers/boss.  And the lack of a clear relationship there.  Author may correct this later


34 chapters posted at time of review.


honestly reads better than my own work, good job!




It's not the typical RRL template which I found refreshing. It's a good read and it kind of reminds me of Plastic Memories. Just hope at least it has a good ending, rather please make it a good ending!


I've read as far as Chapter 33 and so far the plot flow is good. Its lighthearted, easy to understand and fun to read.




Great but unfinished story

Great sci-fi slife of life fiction. If people would try do read anything else besides fantasy fictions, this would be in the top of popularity list.

I'm not really sure how fiction style can be scored, but I will try my best. This type of style is not first and isin't the best I seen in rrl but it is damn close to it. It is rare to see someone actually managing to write interesting story in first person as it is much harder to transfer thoughs and feelings from a single character.

Story of its own is quite diffirent than normal rrl stories. It is mostly a light hearted story of a young person search for employment which lead to unusual job. Even though I think it is a great story it lacked the final goal. The author wrote that he may consider continuing this story but so far I only give the story 3.5 stars. If the story will continue, I will deffinally increase the score.

Grammar is surprisingly good, I don't think I found a single grammatical mistake in any chapter.

Character development is great, all characters are interesting (except the sister). Even though this story has only 40 something short chapters and don't give a lot of dialogue to each character (There isnt many of them) they all show their presense and none of them just fade into shadows. Author nicely presents the conversations between the android and mc (Even though I think he attached to her way too fast) and I'm so happy that author did'nt tried to add harem to make it more popular (I don't get everyone feel the need for it).

In conclusion I would say that this is a good story but with continuation it would become a great story.


The Yandere Darkling's Review of: How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?

Up to Test: 42 as of February 15th.

This story is about a kid getting a job in the QA department of an android factory. Sweet, and simple. No catch. Except for maybe a cute laggy lolibot breaking his fragile heart.


Characters and Story:
What’s not to love about this MC? His flaws are lovable! His situation realistic! (Even has a normal family!)
Tsun android is simply cute. (Trust me, you’ll want one!)
Side characters: there was one I’d have liked to see again. Definitely expect her to show up if there’s a volume two (book two perhaps?). The rest were mostly just there, but believable and definitely have their own agendas.


Grammar and Style (Clumping these together because it was well done):
Grammar was great. I don’t believe I spotted anything wrong.
Telling is at a minimal, passive voice is balanced throughout.
Filter Words are mostly used for our MC’s feelings and actions, which is about the only thing I’d suggest to improve upon.


Thank you for the story! -and please notify me if there is any more coming!


Cheer! To new great story

As I don,t know why my stars keep disappearing.this fiction  made me curious about wth is qa  even if star didn't shown I give you 5/5 :)


QA Tsundere should be Published and Sold

This work should be published and sold. 

I'm going to give a simple review. 

Style: The author writes in a witty style with clever dialog along the MC's inner monologue being the focus of the story.  I know the author is an adult because he speaks deeply about things that a mature person would.


Story: Character driven. The theme is Growth and Learning and being human. I love it. My only problem is occasionally the author will go on about unnecessary elements that really should be edited out. Like the whole the "tv dinner" scene and mentioning the messed up refrigerator, that has nothing at all to do with the story or anything at all, just edit all of that out.   


Grammar: Clear and good. not enough errors to even bother mentioning. Only pushback. Writer needs to learn how to use dialog tags (He simply does not use them) and that's not cool because there are several chapters you have to read dialog  more than once to figure out who's talking. 


Character: They are the sole reason I read this story. 


This work should be published and sold.



Went to register just to comment your novel

English is not my first language so what i'll try to convey might be shabby but when i read your story i had the same feeling as when i read Isaac Asimov I, Robot or The Rest of the Robots and so on.

I love reading about relationship between human and robot, particulary when you test the limit of the humanity of the robot and ... of the human. It make you feels awkward, does a robot realy have feeling or is it fake? Is it just a program? ...

At first i wasn't sure if i'll read your novel but once i started i gulped it in one go.

Thank you for such a great story and i hope for MOAR!!!


Okay, not as good as reviews lead me to believe.

The story itself isn't bad and the characters are fairly unique individuals in and of themselves, but I find some of the qwirks of the MC and some of the supporting characters kind of annoying and hard to believe. The main one being the MC's sister, I have never once in my life heard someone use "like" or "and stuff" in everyday conversation unless they were joking around. Then she uses the word groovy out of nowhere which I've never heard out of anyones mouth who wasn't making fun of hippies or from a tv show/movie with hippies in it. My best guess is she was intentionally made uncharacteristicly unbelieveable as a way of suporting the MC's disdain for her. It also took way to long to be introduced to the MC's "daughter" to which the story is supposed to really be about, and the idea that he would be the only one to be made a QA in that department is extremely hard to believe. Most, if not all, companies would move at least a couple of there veterans over to a newly created job after highering replacements before they would give the job to someone brand new. Overall, the story while decent in premise is hardly enjoyable to read and could use quite a few changes.