Draconic Karma Dungeon

Draconic Karma Dungeon

by Luna BigCat

A sapient Dungeon Core appears in a world where a System god created Dungeon Cores in order to try to rid the world of evil.

The Core decides to do this using the power of dragons and karma!

And to help nice people whenever possible while at it.

I plan on releasing chapters every Monday.

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Luna BigCat

Luna BigCat

1st Anniversary
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Table of Contents
65 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - A God’s Troublesome Creations ago
Chapter 1 - Empty Rooms and a Creature Pattern ago
Chapter 2 - Puzzles, Mimics and Achievements ago
Chapter 3 - Rules and Opening ago
Chapter 4 - Introducing the Tribe and 'First Party' ago
Chapter 5 - Exploring a Peaceful Dungeon ago
Chapter 6 - Abnormal Dungeon ago
Chapter 7 - Meeting the Coolest Dragon and Getting Rewards ago
Chapter 8 - The First Level Up and Passive Achievements ago
Chapter 9 - Everything Has Tiers and Trouble Lurks ago
Chapter 10 - The Effect of Karma ago
Chapter 11 - Faulty Traps and a New Floor ago
Chapter 12 - Morale Schemes and Elven Enemies ago
Chapter 13 - Planning with a Dungeon ago
Chapter 14 - Tribal Announcement and 2nd Floor ago
Chapter 15 - Emerald’s New Life ago
Chapter 16 - Evacuation and Elves ago
Chapter 17 - Extermination and A New Environment ago
Chapter 18 - Wonky Magic ago
Chapter 19 - Phoenixes and The Kobold Flight ago
Chapter 20 - Fighting in the Fortress ago
Chapter 21 - 3rd Tiered Results ago
Chapter 22 - The Boss and Its Discount Unicorn ago
Chapter 23 - Loot and Merchants ago
Chapter 24 - Exploring The 5th Floor ago
Chapter 25 - The Greatest Weapon and Merchants' Decisions ago
Chapter 26 - And For A While Life Was Good ago
Chapter 27 - A Newborn, A Drunken Captain and A Dungeon Rescue Team ago
Chapter 28 - The Order of The Broken Goddess ago
Chapter 29 - Boss Battle ago
Chapter 30 - Changes in The Tribe ago
Chapter 31 - A Thief and a Forest on Fire ago
Chapter 32 - Solving and Making Puzzles ago
Chapter 33 - A Hero's Familiar Question ago
Chapter 34 - The Return of The Merchant Caravan ago
Chapter 35 - A Father's Guilt ago
Chapter 36 - Kill or Redeem? ago
Chapter 37 - How to Safely Tame a Dungeon ago
Chapter 38 - Expecting a Battle, Getting a War ago
Chapter 39 - The Might of Fallen Heroes ago
Chapter 40 - Infinite Boss Battles ago
Chapter 41 - The Dangers of Greedy Pacifists ago
Chapter 42 - Turning The Heat Up Before Cooling Down ago
Chapter 43 - Momma's Treasure ago
Chapter 44 - Dealing with a Cage ago
Chapter 45 - A Dungeon Mistress' First Day ago
Chapter 46 - A Dungeon's First 'Request' ago
Chapter 47 - A Dawon, Mage, Soldier and Mason Walk Into A Dungeon ago
Chapter 48 - Apologies and Unicorn Thoughts ago
Chapter 49 - Noted Oddities ago
Chapter 50 - Trap Triggers and Troublesome Travels ago
Chapter 51 - A New Floor to Document ago
Chapter 52 - Puzzles of Character and Logic ago
Chapter 53 - Discovery and a Deal ago
Chapter 54 - The Act of Private Messaging ago
Chapter 55 - Sapient Beasts and a Stable Boy ago
Chapter 56 - Karma Theories, Boss's Boss, and Settlers ago
Chapter 57 - A Priest’s Belief ago
Chapter 58 - First Look at The 10th Floor ago
Chapter 59 - A Question of Life or Death ago
Chapter 60 - Repairing Trust and Dealing with Complaints ago
Chapter 61 - Rerun Mode and a Holy Mission ago
Chapter 62 - On the Topic of Slavery ago
Chapter 63 - Bans and Leaderships ago
Chapter 64 - The Order Arrives ago

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the characters seem a little two dimensional, talking out loud to further the author's design. a sentient dungeon (something not seen before in world) is glossed over and easily accepted. a little forced progression as the author needed antagonists to find the dungeon eventually, but the method of initial discovery was glossed over and the perpetrator largely ignored. I would suggest going into this with a not too serious mindset or else you will find yourself mentally grumping at certain aspects of the story.

The Defenestrated Typewriter

Interesting ideas but the the story itself falls flat. The story often feels more like a recitation of things and doesn't really engage interest well.

The system has a lot of great ideas but it doesn't feel cohesive with the logic not really holding together. 

The way it works out because of its peaceful rules means both the dungeon and the tribe are getting large amounts of loot drops and xp by simply going for a walk every morning, no actual effort needed at all. 


Also the morality is a bit wonky which is a problem when it's central to everything. The system measures your karma and anyone below a set level is evil and should be killed. Good and evil is a very complex, subjective subject yet the systems judgement of a person's morality is reduced to a simple number and a questionably accepted as fact. person X's karma has dropped below 10%, kill them immediately. Please ignore how the dungeons advancent is tied to how many evil people it's killed and how that's okay because they were irrevocably evil despite how quickly karma levels are shown to change (up or down). 


Draconic Karma Dungeon is a dungeon story that starts off with a fair amount of suspended disbelief but quickly moves on to the meat and potatoes of these kinds of stories. The primary gimick is that this dungeon is objectively 'good' as it is given a quest by [The World] to make [The World] a better place. 


Anyway, This quest is facilitated by the fact that the dungeon quickly becomes able to expand and gain experience through peaceful methods. 

This is actually a really awesome part of the story. The Dungeon does not come off as weak, stupid, or suboptimal. Rather the author manages to elicit feeling of satification by the simple act of helping the good guys. This is no doubt assisted by the expediant inclusion of a scene where the dungeon inflicts the wrath of god onto the bad guys. 

So far the pacing is excellent. 

Moving on, the grammer is a solid good enough out of ten. You will definetely find errors (especially in the later chapters) but they are the type of one word typos that are easy enough to gloss over/understand what actually was meant.

The characters come off as relatively one dimensional. However do keep in mind that this world contains *ahem* a one dimensional karma system. Also, there are only 13 chapters. Take it as you will.

The style is average in a good way. It is simple, inoffensive, but still manages to deliver the story across to the reader. The author tends towards simple language, with few literary devices to carry the story. The story has a positive outlook, with an emphasis on the happy interactions between the dungeon and the delvers. Where the story does turn dark, the scenes are quick and brutal, which helps to sell the skill of the dungeon in completeing its primary quest. 

This story does not merit the honor of the 'Idiot MC' tag.

Overall it is a simple black and white world with an interesting enough [System] that made me smile. I am excited to see where it will go. 


A fun dungeon story with an unusual premise

Reviewed at: Chapter 21 - 3rd Tiered Results

I feel that the idea that dungeons are here to make people nicer is really novel. But I think that needs more backstory. Why does the system care at all that people are "polite" to each other? Plus, apparently killing creatures in the dungeon can be enough to drop their karma several points. Why? In any other dungeon those monsters would be trying to kill them, and they're probably unfamiliar. How can the adventurers be sure that the cute dragons watching them aren't like Weeping Angels that'll attack the moment they stop paying attention?

In general, this feels a little like a politeness mallet (about on the level of a kid's show) as far as the "be nice to people" part goes, but It's a very enjoyable and enthralling story nonetheless. Maybe the lessons could also get more complex as the floors increase? The "speciesism" puzzle is certainly more advanced than the "trapped dragonet" one.

I did really like the part where the creatures could leave the dungeon if they're befriended by a visitor, but despite them being mostly dragons I'm also not really seeing yet what makes them better than any other dungeon creature. That said, I'm not really sure what would make them feel more "dragon-y."

My main complaint, though, is that I've run out of unread chapters. :D


This story is very stupid in my opinion. It's trying to act wholesome, but comes off as stupid.

It's well written, writing-wise. But the plot is straight up nonsense upon nonsense.

The dungeon, that was supposed to be about dragons, has few dragons in it. Everything else can only remotely be related to dragons, or not at all. They struggle to add dragon characteristics to mobs to get a discount from the system.

It's a lit-rpg. System is very restrictive and artificial. And yet everything can be broken by mc for enough mana price. Not even by rare currency or points, just mana.

Protagonist, as cliche goes, is a friendly dungeon. So much, that they literally reward twice the loot and exp for doing nothing in the rooms then clearing them perfectly. And it definitely can be abused. It also provides all of it's services for free to people he likes.

As cliche goes, it wasn't even two hours before a escaping slave furry village found him, and they were all very "good people". Literally. Being good is measured by karma in this story. Just a number.

Protagonist is frequently rewarded by bonuses and multipliers to his everything from his actions, because reward plank is very, very low. It explained by stating that other dungeons are very dumb. Few achievements were gained accidentally, because system doesn't demand intent, only assumes it was there.

Dungeon design in the story is absolute crap, and it's both very restrictive, and just makes whatever your want when you think about it. So there is basically no design, and it's very boring.

Enemies twenty levels above the protagonist die easily inside, because that's how unbalanced it all is.

No one is keeping secrets, mobs freely blabbering to visitors how to pass puzzles, unless required by the plot, some things unnecessary detailed, and system, at times, criminally imprecise.

Generally, book is pretty boring.

It's like "There's no loot, only puns" -like story, but there is no memorable characters, no world building(at all) and no soul. One is like first person action game, the other is like orthographic 3rd person tycoon game.

It's readable, just very annoying and boring.


There will always be room for improvement, hence the 4 and 1/2 star reveiw. However, this work is super fun and a really nice change of pace from the usual dungeon core stories which usually consists of a lot of killing, growing, and more killing. Please keep up the great chapters! I will be waiting for more content eagerly!


30 chapters in and i still do not know the name of this forest, elven kingdom, basically anything about the world. Most of the characters are barely worth mentioning. System is so helpful for the main character in bending the rules and rewarding for absolutely anything that it is becoming annoying. And the last nail was the lack of shown reaction to important events from supporting characters.

Dungeon killed three of the tribe members and one proved himself to be a rat and nope no description of what the tribe think about that. Two elves of the third patry survived and reported about the dungeon being a deathtrap and nope no interlude from the elven side.


So 3/5 and I really do not understand why this work is rated so high.

Red Yeti

First thing I need to say is that I love this premise. Things are slightly rushed in the first few chapters but the story as a whole is absolutely delightful. Somehow there has been less focus on dragons though in the last mini story arc but a great dungeon story all the same. 

Random Duck

While the start of this story is a little rough, once you get to the actual dungeon part, it is very good. I am extremely happy that I found this story. The story so far is fast paced enough to be interesting with out skimping on the descriptions / details and so far it doesn't get bogged down with every tiny thing or cluttered with too many boxes, although sending some boxes into a spoiler tag wouldn't be a bad idea. The characters mentioned by name are mostly distinct, interesting, and make sense logically. And the only reason I say mostly is I have a personal problem remembering more than 3 or 4 names immediately after being introduced. If they keep appearing I'll remember them eventually. Maybe... Anyway that's not the point. The point is that this a wonderful introduction to what sounds like a fascinating world. Now it does have some issues with some word choices, a bit of forced dialogue in the beginning, and some hinky coincidences, but nothing that can't be either ignored or fixed with editing. Overall I sincerely hope that the Author continues to share this lovely story. 


I have seen dungeons stories were the dungeon core is stupid or dumb or even innocent, but it usually don't last long, in this one the core is actively being stupid, when faced with the danger of being eliminated the core simply decides that it does not want to kill people, so it lets their enemies go straight into their core room.

Also there is some contradictions, earlier on in the story the dungeon decides to fight against those who wishes to enslave or kill the core, but them it just doesn't care about the possibility of being enslaved.  

Not to mention the fact that it does not care for the fact that it is actively trapping the tribe inside the dungeon, unable to leave or level up, all because the dungeon decides that "killing is bad".

The idea that a being as powerful as a dungeon would gladly face the danger of being enslaved just because it doesn't want to kill the enemies inside of it is totally ridiculous. Even though the dungeon has a fake core it is still a risky move since it is explicitly said that it is possible to notice that it is a fake core.

In short, I do not recommend reading this story unless you want to be disappointed in the later chapters of it. Even though the start of the story is good the longer it goes one the worst it gets.