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  • Profanity
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They traveled to another world through a virtual reality machine created by a God, in what they thought for a long time was just a game, but ended up being real.
They went through a 'Great Cataclysm' that changed the world through magical energy, which transformed the world in an unthinkable way.
It has been thirty years since humanity faced the virtual reality machine and twenty years after the 'Great Cataclysm' which awakened abilities and started a magical and wonderful world very different from the old one.
Now a young woman arrives in a city in the middle of the sea to attend an academy.
What is her objective? What is the reason for her arrival? And mainly... Who is she?
Follow the adventure of Aurora whose life, values, and attitude will be known in due course, along with her past, secrets, virtues, and defects.

Modern world, magical world, female protagonist. 

Translation of my original work in Spanish with more than 500 chapters, two volumes finished, and although the first volume is slow, from the second the pace changes.

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Table of Contents
286 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Neglect ago
Chapter 2: Welcome to the Heroes Academy ago
Chapter 3: It is recommended... ago
Chapter 4: Are Sacred. ago
Chapter 5: Give me back... ago
Chapter 6: Ranks ago
Chapter 7: Instinct. ago
Chapter 8: It was my fault! ago
Chapter 9: Work Habits ago
Chapter 10: First Class ago
Chapter 11: This is going to be a long year ago
Extra Chapter 1: Theological Debate ago
Chapter 12: Encounter. ago
Chapter 13: I thought you'd be late. ago
Chapter 14: Invitation ago
Chapter 15: Phases ago
Chapter 16: Training ago
Chapter 17: Hope ago
Chapter 18: Combat. ago
Chapter 19: Going easy. ago
Chapter 20: Results. ago
Chapter 21: Remember to arrive early. ago
Chapter 22: Athens ago
Chapter 23: Tourism ago
Chapter 24: Dinner ago
Chapter 25: What the hell is going on? ago
Chapter 26: The Truth. ago
Chapter 27: Second Encounter. ago
Chapter 28: Can't we change it? ago
Chapter 29: The most normal. ago
Chapter 30: First Test ago
Chapter 31: Right question ago
Chapter 32: I learned from my mistakes ago
Chapter 33: Increased Difficulty ago
Chapter 34: Temporary Dungeon ago
Chapter 35: Information Network ago
Chapter 36: The beginning ago
Chapter 37: Inside the dungeon ago
Chapter 38: Why did she do it? ago
Chapter 39: They are excellent ago
Chapter 40: She is a good student ago
Chapter 41: Disturbing ago
Chapter 42: Registration is now open ago
Chapter 43: Invitation ago
Chapter 44: Interview ago
Chapter 45: Reality ago
Chapter 46: Preparations completed ago
Extra Chapter 2: The Evil Gods ago
Chapter 47: Don't regret it ago
Chapter 48: Group surprise ago
Chapter 49: Veteran bosses ago
Chapter 50: Limits ago
Chapter 51: Keep Up The Good Work ago
Chapter 52: Week ago
Chapter 53: New suits ago
Chapter 54: Cleaning ago
Chapter 55: They're Pretty Good ago
Chapter 56: Easy ago
Chapter 57: Secondary Mission ago
Chapter 58: Night Work ago
Chapter 59: Visitors ago
Chapter 60: Virtual Warrior ago
Chapter 61: A Well-Deserved Reward ago
Chapter 62: Careful ago
Chapter 63: A New Mission ago
Chapter 64: Ceremony ago
Chapter 65: Beginning the Great Mission ago
Chapter 66: Starting the Journey ago
Chapter 67: The Road ago
Chapter 68: Mishap ago
Chapter 69: No-man's-land ago
Chapter 70: Refugee Camp ago
Chapter 71: Orders ago
Chapter 72: Tension ago
Chapter 73: What Are We Going to Do? ago
Chapter 74: Overreacted ago
Chapter 75: A Great Night ago
Chapter 76: Leaving ago
Chapter 77: Change of Plans ago
Chapter 78: The Perfect Machine ago
Chapter 79: Horde ago
Chapter 80: A Brief Rest ago
Chapter 81: Murchison Falls National Park ago
Chapter 82: Warning ago
Chapter 83: Preparations ago
Chapter 84: You Can Try ago
Chapter 85: Chaotic battle ago
Chapter 86: It’s a Delicacy ago
Chapter 87: Finally ago
Chapter 88: And for So Little ago
Chapter 89: Party ago
Chapter 90: Assault Mission ago
Chapter 91: Details ago
Chapter 92: Sacrifice ago
Chapter 93: I Sold You ago
Chapter 94: Anniversary ago
Chapter 95: Time for Rest ago
Chapter 96: Final Preparations ago
Chapter 97: Operation Assault ago
Chapter 98: Start ago
Chapter 99: Battle ago
Chapter 100: The Fragility of Life ago
Chapter 101: It’s Over ago
Chapter 102: Conference ago
Chapter 103: Perfect Student ago
Chapter 104: Advice ago
Chapter 105: Payment ago
Chapter 106: First Step ago
Chapter Extra 3: Terra nova ago
Chapter 107: Test ago
Chapter 108: First Time ago
Chapter 109: Don’t Blame Yourself ago
Chapter 110: She was... ago
Chapter 111: Would They Believe Them? ago
Chapter 112: Museum ago
Chapter 113: Tour ago
Chapter 114: Part of The Past ago
Chapter 115: Normally ago
Chapter 116: Did You See It? ago
Chapter 117: Break Her Heart ago
Chapter 118: Will You Tell Me? ago
Chapter 119: More Trouble ago
Chapter 120: Cosmos Company ago
Chapter 121: Announcement ago
Chapter 122: A Favor ago
Chapter 123: If You Ask Her ago
Chapter 124: A Step ago
Chapter 125: Gallant Knight ago
Chapter 126: The Veil ago
Chapter 127: Do You Like It? ago
Chapter 128: Too Late ago
Chapter 129: The Mechanic’s Way ago
Chapter 130: You Have Priority ago
Chapter 131: Big Boss ago
Chapter 132: Tourism in Japan ago
Chapter 133: Are Closer ago
Chapter 134: Craftsman ago
Chapter 135: Last day ago
Chapter 136: Behind the Scenes ago
Chapter 137: Not Enough ago
Chapter 138: A Fierce Combat ago
Chapter 139: Turn ago
Chapter 140: Too late ago
Chapter 141: Do You Think You Can Stop Her? ago
Chapter 142: New Project ago
Chapter 143: The Information Was Valuable ago
Chapter 144: A Scary Weapon ago
Chapter 145: Rumors ago
Chapter 146: Pleasing the Boss ago
Chapter 147: Did He Make the Entrance on Purpose? ago
Chapter 148: A Grand Prize ago
Chapter 149: Don’t Overdo It ago
Chapter 150: Gold Mine ago
Chapter 151: An Interesting Tournament ago
Chapter 152: First Round ago
Chapter 153: Sometimes I Worry ago
Chapter 154: Extra Tournament ago
Chapter 155: Crafting Tournament ago
Chapter 156: Provocation ago
Chapter 157: End of the First Round (Point Rankings) ago
Chapter 158: Do Your Best  ago
Chapter 159: Pathetic ago
Chapter 160: After This Match ago
Chapter 161: Targets ago
Chapter 162: Dominant ago
Chapter 163: Challenges (Point Rankings) ago
Chapter 164: Quite an Exhausting Job ago
Chapter 165: The Only Difference ago
Chapter 166: Respect The Strong ago
Chapter 167: An Excellent Job ago
Chapter 168: Priorities ago
Chapter 169: Teaching ago
Chapter 170: The Tyrant Emperor ago
Chapter 171: Trust ago
Chapter 172: Fear Challenge  ago
Chapter 173: First Challenge ago
Chapter 174: Survival Challenge ago
Chapter 175: Waiting for the Right Moment ago
Chapter 176: The Only Relaxing Thing ago
Chapter 177: Extravagant ago
Chapter 178: A Group of Friends ago
Chapter 179: Starting ago
Chapter 180: Group Challenge ago
Chapter 181: A Way to Win ago
Chapter 182: Consideration ago
Chapter 183: Duel ago
Chapter 184: The Right Time ago
Chapter 185: Cleaning Plan ago
Chapter 186: Presidential Conference. ago
Chapter 187: Appearance (Point Rankings) ago
Chapter 188: Details ago
Chapter 189: A Deal ago
Chapter 190: It Will Depend On Each Of Them –(Point Rankings) ago
Chapter 191: First Confrontation ago
Chapter 192: It Seemed Like a Good Idea ago
Chapter 193: Message ago
Chapter 194: Semifinal ago
Chapter 195: Chaotic Battle ago
Chapter 196: Only One Path ago
Chapter 197: Analysis ago
Chapter 198: The Final ago
Chapter 199: Wrath of Zeus ago
Chapter 200: Winners ago
Chapter 201: Unexpected ago
Chapter 202: I’ll Be Gentle ago
Chapter 203: She Wasn’t a Heroine ago
Chapter 204: In the Worst Way ago
Chapter 205: Vacation is Over ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 1: Adrift ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 2: It’s Time ago
Chapter 206: One Week ago
Chapter 207: Questions ago
Chapter 208: The Beginning of the Operation ago
Chapter 209: Darker ago
Chapter 210: That Smile Doesn’t Work on Me ago
Chapter 211: What Do They Want? ago
Chapter 212: Reward ago
Chapter 213: So ago
Chapter 214: Also ago
Chapter 215: A Little Show ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 3: The Only Thing He Could Do ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 4: An Uncertain Destination ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 5: We Are ago
Extra Chapter 4: Gods ago
Chapter 216: Coupon ago
Chapter 217: The Mighty Ones ago
Chapter 218: What Are We Going to Do? ago
Chapter 219: New Generation ago
Chapter 220: Misguided Lamb ago
Chapter 221: Video ago
Chapter 222: Sect ago
Chapter 223: Everyone Hates Us ago
Chapter 224: Perhaps the Last One ago
Chapter 225: Girl? ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 6: Get up ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 7: A Rumor ago
Chapter 226: This Is The Only Freedom ago
Chapter 227: My Boss is Very Strict ago
Chapter 228: It’s Up to You ago
Chapter 229: Like Everyone Else ago
Chapter 230: Christmas ago
Chapter 231: Did She Regret? ago
Chapter 232: Taking Advantage ago
Chapter 233: Getting the Reward ago
Chapter 234: You Can’t Underestimate Them ago
Chapter 235: Great Battle ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 8: Call for Help ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 9: The Arrival ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 10: Was She an Artist? ago
Chapter 236: For a Few Weeks? ago
Chapter 237: A Scary Place ago
Chapter 238: Question ago
Chapter 239: Not Mine ago
Chapter 240: I Am Strong ago
Chapter 241: It’s Time ago
Chapter 242: They Are Unstoppable ago
Chapter 243: God’s Design ago
Chapter 244: Someone Very Valuable ago
Chapter 245: She Would ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 11: Rome Was Not Built in a Day ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 12: For Now ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 13: Favor ago
Chapter 246: Do You Know What It Is? ago
Chapter 247: Plan ago
Chapter 248: We Are Weak ago
Chapter 249: Are You Ready? ago
Chapter 250: Wonderful Team ago
Chapter 251: Everyone ago
Chapter 252: It Was Not Over ago
Chapter 253: Was it Possible? ago
Chapter 254: Taking Risks ago
Chapter 255: Realist ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 14: Arrival ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 15: Promotion ago
Parallel Story New Beginning Chapter 16: Presentation ago
Chapter 256: The Great Worm ago
Chapter 257: Sister ago
Chapter 258: We Are Already Too Old ago
Chapter 259: Will Allow It ago
Chapter 260: She Had Disappeared ago
Chapter 261: I Keep My Promises ago
Chapter 262: Who Started First? ago
Chapter 263: What About... ago
Chapter 264: This Time ago
Chapter 265: I Will Try to Improve ago
Parallel History New Beginning Chapter 17: Beginning ago

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Consistent Milk

The story is paced very fast. Even though many of the developments occur abruptly, the story managed to retain my attention.

The premise is a bit like the anime Boku no Hero Academia, that is it has a hero academy. Apart from that the whole world and its overall complexity felt different to me. The main characters have unique perks that set them apart. Many might find this story interesting, especially those who like the fast developments that occur in anime and manga. But I personally thought that some of the elements of the story needed more buildup. 

Mr Deimons

Overall, it's a good story to read. The theme is used quite well, as well as generating a good amount of interest in the world and what it can contribute without feeling tired. Although it has many things that can be improved, it is a consistent enough story to follow up on.


the argumentative style is quite well achieved, it is not heavy and can be read quite fluently. Although it has moments where you can half feel what you want to convey, it is not common, so it is not usually an inconvenience. A good point in favor that the novel has are the pov, although most of them at the beginning were from the MC, the more the story goes, the more variety there is that makes the world expand pleasantly.


the story in broad strokes is good and broad, which allows to cover many points without losing the main plot. generates a lot of interest and captivates the reader so that he immerses himself even more to explore the mysteries of the world of the novel, which is what makes the story very good. Some point to emphasize would be that although it has a very good story, from time to time points jump that could be covered much better, giving it more depth and narrative, and putting the situation in a much more manageable context that perfectly feeds the personality of the characters.


About the characters there is not much to say because they are quite well elaborated and you can sympathize with them and their situations, so I really have nothing to criticize them other than personal points of view regarding any of them.


Finally, it is a good novel that is highly recommended.


Note: As a reader in Spanish of the novel where you go much further ahead, I must say that what awaits you will make you follow it quite closely.

El Eru

here Spanish reader, being honest this story for me is not the best but I have dedicated more time to it than to daily exercise so XD the novel has a not very striking female protagonist, secondary characters with a background and development that I love , in addition to the fact that the initial mystery that the work gives you is clarified very quickly with a quick reading, but that does not make it bad, rather it makes it better, personally I highly recommend it to you my English-speaking friends, without further ado I hope you like it a lot, that they do not give a bad rating and that they offer some potatoes to the goddess alice, save the potatoes!!!


Good and posibly better than i believe

Reviewed at: Chapter 205: Vacation is over

i like how the author doesnt waste words with useless bulls**t or by having their characters doing the usual "cool", edgy, etc tropes that im tired about; also theres a healthy bit of mistery which is being revealed at a pace that i find proper in the way that is presented.

unfortunaly the author has an issue with gender words in which they are constantly mixing the he,she,him,her or whatever.

other than that the story,characters and everything else seems pretty regular(though i think its because it is barely starting at the point of my review) but a good read when in need of something not so serious or dumb.

Edit: i was right, after reading the spanish version up to chapter 685 i can say that i dont regret reading this theres more to come.



Ponas Niekas

I'm not good at reviews and usually don't do them but there isn't single review on this story yet and i really enjoying it.

It is well written story about 20y old calm female lead and her sister, who joined into prestigious battle academy as vacation from work.

Most characters feels real and dont act illogical. 


Worldbuilding: the world seems to work, we receive some information on the history and other all-around info mostly in form of classes in the academy, but most info is not necessary for the story
Storyline: mostly academy ark, but overall fairly average
-one main character always eating(10-20% of her action)
-one main character is always shown to others as incompetent while being the opposite
--> should have comedy tag
-main characters are shrouded in mysteries that are constantly hinted at but you at most get 1-2 sentences developing their backstory every handful of chapters. Those hints also have no value to the story and are just repetitive
-infodumps with no effect on the story
-poorly written battles


Overall, I think this is a great story. Personally, I have about 50 tabs of web novels that I check everyday for updates, and this has quickly become one of my most looked forward too. This is also the first time I have written a review, so I'll try to do the best I can.


The story is well written, the author tends to focus on the pov of just the main character for a majority of the story thus far. As of late though, she has started to add more scenes from others perspective. I think this has been very well done, it does not feel forced and it adds nice context to the story. It also helps to make the reader care more about the characters.



I think the story is great, it's very interesting and had me quickly binging through all 100 chapters so far written when I discovered it. There are a few things I am pretty excited to see happen, a little more insight into the MCs family or background would be great. There has been plenty of foreshadowing there, so I am excited to see it come out. There is not really any filler, and I have never hit a point where I feel disengaged or do not feel like reading more.



Overall the story is pretty well written. The Grammar is not perfect, as this story was translated from the authors native tongue, but it is by no means bad and does not detract from the story at all. The author has done a good job of translating the story to english..



The characters are incredibly well written. It takes a couple chapters to really get into, but then you really start to care for the characters and feel for their situation. The author does a great job of building that emotional connection between the reader and the characters.



It's a great story, I highly recommend reading it. I expect it to jump up the ranks soon enough as more folks discover it. On top of that, the author is consistently uploading new chapters.