Phenomena the Basic Witch and the Unwritten Kingdom

Phenomena the Basic Witch and the Unwritten Kingdom

by Pianos In The Evening Sun

After her previous adventures in Nightdream Academy, young witch-in-training, Phenomena Willow’s first semester has quieted down, but things are ready to heat up again on the eve of a chilly winter solstice.

When gifts arrive for her and her friends, Mena’s eyes are drawn to one from her Auntie Grizabella, who had previously gone missing after a skirmish with the nefarious Anguish the Blood Siren. The gift is revealed to be an ancient book, unable to be opened by mortals. A voice cries from inside, calling from the depths of an “Unwritten Kingdom.” It tells Mena that a ghost writer has taken control of their book kingdom, throwing off the balance of the mortal world in the process. Mena and her friends are left stumped, but intent on solving the mystery that lies between the worlds.

As their new semester begins, however, a new teacher is introduced into the fold—Ms. Loreena Cumberson. Stern, strict and a busybody who teaches Magic Home Economics with an iron fist, Cumberson is flabbergasted by the flamboyant antics of Gemini the headmaster and aims to combat him and the whole school with a league of concerned magical moms.

Join Mena and her friends as they attempt to outwit Cumberson and unlock the secret world of the Unwritten Kingdom.

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Group Leader (III)
Word Count (14)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
30 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Anguish's Victory ago
Chapter 1: A Marvelous and Mysterious Solstice ago
Chapter Two: See Me After Class ago
Chapter Three: An Inquisition and an Enigma ago
Chapter Four: Mystery Magical Impotence ago
Chapter Five: A Pun-Packed Night at the Undead Writers Convention ago
Chapter Six: A Late-Night Sip of Odditea ago
Chapter 7: Mothers Against Phantom Possession ago
Chapter 8: The Phantominatrix Unleashed ago
Chapter 9: A Date Beneath a Bad Moon ago
Chapter 10: Stopped In The Name of Love ago
Chapter 11: A Cracked Case ago
Chapter 12: Enter the Kingdom of New Brushwick ago
Chapter 13: Princess Plumerella and the Great King Ink ago
Chapter Fourteen: Chad Abber and The Country Graveyard ago
Chapter 15: Flat Kingdom Theory ago
Chapter 16: What Are You Doing In My Hovel? ago
Chapter 17: Pigchard's Sad Tale ago
Chapter 18: Wrath of The Divine Swine ago
Chapter 19: The Mirthful Mist of Mystery ago
Chapter 20: Abandoned Memories ago
Chapter 21: Face Off With A Pair of Wacky Witches ago
Chapter 22: The Blot Thickens ago
Chapter 23: Unlocking the Golden Plume ago
Chapter 24: The World Through the Eyes of A Halfling ago
Chapter 25: Each Betrayal Begins With Trust... ago
Chapter 26: A Rain of Harsh Judgement ago
Chapter 27: In Her Own Words ago
Chapter 28: Chad's Comeuppance ago
Epilogue: Mena's Final Semester? ago

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In this sequel, Phenomena Willow returns for a new adventure that takes her into a literal whole new world of adventure where terror and betrayal await!

As good as the previous book and so recommended for fans of that one. It is well written, imaginative and well plotted. Looking forward to book 3!