It's been two weeks since the war between Demons and Humans. Right now, the Demon Lord is the one that rules over this country, or something like that. The current situation was kind of unexpected.

It all started a week ago. The day when the Kingdom’s army arrived at Whitestone, the Demon Lord called to her Warriors (somehow I was included into that group) and warped us, along with her, to the royal castle.

The Demon Lord and the King exchanged some words, he looked really nervous while she looked eager to take over the crown as soon as possible.

It was decided that the announcement would be done during the sunset, that way the soldiers could spread the news about the King giving out a speech and the new crown and scepter could be prepared for our Lady’s needs. In other words, the craftsmen would have to make a new crown and staff for the Demon Lord before the speech.

But those were some crazy demands, so at the end, the Demon Lord ended up with the original crown and scepter, which were forever owned by the royal family.

There was still a lot of time before the speech, so we got undercover and started to travel around the city. After all, only the Demon Lord and I were the one that have been here before.

Somehow, they all were lured by the candies, so we ended up eating a lot of cakes, puddings and parfeits. They were also amazed by the amount of people walking through the streets. Some of them, like the market’ street, were so crowded that we couldn't walk through them and ended up taking detours.

“It's a nice city. I want to take a look at where the soldiers train! Fufu~”

“Big indeed, but there aren't a lot of trees nearby…”

“And there's a lot of people…”

“There's some stray cats and dogs too!”

We spent the day walking and talking like that, so when we arrived at the castle, we were so tired that we simply let ourselves fall into the expensive looking sofas filled with ornaments and cushions.

It was finally time for the speech. We were on a high balcony, and beneath us there was the plaza, with so many people that you could hardly distinguish one from the other. Everyone was ready to listen to what the King had to say, so the King started talking to them as soon as they were all quiet.

Honestly, I wasn't paying much attention to what the King was saying, but somehow I was able to tell when his speech was about to end. That's when I woke myself up from the drowsiness that long speeches carry with them.

“Thus, this Lady, our Lady, the Demon Lord, is the one that will be ruling over Humans and Demons from now on!”

There was no response from the crowd when the King finished saying those words. It was obvious, there's simply no way for Humans to accept the Demon Lord as their new ruler. But there was nothing to do either.

Maybe if they gather resources and send help requests to the other countries, the ones that are past the cold mountains and vast seas, someone would come here to help them. But until then, there's nothing else they can do.

But everyone knew that. The Demon Lord, the King, the high ranks, everyone knew that there's nothing left for Humans to do, so no one was worried about their reactions.

But even if there was nothing for them to do, even when Demons use fear and power to rule over others, the Demon Lord talked to the people. The Demon Lord talked so everyone could be at ease.

“Worry not, Humans. The Demon Lord is kind, as kind as she can be. Your lives won't change that much. Since I’m a Demon, and you are Humans, the one leading you should be a human too. There's nothing better than a human to lead Humans.”

No one seems to understand what the Demon Lord was talking about, not even ourselves who were the ones that are constantly by her side. Seeing that there was no response to her words, she decided to make herself clear.

“I’ll have the crown, I’ll have the power, but you still have to listen to your King. Of course, if someday you forget who is really in charge, you’ll pay for that.”

Everyone was puzzled at her word, even the former former-King. She walked past us while muttering something.

“It's really troublesome to manage people, so I'll leave the heavy work for you. Whakaka~”

The King said some words to the people and then dismissed them. As soon as they started leaving the plaza, he ran towards where the Demon Lord was.

All of that happened one week ago. Of course, the Demon Lord is keeping the royal crown and scepter, so the Humans could easily remember who is in charge, after all, under the Demon Lord’s words, Humans forget too soon.

Then she told us that the King still has his job as a King, but there's a lot of things that must change, so he'll have to make constant reports for the Demon Lord. She didn't tell us much about the details, but it seems that the harassment of soldiers towards the towns of Nomela and Contés has been greatly reduced in the past days, so things seem to go smoothly.

But when things go as smooth, there's definitely a dark cloud coming. We didn't knew at this point, but this cloud was so dark that it was able to turn the day into night. After all, there's a lot of beings that hate when things are made in a different way.

“She is working with Humans?!”
“There were almost no deaths! This is stupid…”

“She isn't even ruling them!”

“It seems that Demons are forgetful too...”

Luckily, those dark clouds are still far from us...



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