“We won.”

The Demon Lord said nothing more, just those two, simple and plain words. Everyone was shocked, but it was clear that she was right, we have won.

The tiredness that the Demon Lord’s warriors were wearing was awfully obvious at this point, but even taking it into account, there was no way for the Kingdom’s army to win this war.

Broken shields, armors and weapons are lying on the battlefield along with the soldiers and heroes that used to wore them. Therefore, when the Demon Lord ended the war by saying those words, there was no one who dared to oppose her.

Or that's how things should have gone. There was one person among the Humans who didn't like what she was saying.

“Are you kidding, right? There's no way I’ll give you the victory just like that!”

It was the King, the most important person of this country, the ruler of cities and lords, the one whose sword I'm holding in my hand, the one who started this war, and the one that's going to finish it.

“Huh? Are you an idiot or something? It's pretty clear that we won. You couldn't even take down one of my Warriors. Whakaka~”

The King was clenching his fist as the Demon Lord was mocking him, it felt like if he had his sword with him, he had already drawn it and sliced, or tried to slice, the Demon Lord in half.

But that would have been meaningless, there's no way for a Human to harm the Demon Lord. Of course, people do stupid things when they are angry, to he was lucky to had his sword stolen.

“Is there something wrong? You are being so quiet! Whakaka~”

The scene looked like one of those mangas where an annoying girl mocks the MC, bullying him over and over again. The Demon Lord looked really childish while doing that, but somehow it felt even more childish trying to fight the Demon Lord with an army.

Suddenly, the Demon Lord turned serious and started talking while looking the trembling King deep into his eyes.

“You are nothing more than a child who threw a tantrum over his lost toys, toys he wasn't even aware he had, a child who ended up losing everything, a cursed child. This is your punishment. Now, kneel before the Demon Lord, human.”

A soft wind blew through the fields. Everyone stood in their place, looking at the scene before them. A gorgeous lady in front of a brat, a lady who owns everything and a brat who lost everything he had in the blink of an eye. A gorgeous lady and a brat in the middle of a battlefield covered in dust, blood, bodies, weapons, and magic trails.

It felt like time stopped, no one was doing nothing. Everyone was there, looking at a scene that would end up being into the history books, the moment when Humans finally lost to the Demons.

Finally, the King knelt before the Demon Lord. Loud cheers rose from the Demon Lord’s troops, while Humans were shocked by what they had just seen. There were no more options, nothing more to do, but it was still something that no one was expecting when all started.

“Don't kill them…”


“D-Dont kill them… Please…”

“Huh?! Are you talking to me, human?”

“My Lady… Please don't kill them…”

An evil smirk was drawn on the Demon Lord’s face and her eyes were shining. She had finally won over the will of the King.

“Of course not, I’m not a savage! Whakaka~”

The King seemed to doubt the words of the Demon Lord, but there was no way of him admitting that, so he only let out a long sigh.

“When will it be then, King?


He clearly didn't get what she was asking for. At the end, he could only answer her question with another question while looking at her with a clueless expression.

“We should make this official. You need to hand over the Kingdom to me, right?”

“What are you talking about!?”

He was angry, but even as angry as he was, he was still kneeling before the Demon Lord. His fists were clenching, his eyes were burning, his expression was distorted, but he was still kneeling before the Demon Lord.

“Huh? Come on! You need to give the crown in front of everyone. Whakaka~”

And simply like that it was decided that the Demon Lord was going to be crowned in Whitestone before the eyes of the people.

The wounded were treated, the broken stuff was handed to the Demon Lord’s side. I wish I could say that no one died, but there were people who died. But even if there were some who died, it was nothing compared to what could have happened if the two armies simply crashed into each other.

Even the Hero’s party survived! And they were hurt really bad. It seems like heroes are hard to kill in this world too.

It was the best possible outcome, right? The Demon Lord said that too, also, she said I did a great job, but somehow it felt like I did nothing at all. I just stood there looking at the Heroes doing heroic stuff.

But even if I say that out loud, there are still people saying that I played my part, so the stone sword that used to be from the King of Whitestone is now mine.

He didn't like it, but it seems like a small price to pay for losing a war against the Demons.

At this point you might be wondering something like <<Oi, oi! The whole country is going to fall into the Demon Lord’s hands! There's no way that’s something good!>> Honestly, I don't know. The management of Nomela and Contés is doing fine, she was willing to even face the Kingdom to protect those towns!

But… What if that was nothing more than another of her plans…?

I didn't think about what was coming next… Why didn't I do that?!

As I was worrying about what’s going to happen, the Demon Lord herself walked to me.

“Don't think too much about it, you'll see it soon! Whakaka~”

She said with a big smug smile while patting my head. There's no way this is going to be good, is it?


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