The scene could hardly be described as anything more than a carnage. Bodies, sweat and blood were covering the ground wherever you looked.

The Demon Lord’s Warriors were still standing strong, and the armored soldiers and Heroes were on the ground,out of the fight.

Kirwha and Fynx were still fighting. There were many cuts on their skin due the tiredness that had made their movements slower, but even so, they were still able to fight their opponents. At this point, only the strongest are still on their feet.

“I guess you are going to let me pass from training when we get back to the castle, right?”

“Huh? Are you tired or something?”

“I'm not the only one, your heavy breathing is really scandalous, you know?”


On our side, Fluph finally used her red arrow. It flew through the air leaving a red trail, just like a firework. When it crashed against the shield of a soldier, it exploded like a firework, burning everyone that was around the center with flames that were even more red than blood itself.

“I hadn't expected that I was going to use that… What a waste.”

“You just need to prepare another one.”

“Just? Are you kidding, right? Do you know how much time and magic it takes to make one like that?!”

“If you werent that dumb, maybe itll take less...”


An amazing spectacle of light, leaves, soil, branches and wind was unfolding right upon the Kingdom’s soldiers while they were talking like that. Suddenly it stopped and Kaashi talked to Fluph.

“Cover me for a while, I'm awfully tired…”

“Huh? Now who’s the dumb one?!”

“Just shut up!”

But there was a spot on the battlefield that wasn’t that lively as the other two, it was where Phlum was now facing the blue armored Hero. The sound of the shield and sword clashing against the claws and wind blades, along with the heavy breathing of those two, and the step they made on the ground was the only sound filling the air.

“It seems like you can only face one of us at the time. What a shame of a Demon!”

“What are you talking about? You were the cowards fighting me five at the time!”

“Of course! There's no human that can rivalize the strength of a Demon, not one like you at least!”

“Well, you'll need to go and cry somewhere else, this is a battlefield! Haha~”

Phlum didn’t fall for the provocations of the Hero and continued landing strikes at his shield and sword.

“Aren't you trying too hard against a mere human?!”

“You are not just a human, you are a Hero. Now shut up, and fight and die as Heroes do!”

She continued pushing him back through the battlefield. The Hero tried to land his sword on Phlum but she blocked it with a strike of her claws.

The clash between the steel and claws continued. Sometimes the Hero blocked Phlum’s claws with his sword or shield, sometimes Phlum blocked the Hero’ sword with her claws, and sometimes Phlum just simply attacked the Hero’ shield with all of her strengths.

It was awfully clear who was the one having the upper hand of the battle, but it continued anyway until it finally happened. It was loud and clear, the sound of something breaking.

“Are you kidding me?!”

“It's over now!”

The Hero threw away his broken shield and grabbed his sword with both hands. At the same time Phlum prepared a strike with her right-dragon hand. The sword shone bright and white and the claws were glowing in a pale and dark red. The Hero attacked with an upward slash and Phlum with a reverse scratch.

“Holy smite of the sacred sword!”

“Claws of the Devil!”

Another sound of something breaking. Both skills nullified each other, but there was a clear winner in all this. The broken sword fell to the ground. The Hero was defeated.

“How… Why...?”

“You are weak, that's why…”

“What were we thinking…”

“I don't know, but you'll have plenty of time to think in the afterlife.”

Phlum prepared a wind blade with her left hand, but when she was about to finish the Hero, it happened, before anyone could notice how, no one was able to move.

“Alright, it's over!”

Everyone stood silent and still after hearing that voice. It was a proud voice, a gallant voice, a scary voice, a deadly voice. At this point, even if someone was able to move, it wouldn't.

No one was able to tell if we were frozen due to the fear of the one who had just shouted or if a spell was still holding us from moving even a finger, but no one was going to try.

After all, the Demon Lord had spoken.


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