“I’ll kill you, bastards!”

Phlum shouted with all her strengths while pushing the axe away from her body. The Warrior retreated his axe and stepped back.

The wounded Harpy got up. A river of blood was running through her arm and thicc drips were falling to the ground, she was clearly in pain but at this point there was no way of stopping her, she was eager to kill them.

“She is coming at us, be prepared!”

The Hero instructed his party and they took battle stances, but Phlum was ready to fight so that meant nothing for her.

Phlum charged at them with both of her claws. They clashed at the blue shield of the Hero. A loud sound rumbled through the battlefield but neither the shield or claws suffered any damage.

She continued slashing the shield over and over again. She wasn't trying to break it, she was just showing how strong she was, trying to break their spirits by showing all her power.

But this was useless, after two minutes of constant attacks there were barely any scratches on the shield. Phlum stepped back, ready to change her strategy, but as soon as she did, the Thief came from one of her side and the Warrior from the other and both attacked her at the same time.

She blocked both weapons, one with each hand, taking the axe from the handle and blocked the daggers by grabbing the Thief hand. Sadly, that was just what they were expecting and as soon as she did, the Hero took his shield to the side and pointed his sacred sword to the sky.

Blue and white lights started surrounding the weapon, it looked really dangerous, like a stroke that was able to turn the sky itself into pieces.


“Holy smite of the sacred sword!”

Before Phlum could mutter a word, a sound louder than the loudest thunder filled the air right after the Hero shouted the name of his skill as he swung his sword down. A bright white light shone from his sword and left blind to whoever was watching the scene.


Phlum’s loud scream rumbled in my ears, followed by the sound of water being poured to the ground. But it wasn't water, the one being poured to the ground was another fluid, a pretty obvious one. When I was finally able to see the scene before my eyes, I could see the bloody mess that was in front of me.

Phlum was able to cover herself from the mortal strike using her wings, in exchange, feathers and blood were covering the ground in front of her, and her wings looked like the branches of a willow, unable to move them. Her clothes were shattered and there was a long and deep cut from her shoulder to her waist.

“You… Agh!”

Blood came up from her mouth when she tried to say something to the Hero standing in front of her with a surprised face.

“How?! No one should be able to defend from that!”

He looked really puzzled. His face remembered that time when each of his party members disappeared in front of him in the blink of an eye.

“I guess… Y-You were seriously trying to kill me, huh? Haha~”

Even if she laughed, the pain in his voice was clear to everyone there, but it was just pain. Her clothes were shattered, her wings hurt, the ground at her feet was destroyed, there was a deep cut from her shoulder to her waist, but she was only feeling pain.

“You, Demon… I'll finish you with my axe!”

“Hey, stop!”

“Don't rush!”


The Warrior shouted and his party members reacted, but it was too late for them.

“I've already told you… My name is Phlum!”

Her eyes were glowing, and even as hurt as she was, she easily dodged the attack, jumped, grabbed the Warrior’s head with her right-dragon hand, and bringed it to the ground in the blink of an eye. The Warrior dropped his axe and stayed still with his head sunk into the soil.



“A spell…? No… She is just…”

“Move! She is finally coming at us!”

But it was already late for that, Phlum is on a rampage right now.

She quickly looked at each of the party members and rushed towards the Thief. The Heroes were ready, so when she was about to strike the Thief with her claw, three enchanted arrows fell from the sky, multiple ice pillars rose from the ground and the Thief stepped back at the time she threw two magical daggers at where Phlum was.

But it was futile, there was nothing there. Instead, a short and silent scream came from where the Witch was, far away from the Thief. Phlum was behind her, covering her mouth with one of her hands while the other one slashed the Witch’s body from the front.

If it wasn't for the wounds and the blood, it would have been a really nice view because that scratch meant that the Witch’s clothes were shattered, leaving her round and big breast bouncing into the air along with exposing her flat belly. But sadly, it wasn't that kind of view.


“This girl is crazy!”

“I'll cover you!”

The Hero in blue armor stepped right in front of the Thief and the flat chested Elven girl. Phlum rushed to him and slashed the shield with both of her claws, the Hero staggered. As soon as he did, Phlum jumped and threw gusts of wind at the Thief and the flat chested Elven girl.

Both of them dodged the attack, but at this point, that meant nothing. Phlum rushed at them while dodging the incoming arrows, shurikens and knives. When she reached them, the girls had already lost the will to fight, it was useless after all.

“That's all you got? Haha~”

Phlum slashed them both with wind blades. Clothes and flesh were shattered at the same time and the blood filled the air and floor beneath them. They couldn't even let out a scream

“Now is your turn, Hero. Haha~”

Even with her hurted body and wings, she was still able to give a playful laugh. That's the right hand of the Demon Lord for you.


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