The battle continued. Kirwha and Fynx were fighting the soldiers in red armor.

“This is really annoying…”

“Annoying?! This is amazing!”

Kirwha was fighting the soldiers, jumping from one to another and hitting them with a strong fist right to their temples. It looked like a monkey jumping from a tree to another while moving in the jungle.

She had a serious expression while doing so, like someone who is doing a really tedious task, she looked really bored.

On the other hand, Fynx was enjoying herself. She had a lot of cuts on her body, but it looked like she wasn't really trying to evade the attacks and the big smirk and sparkling eyes she had on her face made it really clear that she was really excited.

The sound of the screeching metal was filling the air around her. The clash of swords and spears against her claws was filling her guts, making her even more eager to fight

“This is really thrilling! I really really really really really really wanted a fight like this!”

“You should calm yourself… Even if they are weak, they are quite numerous.”

Around ten soldiers surrounded Fynx and pointed their weapons at her. Even if she is as strong as she is, there's no way that she could be left unharmed after that strike so she was forced to dodge that.

Right when the soldiers launched their attack, she gracefully twisted her body and got herself out of the way of the dangerous weapons covered in magic. The ground where she was less than a second ago cracked and exploded into a big cloud of dust.

But she was out of danger. Even if her face and body was covered in blood and dirth the big smile was still on her face. You could see traces of pain and fatigue on her too, but her overall looks resembled the ones of a kid having fun on the playground.

Kirwha kept her serious expression. Even if they were strong, whoever looked at the scene would reach the conclusion that they were in a pinch. Kirwha knew that, even Fynx knew, but only one of them was paying attention to their current situation.

“Tsh. She is always like that....”

Even if Kirwha was jumping from one place to another, she was paying a lot of attention to every move she made. Like a surgeon that's cutting through the dead skin, she was reaching the most dangerous targets.

“This is annoying as hell!”

“You should enjoy yourself a little bit more, kid! Fufu~”

“I'm not a kid, I’m 16 you know?”

“Don't be that picky. Fufu~”

Even if they were fighting, they were covering the back of each other at the same time. They were working as a real team.

But that was what was happening on their side of the battlefield. On our side, the story was a little bit different. Phlum was single handedly fighting the Hero’s party while Fluph and Kaashi were covering her from the attacks of the other adventurers, soldiers and casters.

“You surely have improved your skills, humans. Sadly, you are still far away from being a match for me! Haha~”

A lighting struck from the sky right when she had finished saying those words. But a lightning bolt was not enough to harm her, besides, she managed to cover herself with one of her wings. The attack was meaningless.

“Uh? You are really strong, beast. But that pride of yours would be your ruin!”

“You, bastard! I'm Phlum and I'm gonna cut your filthy tongue if you don't say it right!”

She rushed towards the Hero. An evil smile was suddenly drawn into his face, of course, this was nothing more than a simple trap.

When she was about to cut him with her dragonic claw, the Thief from the party came out of the Hero’s shadow and slashed Phlum’s body several times. She had a lot of battle experience, so she was able to dodge some of them, but some of them were able to cut her skin.

Phlum staggered back, but while doing so, a rain of arrows came from the right. Again, she was able to see the attack coming, but she wasnt that fast, not because she was unable to defend from that, but because she was confused because of what had just happened.

The gust of wind that Phlum created allowed her to be safe from most of those arrows, but some of them landed into her body. At the same time, a ball of lightning and fire came from her back and crashed into her wings.

She wasn't even able to react to that, because just when she was looking at where that spell came from, a big axe landed on her.

But this time she was able to defend herself, her draconic arm was able to stop the weapon. But she was hurt, and a big amount of blood was flowing from the fresh wound on her forearm.

“You know… I'm really pissed off!”


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