“How...? What are you doing here?!”

“Did you miss me? Hahaha~”

There she was, right in front of me. There was a face I thought I'd never see again.

There she was, looking at me with her big bright smile. Even if now she's wearing a serious aura around her, I know for sure that she is Phlum. The first friend I made in this new world.

“I… I thought you were dead!”

“Well… I was kind of dead, but as you can see, I’m alive and well.”

She said while flexing her right arm, just like someone who tries to show off her muscles. But she wasn't trying to do that, she was indeed, showing her right arm.

Starting from above her elbow, her pure and smooth skin turned into scales. Her hand was now the one of a monster and she had sharp claws on every finger. It resembled the arm of a Dragon or something like that.

“Couldn't you have said something earlier?! Everyone was worried about what happened to you…”

“Well, as I said, I was dead until not long ago. It’s a long story, but now I’m fine. But if I may say something…? This arm feels really weird. Hahaha~"

I was able to hear some of the people in our army wondering if she was, in fact, Phlum. I would be wondering that too if she wants in front of me right now.

“Oh? So did you finally come, Harpy?”

Said the Hero in blue armor with a big and smug smile, while holding his sword in his shoulder.

“My name is Phlum, you should remember that. Hahaha~”

She said back, also with a smile on her face. She was ready to fight, indeed, she wanted to start fighting as soon as possible, it was obvious. Later I found out that she wasn't able to move since she disappeared, so it was understandable.

“We should be able to settle this, one for all.”

“Well, we didn't offer her a lot of a fight last time…”

“Be careful guys, she is really strong!”

“Bring it on! Hahaha~”

With that weird exchange, another battle was about to start.

Fynx and Kirwha resumed their fights against the red armored soldiers, while Kaashi continued nullifying all the incoming spells from the Kingdom’s casters. Fluph was doing her work too, aiming her arrows to the sky, and then leading them to the right targets.

The fight continued everywhere. Even if there were only six warriors fighting on the Demon Lord’s side, the battlefield was big enough for two whole armies to fight in it. In other words, there was a big mess everywhere you looked.

The Warrior rushed towards Phlum ready to strike her. Of course this meant nothing to Phlum, who easily dodged the strike. Right after Phlum was out of danger, two magical arrows came to her, one from the front and other from her back. But again, she easily blocked the attack by creating a gust of wind that sent both arrows to the sky.

The Witch quickly turned the ground into quicksands before Phlum was able to notice.

“Tsh, such a dirty trick!”

The Warrior stepped back, and as soon as he did, the Hero in blue armor raised his sword with both hands.

“Die now, Monster!”

He sliced down the air and a light ray traveled from the tip of his sword to where Phlum was.

The ground and even the sky shattered with his blow. But even if the strike was able to turn a mountain into pieces, after the dust was settled, there was a clear image of an unharmed Phlum with her right arm extended to the front.

“My name is Phlum, I’ve already said that. You'd better remember it!”

She looked really angry.



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