But in the end, things were bound to go wrong.

Someone has already said it, so I’ll just quote the words: “When the world is filled with red lights [...], the world is safer than usual. But when it's filled with green [...], it creates a place more dangerous than anywhere.”. It's a simple phenomena, but there's a deep meaning behind those words.

When is a baby most likely to drown? When he plays with her mother in the yard, or when he runs around in the middle of a crowded barbecue? Once you know the answer and the reason behind it, it becomes quite obvious, but if you don't know the truth, maybe you'll be thinking that the answer is when he is only with her mother around.

Of course, that would be wrong, why would the baby be in danger if his own mother is carefully watching him play around? On the other hand, how could he be safe if everyone around is thinking that there sure is someone else watching him?

At the end, the baby will just drown, with everyone around without even noticing. No one is going to help him, cause everyone thought he was safe. But the mother, if it's just the mother, will be carefully watching, because if something happens, she knows that she is the only one that can do something, that means that she sees the baby in constant danger.

Why am I saying this? Let me just elaborate this a little bit further and you'll get it.

What if someone sees the baby drowning in the crowded barbecue? Sadly, that won't change anything. Why? It's the same principle, at the time that he notices that he was the only one seeing that cruel scene, it would be too late.

If someone had a heart attack in the middle of a crowded street, even if someone dares to shout <Someone, call an ambulance!>, there would be, in the best case scenario, at least 10 seconds between the shout, and someone reacting and making a call. In the worst case scenario, there won't even be a call, why would they call, someone else already did it.

What's the point of this? As I've already said, things were bound to go wrong, so this scene isn't even a surprise.

Coming at me, countless deadly spells. Around me, no one.

“Shit! I won't be able to reach there!”

Fynx said while being surrounded by a red mass of soldiers.

“I'm not fast enough!”

Kirwha screamed while running at me, even with her body covered in wounds.

“T-This is stupid! That amount of magic to attack a simple human!”

An angry Kaashi said while rising barriers between me and the magical spells that were instantly crushed into nothingness.

“I didn't notice that the Mages and Wizards were going after him… I should have taken care of them earlier!”

Fluph shouted while firing arrows at the sky that drastically fell into her targets. I was able to tell that she is aiming for the casters, but at this point it is already too late.

I think you'll be getting where I was going, right? The safest spot, in the middle of the strongest warriors, was indeed the most dangerous one.

I gripped the Whitestone’s sword strongly with both hands. There's no use doing this, but right now, dodging this is impossible, so maybe this magical sword could do something, right? Right?

When the magical sphere of thunder, fire, ice, lightning and wind was about to strike, I was pulled back and throwed at the ground.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

In front of me, a familiar face extended her hand towards the dangerous magic.

The countless spells shattered and its magical particles scattered into the air, filling the fields with something that we could call a magical fog.


“I’m sorry…”


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