The Warriors that are going to fight on the Demon Lord’s side were: Fynx, Kirwha, Fluph, Kaashi and me.

“Didn't you say that you were going to be six?”

[Oh, don't worry, she is coming soon, we can start without her.]

“Don't worry about that, she is on her way. We can start without her though.”

“Huh? You are pretty confident, aren't you? Anyway, if we win, we are killing all of you, so I don't care.”

“Yeah, yeah. And if we win, the Kingdom will be ours!”

I say with a big smug smile. Of course, deep inside, I’m shaking.

Right now I’m in the middle of a fight between the strongest of the strongest. There's simply no way for someone like me to survive this. But right now, I can only trust in the Demon Lord’s plan and in my own skills.

The Warriors that are going to fight for the Kingdom are the 500 soldiers in red armor, along with some Heroes. Between those Heroes, there are the ones I’ve constantly seen in my days in this world.

Yeah, there's no way you could call this a fair duel. Of course, they don't know this, so there's a lot of soldiers covered in a smug aura of confidence.

But experienced warriors trust their own sense of survival too. That means that even if there's a clear difference between numbers, they aren't going to underestimate us.

That being said, the Warriors that are going to fight in this war are finally decided.

The setup resembled one of a classic western movie. One team facing each other, and the others, King and Demon Lord included, are watching from afar in order to not interfere with the fight.

“Did you knew how to fight, Butler?”

The one who asked that question was the muscular Warrior with a gigant axe from the Hero's party. He was looking at me with the eyes of a hunter looking at his prey.

Maybe it was because I was with Phlum when she defeated them in a spectacular way. Or maybe it was because I was with the Demon Lord when she completely defeated them in the blink of an eye, but I can somehow feel some kind of hostility from them coming towards me.

“I don't think he knows anything about fighting, you know?”

The one that answered the question was the Thief from their party. She was looking at us with intense eyes that were glowing undernet her cloak.

“On the other hand, that Faun Girl looks really skilled, huh?”

Said the flat chested Elven Girl.

“T-There’s a weird aura coming from those three... It looks really dangerous.”

The big chested Witch said while pointing at Kaashi, Kirwha and Fynx.

“But there's something weird, I don't see the Harpy Girl. Maybe she is the one that's late for the fight? Don't let your guard down!”

The Hero in shining armor was the one saying those words.

On our side, the members of our team were saying their own impressions too.

“There's a lot of them, huh? I wonder how many of them I'll be able to take out. Fufu~”

Fynx was cracking her fingers while saying those words. Her eyes were shining and she looked really anxious. She is ready to fight in any minute.

“Honestly, I don't care, but I won't lose.”

Kirwha said back to Fynx. She had a serious expression while saying that, maybe she also wants to fight?

“I see some archers between them… Well, there's no way I'll lose to them…”

Fluph was reading her bow with the red arrow she was carrying on her carcaj. You could see something that resembled a smile drawn on her face.

“There are some mages there too, nothing important though. What a waste of mana…”

Those were the words that came out from Kaashi. There's no doubt of her abilities, even if she isn't doing anything special, the grass and flowers near her feet look strangely different and beautiful than the one that's not that close to her.

Looking at them, and then at the Kingdom’s army made me feel really out of place.

“Weren't we supposed to be six? Where's the other one?”

“Does that even matter? We'll be able to take down more of those losers!”

“That might be right… But isn't this weird?”

“I don't care either, there's no way we'll lose this.”

With those words, the battle was about to start.


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