If this was a novel, this would be the moment when you’ll see a full two pages high quality draw about the situation. And it's not an exaggeration, because this is a view you’ll only be able to see once in a lifetime, no one would be able to survive something like this.
Our army is now facing the Kingdom’s after all.

The Kingdom’s army is on the top of the hill that’s in front of us, and the shape of each soldier seems silhouetted against the sky. In the middle of the front row, there's a man wearing a white armor, covered in golden ornaments. On his waist, he wears a sword made of stone, also white. He is clearly the king itself.

He looks to be in his middle fifty. He has a short beard on his face, and his hair resembles the colors of autumn. Finally, a crown made of marble decorates the top of his head.

The nearest soldiers to the king wear red armors with black decours. Each of them has a big shield on its back and a really big sword on its waist. The helmets they are wearing cover every part of their faces, and so does the armor with their bodies, so there's no sight of their skin. They look really menacing and there's almost 500 of them.

Besides, even if the other soldiers look “normal”, they're still soldiers, with their armors, weapons and shields. Mixed with them, there are other kinds of troops too, they look like mages and clerics, probably they are there to bring support and heal to the soldiers that are doing the fighting.

And if this wasn't enough, there's a lot of parties of heroes mixed with them too! Each of them had their different members, but all of them look strong and battle-hardened.

So I’ll make my point again, and I'll repeat that this is clearly a once in a lifetime view.

While my eyes were looking through the Kingdom’s forces, I managed to find some familiar faces. They were the faces of the Hero’s party I’ve seen plenty of times by now. It seems like they noticed me too, or should I say they noticed the Demon Lord by my side? Because I could see that the legs of the Witch with big breasts were trembling.

“Are you ready to do this, my dear Butler? Whakaka~”

“Of course I'm not, I could never be ready for something like this…”

And I’m not exaggerating by saying that, I could never be ready to do something like that.

If we just look at the difference between our numbers, there's simply no way that the Kingdom would agree to face us in a fair duel insteads of just crushing us with their big numbers. A lot of soldiers would die, that's clear, but under their point of view, the victory is nothing more but a fact.

But that's just their point of view. In reality, there's no way that our side could lose the fight, we are simply doing this to minimise the casualties on both sides.

“Well, as I said, there's not much difference if you are ready or not. You should just do your part of the plan and everything will be alright.”


“Come on! Don't worry that much, we are right by your side, everything would be fine. Whakaka~”

I just can't understand where that confidence comes from. No, I'll be lying if I say something like that, of course I know. Is because she is the most powerful Demon over here.

Just when I was about to start playing my part, the King itself walked two steps at us, and started talking. Everything and everyone went quiet, and everyone could hear him loud and clear due a mixture of magic and his own capabilities to talk.

“You, filthy Demons, will perish under the holy light of the Kingdom. Surrender now, so we can finish this quickly!”

“Huh? That King has a really sharp tongue, maybe I should take it off?”

The Demon Lord said with an exasperated expression on her face. Her arms were crossed and the tip of her index was moving with a very fast rhythm. She was pissed off.

“Go on, Butler. Put that rat back into its place!”

“Yes, my Lady…”

I started walking, just as the Demon Lord had previously instructed me. There still was a lot of distance between me and the King, I wasn't that far from our army after all.

[Okay, Butler. Just do as we practiced, I'll cover you. Whakaka~]

I could hear the voice of the Demon Lord inside of my head. As she said, we've been practicing, so I'm a little bit acquainted with this, but hearing her laugh inside of my head is still really annoying.

I started talking. Just as the King, I was supported with strong magic, so everything and everyone could hear my words.

“Huh? How does a simple human dare to talk like that to the Demon Lord? You should know your place and kneel, you know?”

The place stood silent for a few seconds. The shock on the King’s face was legendary. But that didn't last long, his face was rapidly covered in anger as he shouted.

“Kill him, now!”

At that moment, the sky shone. But it wasn't the sky that was shining, it was a rain of magic spells that fell upon me at the same time. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't be able to escape something like that, no one could. So I just stood there, trusting in the Demon Lord’s plan.


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