The Demon Lord’s army kept on riding their horse towards the battle, and of course, I’m riding with them.

The Demon Lord is riding a nightmare by my side. Behind us, Kirwha and Fynx were talking about something with serious faces. I can hardly listen to them, not due to their low voices, but because of the noise that the hundred horses that are riding with us made.

But don't get me wrong, even if we have hundred horses running with us, that can hardly be called an army, right? But this is indeed an army, and not just because of the high power of every member. We have the numbers too, it's only that instead of horses, some of them are riding big wolves and others are flying, just like <The Maggot> by my side.

But even if we counted them all, our army would easily be crushed if we just faced the army of 50.000 soldiers of the Kingdom that is marching to us.

But that would happen if wars were simply games of numbers. Luckily, there are other facts that can change the tides of war. That's where the Demon Lord’s plan comes into play.

“Are we going to fool them?!”

“That 's it! Smart, right? Whakaka~”

The Demon Lord laughed at the idea of her plan being put into action, she seems really confident about it. Of course, I'm not quite sure about her plan, even less if I’m the one playing the big role, so I couldn't help but question her choice.

“B-But why me?”

“Well, you are obviously one of our weakest warriors, so if we show you as powerful... Then they would wonder how powerful are the ones that do look as the powerful ones! They would be really scared. Whakaka~”

“This doesn't convince me…”

“Well, as I said before, I'm not trying to convince you. I'm just telling you how we are going to do this.”

She said while staring into my eyes with a deep glance. A smug smirk was drawn in her face, there was indeed no way of changing her mind.

I don't think the Demon Lord would go with a half baked so she is clearly not telling me everything about it. And if she isnt telling me everything, then there's a high chance of me being the one who messes up her plan.

“Dont worry about it, I'll explain the big picture so you don't get lost. But as I said, you'll be the one fooling them, so you should practice your acting skills for this week.”

“Y-Yes, my Lady!”

I answered her with doubt in my heart, but it is not like I have a choice, I can only kept on going along with her plan. And if in the end we can limit this war into a battle of a few…

But this isn't a perfect plan. I’ll be mixed up into the fight.

As if reading my mind, the Demon Lord added to her previous order the next words.

“Obviously, you should keep on training your dodge skills with Fynx during this week. As I said, our warriors would be protecting you, but since it'll be a hard fight, the one that would be in charge of your safety would be yourself…”

“That doesn't sound that good as before…”

“Well, if you can't trust yourself, you'll obviously have to train more. You can't always depend on others. Whakaka~”

Well, she is right. But as far as I know, I'm just a human being drawn into a fight of Demons and Heroes… I'll need a lot of help to survive this war.

As I was remembering that talk, we arrived at our destination.

The Demon Lord started giving orders to the ones around, and in a few minutes, the army was in formation, ready for a fight.

Since the Demon Lord is a busy demon*, she doesn't like to waste her time, and just as most of the ones here were expecting, as soon as we were ready and prepared to fight, we started to hear the marching steps of the army coming at us from behind the hill that was in front of us.

A big smile was drawn into the Demon Lord’s face and her eyes were gallantly glowing with a bright red. The Slime Sisters that were close (for medical purposes) were trembling, they looked really nervous. Kirwha looked really calm, just as she always tried to look. Fynx on the other hand looked really anxious, she clearly wants to fight as soon as possible.

Kaashi and Fluph were the last two of the warriors from the Demon Lord’s side. Kaashi was a dryad, and just as you could expect, she looked really bored, so she was talking with a bird that was on her hand. Her light green hair and clothes and emerald eyes were hard to imagine covered into the dust and blood that battles always carried with them. But she had some kind of aura with her, that made obvious that she was acquainted with this kind of situation.

Fluph was a faun. Her lower half resembled the one of a sheep's legs and a little tail included, along with two horns on her head that were coming out of her long chestnut hair that reached her elbows. She was carrying a bow and a carcaj with only four arrows, between them, one was of a bright red color that resembled a mixture of fire and blood. Clothes? As her lower half was the one of a sheep, she was only wearing a breastplate made of leather and a lot of bracelets on her right arm.

Finally, the army of the Kingdom was visible from the top of the hill. It was a shocking sight...


* Instead of <busy person>, joke intended. Sorry...


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