It all started a few days ago, when one of the Demon Lord’s spies came frantically to the castle carrying bad news.

“This is bad. This is bad. This is really bad!”

“Calm down, little crow. What 's going on?”

The Demon Lord asked to the scared servant. At this time I was accompanying my Lady, so I was able to see the full scene while pouring some tea into her cup. Of course, as courtesy dictates, I also prepared a drink for the worried spy.

“The Kingdom! The Kingdom is moving! They… They say they are gonna erase the Demons and those devil towns!”

“Erase instead of regain? Also, they wanna erase us too? This is a little bit more troublesome than expected…”

The Demon Lord looked worried and thoughtful about the spy’s words, but nothing more than that, it was as if she was expecting some kind of response from the Kingdom, but just as she said, this kind of response was a little bit too extreme.

“Huh? Did you hear me, my Lady? This is really bad, you should worry a little bit more!”

The spy was confused at the lack of reaction from the Demon Lord, so he could only repeat his words and question her. Somehow she didn't care about his actions and started talking.

“I know, I know. But it's weird… Normally they'll want to get their towns back, and I could give them, I don't want to fight the Kingdom yet. But if they really want to wipe those towns, we'll need to defend them…”

“A-Are you serious, my Lady?! We are talking about fighting against the Kingdom itself!”

“Well, the fight might be tough, but Humans should remember who's in charge. Whakaka~”

The Demon Lord laughed. The Demon Lord is laughing at the idea of fighting against the whole Kingdom.

“Anyway, do you have any idea about why they want to erase our towns?”

“T-They said that they cannot allow themselves to forget those towns who had betrayed the crown…”

“Oh, so it's our fault in the end... Well, I guess we should defend them. They are really happy living under our management, right dear butler?”

“Y-Yes. They are, my Lady.”

I was addressed out of nowhere, so the words got stuck in my mouth. I’m not lying, we have been constantly checking the status of the towns under the Demon Lord’s control, and they are doing great. The only problem they had is the harassment coming from the Kingdom itself, but under the Demon Lord’s protection it has been kept at minimum.

“Any idea about Riverfall’s opinion? They are our closest city.”

“It seems like Riverfall doesn't want to take sides in this fight. They respect us, and we have a nice relationship with them. But obviously, they're not fighting against the Kingdom…”

“Well, they are humans after all, there's nothing to do about that…”

The Demon Lord let out a long sigh, then she stood up and continued talking with a serious look on her face.

“Well, if we are going to fight the Kingdom itself, we need to be prepared. Butler, call everyone, I need them in one hour right here!”

“U-Understood, my Lady!”

Right as I answered her, she disappeared into mist. One hour later, everyone was in the throne room, and the Demon Lord started to give orders.

One week has passed since that day.

Now, we are ready to leave the castle with an army, and stand in the way of the Kingdom. That's how we are going to protect the towns of Nomela and Contés.


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